(Part : 7) {Sidnaaz} Professor And His Princess


Thank god, professor Sidharth didn’t throw me out of the classroom today. He has given us time to write on the topic ‘Why reading is important?’

Now I’m not leaving a single chance to stare at him. I’m noticing his each and every move. I’m dead because the way he is moving his hand over his jet black hair, sitting on his chair.

As he moved his eyes up, I instantly moved my eyes down. I sighed. Thank god, he didn’t catch me, staring at him.

After a minute, I slowly moved my eyes up to look at him. I found him doing something on his phone. I smiled because I got time to stare at him again. He has dark stubble on his cheeks. Maybe he hasn’t shaved since a long time. Whatever it is, he is looking so hot and very very attractive. I’m insane, really.

“Just stop looking at him, Sana.” My mind yelled on me. I listened to my mind and looked down. I held my pen and started writing.

I’m trying to concentrate on my work but I’m not able to concentrate. How can I do anything in the presence of hot and attractive man? I know, I can’t but I’m still trying.

The bell rang after few minutes. I moved eyes toward him. He stood up from his chair and his eyes fell on me.

Oh god, he caught me staring at him.

I looked down embarrassingly. “Why did he look at me?” I cried, clenching the pen.

“What happened, Sana ?” Anu asked after few seconds.

“I’m hungry. Let’s go to eat something.” I said, looking at her.

I didn’t lie, I’m really hungry.

“Okay, but what about the next class.” She asked.

I stood up. “We’re skipping the next class. Let’s go.” I held her hand.

“Okay.” She stood and then we went to canteen. Vikas and his friends joined us. We were getting bore after finishing our snacks. So, we decided to play truth and dare. I was enjoying a lot before my turn.

I have to kiss the first person who will enter in the canteen. I wish I had chosen the truth.

“If a teacher came?” I asked from them.

“A dare is a dare. You’ve to do it.” They all said together.

“Are you guys insane? I can’t kiss a teacher.” I denied.

“So that’s mean you’re a looser, right?”Aakriti said, making me angry. She is Vikas’s friend.

“Aakriti, mind your tongue.” Anu growled at her.

My soul sister, I love her.

“I’ll do the task.” I stated.

Yes, I’ll do this task and prove them that I’m not a looser.

“All the best.” Anu whispered in my ear and I smiled at her. I glared at Aakriti and stood up. I sauntered toward counter.

I’m waiting for somebody to come into the canteen, standing at the counter. Finally somebody stepped into the canteen. I gaped as moved my eyes from his legs to his face.

Oh god, the person is Professor Sidharth. Why him only?

I can’t, I can’t do this. It is better to be a looser.

I turned to go. The bitch, Aakriti is smirking at me. I can’t let her win.

“No, I’ll do this.” I mumbled to myself and turned toward him again. I sighed deeply before strolling toward him.

I’m going to kiss my professor. I don’t know from where I’m getting courage and why I’m not afraid to kiss my professor. I stood in front of him. He’s looking at me bemusedly, having no clue that I’m going to kiss him. Oh my poor heart is going crazy because I’m staring at professor Sidharth from so close, he’s looking more handsome and more attractive.

“Sir, my friends, they have given me task.” I stammered. He narrowed his eyes, I tiptoed. My breath became heavy as I moved closer to his face. I gave a quick kiss over his cheek. Then I rushed out of the canteen, without even looking at him because I’ve no courage left to look at him after kissing him.

“What have you done? What he’ll think about you?” I scolded myself after coming out of the canteen.

Seriously, I can’t believe that I kissed him. I kissed professor Sidharth. Now I’m smiling like an idiot.

I called Anu after reaching at the backstairs. I sat there after putting the phone on my ear.

“Oh my god, Sana. I just can’t believe that you kissed him. You kissed professor Sidharth.” She screamed, breaking my eardrums.

“I can’t believe it either.” I chuckled.

“You shocked everyone there with your move. Aakriti’s face was worth watching.” Now I’m smiling proudly like I won a trophy by kissing him.

“What about professor Sidharth?” I asked hesitantly, I want to know his reaction.

“He was also shocked and after a minute, he also walked out of the canteen. I’m proud of you, my Sana.” She laughed.

“Now, tell me.” She stopped laughing and said.

“What?” I asked.

“Your experience. How does it feel to kiss your professor?” She asked excitedly.

I felt good to kiss my professor. I’m blushing now.

“I don’t know. It happened so fast.” I can’t tell her that I felt good.

“I understand, you can’t tell that you felt god.” She laughed loudly after saying this.

How does she understand me so much ?

“Tell me, where are you? I’ll come there.” She asked and the bell rang.

“Meet you in the classroom.” I cut the phone after saying this.

I stepped into the classroom. Everybody are staring at me like I’m an alien.

What happened to all of them?

I ignored them and sauntered toward my desk. I sat down and stood up instantly as my eyes my fell on the board. ‘Shehnaaz kissed professor Sidharth’ this is written on the board.

Who spread this news? I’m shocked.

“Aakriti has done all this.” Anu told me, standing beside me.

Oh that bitch.

“She’s spreading the photo also.” Anu showed me the photo on her phone. I’m kissing professor Sidharth’s cheek in the photo. The photo is blurred because it’s taken from far away.

“I don’t know when she clicked this photo.” Anu said and I’m still staring at the photo after taking the phone from her hand.

“The photo is blurred, Anu. This is not good. Couldn’t she take a nice photo? I’m so disappointed.” I’m seriously disappointed.

“You’re crazy, Sana.” Anu shook her head in disbelief.

“Really you have no problem with this photo going viral?” She asked incredulously.

“Not at all because I don’t care what people will be thinking about me after seeing this photo. You also chill.” I explained her.

“You’re right.” She agreed with me and I smiled at her.

I walked toward the board. “It was a dare.” I wrote and turned toward the class.

“Yes, I kissed professor Sidharth. I did something which you all can’t because you don’t have courage but I’ve.” After saying this, I came back to my desk.

I know, the girls would be burning in jealousy.

“Wow. You’re amazing, my girl.” Anu praised me and I smiled at her.

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