(Part : 5) {Sidnaaz} Professor And His Princess


Next day, I reached college and like usual I’m late. I’m rushing toward my classroom, hoping to reach on time. I bumped into the strong man. I froze and felt like my heart has stopped beating. I moved my eyes up to look at the person.

Oh Shit, He’s professor Sidharth who has been making me crazy since my eyes fell on him.

I’m staring at his handsome face without blinking my eyes. He’s so attractive. I just can’t take off my eyes from him. His face was serious. Then I looked into his black mysterious eyes. I’m trying to read his eyes but couldn’t. His eyes are filled with so many emotions.

But wait a second, why I wanna read his eyes, I wondered. He’s making me crazy. I’m not understanding anything.

I finally got my breath back as he moved away from me. “Walk carefully, Miss Shehnaaz.” He said, breaking the silence. The way his perfect lips moved, I’m dead. Oh god, what he is doing to me ? Please help me.

I’m still staring at him like an idiot. What he will be thinking about me?

I’ve to answer him.

“I-I will be care-careful from next time, sir.” I don’t know why I’m stammering and why he’s making me so nervous. I don’t know anything.

He walked into the classroom and I strolled behind him. I smiled at Anu infinitesimally. I sauntered over my desk and sat beside Anu.

“Today also you’re late, Sana.” She whispered in my ear.

I said her in gesture to be quite by putting finger over my lips because I don’t want to be scolded by him again in front of whole class.

“Okay.” She put finger on her lips and cutely nodded her head. I chuckled, staring at her.

I moved my eyes from her to professor Sidharth. I saw him writing something on the whiteboard with the marker. He’s looking hot from behind too. I laughed inside on myself. I’m seriously crazy. So what, the whole world is crazy. I’m not alone crazy in this world. It’s normal to be crazy. If you want to survive in this world, you have to be crazy.

He turned toward the class and sauntered toward the table. “So today’s topic is A Turning point of your life.” He told, leaning against the table. He kept his hand over the table and crossed his legs.

I must say he has chosen a interesting topic.

“I’m sure, you all must know about this topic.” Everybody nodded their head in yes including me. He smiled slightly, making me crazy. Oh my poor heart.

He walked forward. “So, you all have to tell me turning point of your life. A moment which changed your life. Come on hold your pen and start writing it.”

I opened the zip of my bag and took out diary from it. Where’s my pen. I looked for the pen in the bag. I think like always, I have lost it.

“Take it.” Anu gave me the pen and I smiled at her, holding the pen. She knows me very well.

I kept the bag on side and opened the diary after keeping it on the desk. I wrote topic name in the bold letter and then glanced at him. He is now sitting on the chair comfortably, busy in his phone.

“Haye.. so handsome and attractive.” I mumbled to myself, resting my chin over my hand and my elbow is kept on the table. I’m gazing at him like an stupid girl.

As he moved his eyes up from his phone, I moved my eyes down.

Oh my god, if he catches me staring at him like this what he would think about me. I wondered and started writing.

Life is not less than a story of movie. It’s full of twists and turns. My brother demise was a turning point of my life. It was the hardest time of my life. My life changed completely after losing my brother. Dad left the job because of mom and our financial condition was worsening. Then I got the idea of opening coaching center. Many problems came but I didn’t stop. Now our coaching Center is so popular. I also came to know, what’s life. People come and go, nothing is permanent in life. Life keeps on changing, we just have to change ourselves with it and keep moving forward. If life gives you pain at some point, accept it and move on because that’s what life is. In life, everything happens for a reason. Every mistake of us, gives us a lesson. Life falls us down so that we can learn how to stand up.

So, this was the turning point of my life.

Professor Sidharth is randomly making students stand up to tell their turning point of life. I’m just praying that he won’t make me stand up. I don’t know why but I become blank after seeing his face. My eyes are looking down, I’m not even looking at him. Haha.. I’m laughing on myself.

“Thank god he didn’t make me stand.” I sighed as the door bell rang and I instantly looked at him. He strode toward the door after last time smiling at the whole class.

“Finally, I can speak.” Anu sighed, closing her diary. I turned my face toward her. We smiled at each other.


Few days passed like this. I’m attracted toward my professor and I’ve accepted it now. But I feel like he finds reason to throw me out of the class and he’s so aggressive and strict with me only. Why me? What sin have i committed that I’m bearing his anger. He makes me angry now. I’m irritated. But What I can do, I can’t even say anything because he’s our professor.

But seriously why me? I don’t know which of my past lives he is taking revenge for.

I’m lying in the blanket at night on my bed and using my phone while thinking about professor Sidharth. He’s so mysterious.

Anu : Don’t think too much and sleep.

I received Anu’s message and smiled. My Anu knows me very well. She knows, sometimes I overthink at night before falling to sleep.

Sana : I’m trying to sleep but I’m very angry. I was just two minute late today and he didn’t permit to attend the class. Why?

I typed the message, gritting my teeth in anger.

Anu : Sana, You’re thinking too much. Please sleep.

She implored. May be I’m overthinking. I should sleep, she is right.

Sana : Good night. I’m sleeping.

Anu : Good night and sleep well.

As I closed my phone screen by clicking the side button, a message popped on WhatsApp from an unknown number. I stared at the number suspiciously. I opened the message.

Unknown Number : Hi..

Sana : Do I know you ?

Unknown Number : No but I know you.

Sana : How and who are you ?

Unknown : I will tell you everything but not now.

Sana : Tell me, who are you or else I’ll block you.

Unknown : I can’t tell you who I’m. Please understand. I just need you. Please don’t block me. It’s humble request.

I narrowed my eyes after reading this message. Now I’m becoming more suspicious. Who Is he ? Why he needs me ? I’m not understanding anything. I should block him or talk to him. I’m so confused. Wait, wait the person is female or male. I don’t even know this. Is he or she my stalker? What he needs from me? I’m scared a bit.

Unknown : Please, don’t block. I just want you to talk to me. I’ll not harm you.

I don’t know, what I should do?

Sana : Are you a girl or boy ?

I asked out of curiosity. Before blocking this number, I want to know if the person is a boy or a girl or else I’ll not able to sleep. The crazy me.

Unknown : I’m man.

Oh, the person is man.

Sana : Who are you ?

Before blocking him, I again asked. Is someone is making me fool ?

Sana : Is this you Anu ? Are you making me fool by this new number ? 

Unknown : No, I’m not Anu.

Sana : Then who are you? Tell me. I’m blocking you.

I received his message but I blocked him without reading it.

Unknown : Okay. I’m sorry to disturb you. I thought you would talk to me. But I was wrong. Good night.

After reading this message, I’m feeling like I did something wrong by blocking him. I should have talked to him. May he really needs my help. But how can help him ? I’m so so puzzled right now.

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