(Part : 6) {Sidnaaz} Professor And His Princess


Last night, I couldn’t sleep properly. Those messages from unknown number were making me restless. Now also I’m thinking about those messages, standing under the shower. I want to know, why he messaged me and what type of help he needs from me. I really want to know. But how because I’ve blocked him.

Should I unblock him? But how can I trust him?

Maybe he is a fraud. But how can he harm me through phone ? I think talking to him over phone is harmless. I’ll unblock him and talk to him. Maybe, I would get to know something about him. Maybe he genuinely needs my help.

I walked out of the bathroom, wrapping the towel around my body. I picked up my phone from the table. First, I unblocked him and then I sent him message.

Sana : How can I help you?

I waited for him to see my message for five minutes, staring at the phone screen.

“He’ll reply Sana, why are you getting desperate?” My mind asked from me. Seriously, I don’t know why I’m waiting for his message.

I shook my head and kept my phone on the table. I wore white knee length dress and got ready for the college. Today, I’ve kept my hair open.

“Something is missing.” I thought, staring myself in the mirror.

Oh lipgloss, How can I forget this ? I slapped my head. I leaned down and picked up the lipgloss from dressing table. I applied it on my lips. I chuckled after giving a kiss to myself.

“Now, you’re looking perfect.” I said to myself and smiled, looking myself in the mirror. I’m beautiful.

I picked up my phone to check his message but still he haven’t seen my message. I’m getting desperate to know what he wants from me.

As I kept the phone in my handbag, it vibrated. I slid my hand inside the bag and took the phone out. Finally, he replied.

Unknown : If you talk to me, it will be a great help.

I narrowed my eyes. I’m not understanding. How will I help him by just talking to him ? I’m bemused.

Sana : What do you want from me?

Unknown : I just want you to talk to me and nothing else.

What? This is so confusing.

Sana : But Why?

Really, why he wants to talk to me?

I’m waiting for his message from a minute. Maybe he’s typing a long message. Maybe I’ll get to know something about him.

Unknown : I myself don’t know why you. From the day I saw you, I’m feeling like there is a strong connection between us which is pulling me towards you. I can’t meet you and talk to you. That’s why I found out your number. I just want you as my friend. Trust me, I don’t want anything else from you. I know, it is difficult to trust a stranger that too who is not revealing his identity but still, trust me, I’m not lying.

I was right. Here came his long message. I read it. He’s looking confused like me.

Should I trust him? Should I talk to him? Maybe he’s lying.

I think I should talk to him because there’s no harm in talking. I will talk to him because I want to find out that who is he. Maybe he’ll reveal his identity later on. If he’s lying then too there will be no harm in talking.

Unknown : Can we be friends?

I don’t know anything about him. How can I become his friend ? I need some time.

Sana : I’ll think about it.

Unknown : I’m happy. At least you’re talking to me. Thank you.

I don’t know why but I’m feeling like he is a genuine person.

Sana : At least you can tell your name to me. I’ve to save your number.

Unknown : You can call me Mr. Stranger.

Sana : So, you can’t even tell me your name.

Why he can’t even tell his name? Why? Will I ever find my answers?

I saved his number in my phone as Mr. Stranger.

Mr. Stranger : I can’t reveal my identity. But really thank you for talking to me. It means a lot to me. You’re really a nice girl.

I smiled, reading his message.

Sana : Look, I don’t trust you. I’m just talking to you because I think there’s no harm in talking over phone.

Mr. Stranger : Don’t worry, I’ll never harm you in any way. I owe you.

I again smiled.

“Oh god, I’m getting late for the college. I’ve to make breakfast also.” I freaked out as I looked at the time.

Sana : I’ll talk to you later. I’m getting late for the college.

Mr. Stranger : Okay bye and take care.

Sana : Bye.

I typed the message in hurry and rushed out of the room after keeping my phone in the handbag. I darted into the kitchen.

Dad is already making the breakfast. Let’s check what he is making.

“What are you making, dad?” I asked, standing beside him.

“Quaker Oats, Healthy and very very tasty.” Dad said like he’s giving add of Oats.

“Dad, I’m already late for the college. I’ll eat something in college only.” I told him in one go.

“Relax, Sana.” Dad put his hands over my shoulders and I took a deep breath. “You go.”

“Bye dad and I love you.” I kissed his cheek and he chuckled.

“Bye my doll and take care of yourself.” He gave me a side hug and gently kissed my forehead. I smiled at him and walked out of the kitchen.

I left for the college after meeting mom.

I reached college on time. I’m sitting on my desk and waiting for Anu. She’s late today.

Sana : Where are you? Are you not coming today?

I messaged her after taking my phone out of my handbag.

First class is of Professor Sidharth. I don’t know today, he will let me attend the class or not. I can’t even stare at him. I’m kind of jealous from other girls because they can stare at him but I can’t. That’s not fair. Why he do this to me?

“Sana, where are you lost?” I came on the earth back as Anu shook me, sitting beside me. When did she come ?

“Just thinking about our new project.” I lied to her. I can’t tell her that I’m thinking about professor Sidharth because she’ll again start teasing me.

“I know you’re thinking about him.” She caught my lie like always.

“Him ? Who ?” I act innocent like I don’t know what she’s talking about.

She chuckled. “Don’t worry, he’ll let you attend the lecture today.”

I gave a forceful smile to her. “You’re saying like he told you.”

“My sixth sense is saying this.”

“Wow, Amazing.” I sneered at her.

“My Sana, don’t think too much about him or else you’ll fall in love with him.” She fell about.

I scowled at her. “Shut up, Anu.”

She took a deep breath and controlled herself from laughing. “Okay, I’m quiet.” She put her finger on her lips.

I smiled, pulling her cheeks. “You’re completely crazy.” She laughed.

“You too.” Now we both laughed.

We became quiet as professor Sidharth stepped into the room. There is pin-drop silence in the room and I can only hear sound of his footsteps. Like always my heart skipped beating as I looked at his handsome face. He is a very prepossessing sort of person. He is looking damn hot in black jacket, white shirt and black jeans. I’m gawking at him like an idiot like always. I’m insane.

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