(Part : 14B) {Sidnaaz} Love Story


Sid and Muskan were waiting for Sana, sitting in food court. Sid was feeding her Pasta with his hand lovingly. Sana’s eyes fell over them and she smiled, seeing the beautiful bond of them. She strolled to them smilingly. Sid froze, seeing Sana because like always she was looking so breathtaking beautiful in green off shoulder top with black jeans. Her long hair were increasing her beauty more. She had applied the light make up as usual. She was naturally so beautiful. Their eyes met and the world stopped around them. They both were seeing their rest of life together in each other eyes. They got completed lost in looking into each other eyes, forgetting about the surroundings.

“Chachu.. chachu.. ” Listening to Muskan’s voice, they both came on the earth back. They looked here and there. Sana said ‘hi’ to Muskan and took her seat beside her. Sidnaaz avoided to look at each other because they again didn’t want to get lost in each other eyes in front of Muskan.

“Chachi, kya Musu toh aap apne hand se ni khiloge.” She asked cutely from Sana. Sidnaaz smiled, listening her cute request.

“Of course, why not Musu.” She fed her with her hands.

“Ab chachu, Chachi ko khilaege.” She ordered excitedly, looking at Sid. They both looked at each other shockingly.

“Please Chachu.” She implored cutely and how Sid could deny her. With the fork, he picked up the pasta. Being a gentle man, he looked at her for permission first before making her eat. When she blinked her eyes, saying him in gesture that it’s okay.  She came close to him and he fed her the pasta with his own hand. Both looked into each other eyes.

“Now Chachi , Chachu ko khilaengi.” Sidnaaz were again about to get lost in each other eyes but before they could, they heard Muskan’s voice. She said excitedly. She was a kid and everything was like a game for her. She was enjoying this feeding game a lot. Sana fed him too. Both smiled warmly, looking at each other. Muskan clapped her hands happily.


Sidnaaz were standing outside of try room because Muskan was trying the dress inside.

“I hope, Muskan is not wasting your time , Shehnaaz.” He asked to start the conversation with her. Sana just nodded her head negatively, without saying anything. Sid smiled and she smiled back at him.

“What you are wearing at night for dinner?” He asked.

He was trying hard to start the conversation. He was feeling like they reached back on the very first day when they had met. She was silent like that day. He was not understanding, what to say. Last night was supposed to bring them close, but it seemed like it had increased the distance between them more.

Sana was about to speak but before she could, Muskan stepped out from the try room. “How I’m looking ?” She said, showing her dress, twirling around delightfully. She tried a blue frock and she was looking very pretty.

“Beautiful.” Sidnaaz complimented her together. They looked at each other after saying this. Muskan laughed on this. Then she went to try another dress.

Like this Muskan shopping got completed. She purchased four dresses only because of the promise which she had given to her mother. She wanted to purchase one dress more but didn’t purchase it because she didn’t want to make her mother angry. Then she asked her Chachu to purchase dress for Chachi also for dinner. As usual, they couldn’t able to deny her request and then they went to girl’s session. There Sid’s eyes fell over the blue floral Kurti. Seeing that Kurti, he already started to imagine her in that.

“Shehnaaz, I like that dress. If you like it, you can try that one.” He said, pointing his finger at that dress. Sana also liked it. She looked at him impressively because she liked his choice.

“Wow, Chachu buy it. This is so beautiful.” Again when Sana was about to speak, Muskan didn’t let her speak. He looked at Sana for her answer before purchasing it. Sana nodded her head positively, having a light smile on her face. They purchased that dress. After that Muskan made them purchase the dresses for each and every member of the



Sidnaaz were sitting at the front seat and Muskan was sitting at back seat with lots of shopping bags around her. She was blabbering nonstop making them laugh with her every words. He stopped the car in front of Sana’s flat. Sid walked outside to say goodbye to Sana. Seeing them, Muskan also jumped outside of the car.

“Musu, you’re very cute. I enjoyed a lot with you.” Sana said, sitting on her knees before Muskan. She kissed Muskan’s cheek. She didn’t know that she did a mistake by doing this.

“Chachu, you also sit like chachi.” Sid looked at her confusingly and sat beside Sana. Sidnaaz looked at each other cluelessly as they both were really having no idea that what was going in her tiny mind. They looked at Muskan for her next wish.

“Now chachi kiss Chachu like you kissed Musu.” They widened their eyes in shock after listening to Muskan’s next demand. They looked at each other shockingly. They were not understanding  that how to deny Muskan. Then the screen divided into three halves, one side Sid with shocking expression, on the other side Sana with same shocking expression and in middle excited Muskan who was waiting for their kiss desperately.

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  1. Luv this story..i really like muskan..😍😍
    I hv a request for u ..Plzz u can add ur aur naaz (proffesor and student story) in this site

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