(Part : 12) {Sidnaaz} Professor And His Princess


It has been one hour passed since we are locked in the library. I’m so disappointed, really. I thought that I would spend some time with professor Sidharth, but I don’t know where he went. He disappeared like smoke in the air. I’m playing ludo on my phone to pass the time but I’m bored now.

Where’re you professor Sidharth? I pouted sadly and closed my eyes.

As I opened my eyes, I found him standing before me. I gawked at him.

“I was finding a way out but now it is looking impossible.” He sat down on the chair beside me, looking disturbed. My heartbeat is accelerating because he’s sitting so close to me, our hands are almost touching.

“Don’t worry, my dad will come soon.” I reassured him and smiled vaguely at him.

“I hope so.” He nodded his head and started doing something in his phone. I kept staring at his handsome face forgetting everything. He is tempting, really. I instantly moved my eyes on the table as he raised his head. I was catching the glimpse of him after every few minutes. He’s making me crazy.

I’m feeling sleepy now. I folded my hands over the table and rested my head down on them. I’m hungry too. Momos, pizza, burger, all the tasty things were coming in front of my eyes and I didn’t know when I dozed off, thinking about tasty food.

I woke up after few minutes. Oh god, my head is paining a lot. I raised my head and sat, holding my head. I turned my face toward professor Sidharth. He is still so engrossed in his phone. I don’t know what he is doing.

“I can’t stay here anymore.” He suddenly stood up, slamming his hand on the table.

What happened to him all of sudden?

“What happened ?” I asked, looking up at him. He was fuming.

Why he’s angry? Did something happen here while I was sleeping?

“You be here. I’m coming.” He rushed somewhere. I don’t know where and what happened to him suddenly. He’s behaving so strange. I shook my head.

After few minutes, I flinched as I heard a loud unpleasant sound like somebody was hitting something on wall.

Is Professor Sidharth doing something? What is going on here? This is scary. What he’s doing?

I stood up and hurtled toward the direction from where the sound came. I flinched as I heard that sound again.

Oh god, what he’s doing?

I gaped as I saw him hitting the chair on the glass window.

Has he gone mad? What he’s trying to do? He can hurt himself by doing this. I need to stop him.

“Professor Sidharth, please stop. What’re you doing?” He was just about to hit the glass window with the chair again, but he stopped instantly as he heard my voice.

He turned around and glared at me. His eyes smouldering. What happened to him suddenly? I’m not understanding anything.

He kept the chair down and strode toward me. “I told you to be there. Why you came here?” He asked sternly, his eyes are filled with anger.

Why he’s angry? Did I do something wrong?

“I came here to check you after hearing the sound. What you’re doing, sir?” I asked concernedly.

“Can’t you see, I’m trying to break the window? I want to get out of here.” He knitted his eyebrows. He’s sounding frustrated.

Why he’s behaving like this? He was completely fine before I slept. Now what happened to him suddenly? I’m utterly shocked after seeing his this kind of behaviour.

“My father will reach here in few hours. We’ll be out soon. You please calm down..” As I put my hand on his arm, he flinched and jerked away my hand like he got an electric shock.

He sighed deeply, closing his eyes. “You please go back and sit where you were sitting before and let me do my work.” He said in calm tone.

No, no, I can’t let him do this. He can hurt himself. It is dangerous.

“But, Sir, it is dangerous. You might hurt yourself. Please..” I implored.

“Miss Shehnaaz, just go from here.” He frowned.

“No.” I shook my head. “I won’t let you do this.” His eyes burned with anger as I said, staring into his eyes.

I jumped up as he seized my wrist. Now I glared at him. He led me to the place where I was sitting earlier. “Stay here now and don’t stop me, I’m warning you.”He warned me, glaring at me.

He’s raising my anger now, seriously. He’s behaving like a stubborn kid. I’m worried for him and that is the only reason, I’m stopping him but he’s not understanding.

Now I don’t care.

“Did you understand?” He asked curtly and I rolled my eyes.

I don’t want to talk to him. He’s so rude and a stubborn kid.

He asked again. “I want answer, Shehnaaz. Did you understand?” He was livid.

I glared at him. “Hit your head on the window or hit the table on the window, do whatever you want to do, I won’t stop you anymore.” I growled at him, averting my eyes. He walked away last time glaring at me.

He’s so damn weird. He’s not my crush anymore. He can never be my crush. He’s so rude and arrogant. I hate him now. Thank god, today his true colours came in front of my eyes.

I flinched as I heard the sound again. I slumped down on the chair. After resting my elbow on the table and closed my ears with my hands.

Anybody please stop him. The sound is breaking my eardrums. “Oh god, when will this torture get end ?” I mumbled.

I shivered on my place as I heard the sound of breaking of glass window. I hope, he didn’t get hurt. I stood up and rushed to see him. I’m still worried.

I reached there and found him removing the glass pieces from the window. I gaped and palmed my mouth as I saw his bleeding hand. I stared at his hand, horrified. He placed the piece of glass on the table. The blood was oozing out from his hand constantly. He’s behaving like it’s not hurting him.

“Sir, your hand is bleeding.” I lumbered toward him, staring at his hand.

“It’s fine.” He took away his hand and hid behind his back as I was about to hold it. I stared at him incredulously.

“We can go out now.” He turned toward the window and jumped out of the window.

I’m just staring at his hand which is bleeding badly and he’s behaving like it is not hurting him. I’m shocked that it is not hurting him ? Why ?

He held out his hand for me which wasn’t bleeding and hid his bleeding hand behind his back. I put my hand over his hand and he held my hand firmly. We stared into each other for few seconds intensely, forgetting about the whole world. Then I jumped out of the window, holding his hand tightly.

I stared at his hand. The blood is dripping down on floor from his hand. “It’s fine, Miss Shehnaaz. Don’t worry.” I moved my eyes up from his hand to his face as he said.

“Please, do visit the doctor.” I requested him and he just nodded his head.

He needs first aid but I know he won’t let me do it. That’s why I just asked him to visit the doctor.

“Can I ask you something?” I asked from him and he just nodded his head.

“What did happen to you all of sudden in the library? Why did you become so desperate to get out of the library?” I really wanted to know this.

“It is none of your business.” He replied back curtly. I didn’t expect this answer from him. He has really made me so disappointed, today.

“How can a person be so rude?” I thought, staring at him incredulously.

After that we walked upstairs. He went to parking area and I came outside of the college where I had parked my scooty in the morning. I sat astride my scooty and wore the helmet. I checked my phone. I found so many messages of dad. I called him and informed him that why I got late before starting my scooty.

It was really a long day today. Today, I got to know that Professor Sidharth is very weird, rude and crazy man. I was so happy to stuck with him in the library but he spoiled everything with his attitude. He literary tortured me there.


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