(Part : 10) {Sidnaaz} Professor And His Princess


I’m lying on bed in the AC blanket at night. My room has cooled down. Today was a wonderful day. I really felt so good from inside after becoming the reason of his happiness. I can’t describe this feeling in words.

I stayed busy whole day in cleaning, cooking and teaching. I didn’t get time to talk to Mr. Stranger after the morning phone call. I messaged him before sleeping.

Sana : I hope you would sleep tonight.

He replied me instantly like he was waiting for my message.

Mr. Stranger : I’ll try to sleep.

At least, he’s trying.

Sana : How was your day?

Mr. Stranger : I had a better day today because of you. I tried to live in a moment forgetting everything and It’s not as hard as i was thinking.

My lips curled into a beatific smile as I read his message. I’m glad to know this.

Sana : You know, pain and problems of life as bigger as we make them. It completely depend on us. That’s why I say, nothing is difficult, everything is easy.

Mr. Stranger : You’re absolutely right.

“I’m always right.”I mumbled and chuckled before sending him the smiley emoji.

Mr. Stranger : How was your day?

It was wonderful like everyday.

Sana : My day was wonderful.

I turned my position. I lay down on my side. Before I was lying on my back. I’m tired and feeling sleepy.

Mr. Stranger : That’s great. What did you do?

Sana : Cleaning of room, cooking and teaching.

Mr. Stranger : Teaching?

He doesn’t know that I teach at coaching center and now it’s confirmed that he’s not my stalker because if he had been my stalker, he would have known about this. Then maybe he’s really a genuine person and he’s not lying to me. I assumed.

Maybe I’m thinking right or maybe not. I’m puzzled.

Sana : My dad and I have a coaching centre. I go there to teach students after college.

Mr. Stranger : That’s great.

Sana : By the way what’s your dream, Mr. Stranger?

I just asked casually.

Mr. Stranger : Dream to be free from all the stress of life. You know, I’ve everything in my life except peace.

This is the dream of everybody.

Sana : Your dream will be fulfilled very soon. Better days are going to come soon.

Mr. Stranger : Now I’m sure, my dream will be get fulfilled because now you’re with me. You’re like a ray of hope for me. I’m glad that I messaged you.

I smiled broadly after reading his message.

Sana : Now Whenever you need me, I’ll be with you.

Because he’s my friend now.

Mr. Stranger : It means a lot to me. Thank you so much. And just remember that you can also share anything with me.

My eyes are getting heavy now. I want to sleep now.

Sana : Mr. Stranger, now good night. I’m feeling sleepy. I’m so tired today.

Mr. Stranger : Good night, Princess and take care.

Sana : Good night, my stranger friend.

I put the phone on side table and lay down comfortably on my side, placing my hands beneath my head. I closed my eyes.

I never thought that one day I would make a friend like this. I don’t know why I feel connected to him. Like there is a strong connection between both of us. I don’t know why I’m feeling so satisfy to help him. I really don’t know why.

Whatever it is, I’m feeling happy, and only this matters to me. Keeping myself happy and relaxed is my first priority, then only I can able to keep others happy.

Next day I reached college on time. Now I’m ready to face Professor Sidharth. Maybe I’m not properly, ready.

“Can I face him?” I asked from my mind.

“Nothing is difficult in this world, off course you can face him.” My mind answered back, giving me courage. Yes, everything is easy. I’ll  face him.

I looked at Anu as she sat beside me. “Hi, Sana.” She greeted me cheerfully.

“Hi, my life. I’ve to share something with you. You won’t believe it.” I’m excited to tell her about Mr. Stranger and more than this I’m excited to see her reaction.

“Wow, I’m excited. Tell me fast now.” She squealed, I can see the glint of excitement in her beautiful eyes.

“I’ll tell you after this class.” Her lips drawn down as I said.

I want to increase her excitement and create the suspense.

“That’s so unfair, I want to know.” She complained like a small kid and I grinned.

“Good morning.” We both became quiet as we heard professor Sidharth’s pleasant voice. We turned our faces toward him.

He’s so tall and hot. I’m so attracted to him. He glanced at me. I froze on my place as I gazed into his intense eyes.

Why he’s so irresistible?

I’m captivated by his hotness.

I bit my lower lip, staring at his alluring lips. He has perfect lips. I want to kiss them.

I snapped down my face. What I’m thinking? I’ve never felt like this for anybody.

I again gazed at his lips, through my eyelashes. By the way I really want to taste his lips, at least for once. It would be great if I had kissed his lips instead of his cheek in the canteen that day. Oh shit, I lost the chance to taste his lips. Now I’m regretting.

Just Stop it, Sana. You’re going on wrong track now. I tried to stop myself from thinking about his lips, my eyes down on desk.

I turned my face toward Anu, looking at her bemusedly as she kept a paper in front of me. She gestured me look at the paper through her eyes. I moved my eyes back at the paper.

She pointed her finger on the paper. “Tell me now.” I read. She’s getting desperate to know.

I held my hand out for the pen, grinning at her. She gave me the pen after opening it’s cap and putting it at the back of the pen.

“After the class, I’ll tell you.” I wrote and gave her the paper to read. I don’t want to tell about Mr. stranger to her in the middle of the class.

She frowned and pouted her lips after reading it. She crushed the paper and threw it, glaring at me. She started doing the work given by professor Sidharth.

“Her anger.” I shook my head. I’ll see her after the class.

I’m trying to keep myself busy in work. It is difficult because the hot professor is standing before me and more difficult is to take him out from my mind. I’m feeling like he’s hypnotising me.

I sighed as the bell rang.

I looked at my angry bird Anu as professor Sidharth exited from the room. She stared at me and raised one side of her mouth to show her anger to me. She started packing her stuffs.

“Where are you going?” I asked as she stood up.

“I’m skipping this lecture. Any problem?” She growled at me and marched toward the door after hanging her bag over her shoulder.

I stuffed my things in the bag hastily. “Wait, I’m coming with you.” I ran behind her, holding my bag in my hand.


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