(Part : 17A) {Sidnaaz} Love Story


Sana was lying under Sid. They were looking deeply into each other eyes. The urge of kissing each other was increasing with each passing second. He tucked her hair behind her ear. She closed her eyes in response when his hands touched her face. Then he started coming close to her lips, looking at her. Her eyes were closed. She was feeling that he was coming closer to her. They felt each other warm breath on their lips. This increased their desire to kiss each other. They both took a deep breath when their lips got touched with each other. She felt like every inch of her body became alive as his lips touched rubbed against her lips, she felt like a electricity ran down her spine. After so many years, she felt alive with only one touch of his lips. She didn’t want him to get stop. She wanted him to continue. She wanted to feel alive completely. Same was with him, he wanted to taste every inch of her lips and wanted to love every inch of her beautiful body and soul.

But their bad luck, Sid phone beeped up and brought them back on the earth. Sid instantly moved away from her and got up from the bed. Sana was still lying, her eyes were closed. She was disappointed and feeling shy, both at the same time. She felt disappointed because she badly wanted him to kiss her lips and she felt shy because they were just about kiss each other which was really big thing for both of them. It is normal for every girl to feel shy at that moment.

She never thought that one day she would ever feel like this again for any other man after what had happened with her. His touch was making her weak . She never felt this for anyone before. It was like a strong force was pushing her toward him. She was going crazy. He was driving her insane with his one touch only. She forgot the whole world when she looked into his eyes. She even forgot herself when he looked into her eyes. She wanted him to lock her up in the room of love. She wanted love. She wanted to love someone unconditionally, but she was scared to get hurt in love again.

“Shehnaaz, I know it’s too earlier for both of us to kiss each other. I don’t know what is happening to me. You are attracting me.” He confessed, looking at Sana. Listening to his words, she opened her eyes. She sat on the bed, looking at Sid.

“Sidharth, I think we shall go downstairs, everyone would be waiting for us.” She stood up from the bed. She changed the topic because she was feeling shy to discuss about their kiss miss. He nodded his head positively in response. Then they both strolled out of the room.


They came back to the hall again. Cabir, Mukti, Mahi, Muskan and Sidharth’s parent, everyone were presented there. Everybody exchanged the greetings and settled down there and talked for sometime. After that they all went to dining area to take dinner. Sidnaaz were sitting opposite to each other. They were taking dinner while catching glimpse of each other after every minute. Whole time, they were remembering about their kiss miss.

“Mr. Shukla where is your elder son, Jay ?”Ram asked about Jay from Raj.

“He was having meeting in Pune today.” Raj answered him back.

“Mahi beta call him and ask when he will come back.”Mahi was feeding the dinner to Muskan when Raj asked her to call Jay.

“Okay papa.” She nodded her head at him.

“Mumma call daddy. Muskan will eat helself.”Like always she said, taking the advantage of the situation. Everybody laughed, listening to her words. Mahi shook her head in disbelief, looking at her.

Then Mahi went to call her husband after excusing herself. Muskan smiled happily because her plan was to skip the dinner.

“Chachu, come here.” In gesture she asked Sid to come close to her. Sid leaned down, looking at her bemusedly while Sana’s eyes were at seeing them.

“Chachu, Musu ta aaj biltul bhi kuch khane ka man ni hai. Please aap meli chapati khalo. Please chachu.” She requested so cutely. A smile spread across his face, listening to her words. He looked at her. She was looking at him, making cute puppy face.

“You have to eat this, okay.” He placed the half chapati in her plate and half chapati in his plate. Muskan happily smiled, nodding her head. She was happy because now she would eat only half chapati instead of full one chapati.

Seeing this, Sana understood everything. She was impressed with his every acts. Sid looked at her. She smiled at him and he smiled back at her. They talked to each other through their eyes. Cabir and Mukti laughed, seeing them lost in each other.


“Jaan, I’m coming with in two hours and please you take dinner, don’t wait for me.” Jay said when Mahi called him and asked when he would come.

“No, Jay. I will take dinner with you. If I take dinner now then you would come more late. I know you. And I also know that if I don’t take dinner, you would try to come as soon as possible.” She said, having smile on her face. She knew that how much her husband loved her. Jay  also smiled, listening to her words.

“And now after listening to my next words you would come more earlier.” She chuckled, making him confused.

“What ?” He asked confusingly.

“Your daughter has gifted a very hot saree to your wife for today’s dinner. And she got ready for you in that saree.” She told making him excited to see her. After listening to her words, he wanted to reach their with in a second. He closed his eyes in disappointment because he could reach home with in hour only.

“Come soon Mr. Shukla.” She cut the call, having smile on her face.


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