(Part : 16 B) {Sidnaaz} Love Story


Sana sauntered into the huge Shukla Mansion. His father was feeling happy, seeing the lavish house. He was happy because her daughter was going to live in this house after marriage. He was more than happy because the family in which her daughter would live after marriage, they also has a big heart with the big house. He was sure that after marriage he wouldn’t have to worry about her daughter because they all would be there to take care of her.

Sana was looking at the whole house in surprise because for the first time she was seeing the big house. This type of big and lavish house, she had only seen in movies. She had never thought that one day, she would live in this type of mansion.

But seeing his mansion, her mind again started thinking wrong. She started thinking that why they had chosen her and what they had seen in her. She again became doubtful, but she tried not to think about all this because deep inside, she knew that Sid would never break her heart and he would always support her.

A Maid sauntered to them, she went to call Raj and Neyonika after making them sit in the hall. Three maid came, holding the tray. One had the glasses of water, other one had snacks and the last one had juice. They both took only the glass of water. Sana thanked the maid after taking the glass.

“Hello, Mr. Gill.” Raj greeted, strolling to them. Her wife Neyonika was coming behind him who was looking beautiful in pretty blue Saree. Nobody could say that she was fifty one year old. She had maintained herself very well. They reached to them, Ram and Sana stood up instantly to greet them. Raj and Ram hugged each other.

Sana was about to touch Neyonika’s feet, but she stopped her by holding her shoulders. “Here in this family, daughter’s place is not there, their place is in our hearts.” Neyonika took her in his warm arms, having a big smile on her face. Sana felt so good to be in her arms and her lips drawn up into a blissful smile. After coming in her arms, she felt like she finally got her mother. She hugged her back, feeling contented.

After breaking the hug, Sana was smiling contentedly at Neyonika. That time only, Sid walked there. He was mesmerised, seeing the girl who had stolen his heart. She was looking more beautiful than he had imagined in the dress which he had chosen for her. Her milky white tummy was visible a little. It was increasing his desire more to touch her and to feel her. Like always he got lost in her. He was gazing at her without even blinking his eyes.

He was gleeful to see her talking to his parent happily. They settled down and he was still standing at the same place, staring at her. Sana moved her eyes up and her eyes fell over him. She caught him, staring at her. She raised her eyebrows, asking him what happened, but he gave her no response. Neyonika also looked in the same direction after seeing Sana.

“Sid, come here. What are you doing, standing there alone ?” As Neyonika asked, he finally came back to the earth. Raj and Ram also looked at him. He strolled to them, giving smile to Sana. He touched the feet of Ram. He gave him blessing, touching his head. Sana was just blushing a bit, thinking that how he was staring her two minutes ago. After that he also sat down beside Neyonika. Their parents started talking and they started talking to each other through their eyes.

“Sid beta, won’t you show the house to my daughter?” Neyonika asked Sid to show the house to Sana. Sana felt contented when Neyonika referred her as her daughter. She smiled blissfully, looking at Neyonika. Her heart was feeling happy inside. Sid stood up, nodding his head.

“Go beta, see your house and if you want some changes in this house and in your room, tell to Sid without hesitation.” Neyonika said, placing hand on her face. She nodded her head, having smile on her face. She wanted to say a lot to her that time but she was at loss for words. Ram was also happy, seeing that how nicely Mrs. Shukla was treating his daughter. She gave smile to Ram and then she went upstairs with Sid.


“First I want to show my room to you. I mean the room which will be yours too.” He uttered, opening the door of his room. He stepped inside and she strolled behind him. The room was clearly showing to her that it was his room. First her eyes fell on the photo which was hanging on the wall then she saw bed and the walls.She didn’t find any need of changes in his room. According to her, the room was perfect. From the flooring to the ceiling of the room, it was perfect. When she was admiring his room, he was admiring her.

“It’s perfect. I really don’t need any change.” She told him, looking at him after seeing the whole room.

“But one change will be surely there.” He stated, sitting on the bed. She looked at him bemusedly.

“What ?” She asked confusingly, looking at him.

“This photo, it will be yours room too. So there is need to change this photo. There will be our photo.” He stated and she opened her mouth , making O shape. She sauntered to him. She suddenly stumbled on the Muskan’s toy and fell over him directly. She was on top him and he was under her. She grasped his blazer’s collar tightly and her face was hidden in his chest. Sid first got shocked when suddenly she fell down and next moment, he felt like to hold her tightly in his arms but he controlled himself, clutching his hand.

She got scared and clutched the collar of his blazer tightly when she fell down. Listening to his heartbeat, she calmed down. After few minutes, she raised head and both looked deeply into each other eyes. She was looking at him, resting her hands on his chest. Both were so close, their breath were creasing each other and arousing their inner desire. Their heart was beating faster than before. They felt like to kiss each other. He held her face with his both hands and pulled her face closer to himself, their lips were just few inches away. His eyes moved at her lips and his thumb brushed her lower lip, his act drove her crazy. Next moment making her shocked, he changed their position, holding her waist. Now he was above her and she was under him. Both again looked deeply into each other eyes. Sana heart was beating so fast. She was feeling like that it would get explode next moment. They forgot about everything and started coming close to each other lips. The urge of kissing each other was increasing with each passing second.

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