(Part : 10 B) {Sidnaaz} Love Story


Her phone rang up and she came out from her thoughts. Getting up from the floor, she took out her phone from her pocket. She smiled, seeing the caller id ‘ Sidharth’. Just his one call brought smile on her face.

“I have just ten minute break, so let’s just start the conversation without any formal hi and hello.” Sid said as soon as she picked up the phone. Sana smiled broadly listening to his words. Like a small kid, he always remain in a hurry too.

“So what you were doing?” As He asked, her eyebrows creased, she again became serious, recalling about that psycho words.

“What happened?” He asked when he didn’t get her reply. She still remained silent.

“You are scaring me, Sana . Why so silent? Is there something serious?” He asked worriedly because her silence was giving him negative vibes.

“Actually there is something which is very serious.” She spoke after taking a deep breath. Sid became curious and more worried after listening to her words.

“No, I shouldn’t make him worried. He won’t be able to concentrate on his work.” She thought and dropped the idea of telling about Aman to Sidharth, thinking about him which showed that she cared for him.

“There is nothing serious, Just chill. I was just kidding.” She laughed. She tried to do perfect acting, but Sid wasn’t convinced with her words. He was sure that she was not joking.

“Really, there is nothing to be worried about. “She said again when she didn’t get his reply.

“You seriously scared me. Never do that again. Please.” He warned her in serious tone showing that he got convinced, but in reality he was just thinking that what she was hiding from him.

“Okay, Sana. Now,  I will call you in next break. I have to go.” He said as his P.A. came to call him for the shoot. Sana’s lips drawn down in sadness because she wanted to talk to him. She was worried for him. But she just said ‘Okay’ and then they hang up the call.

“I just hope that there is really nothing serious and I would be just overthinking.” He murmured to himself and rushed out from of his vanity van.


When Mahi was getting ready, standing in front of mirror. Muskan asked, walking inside the room. “Mumma, whel going ?”

“Mumma is going to daddy’s office” Mahi replied, turning toward Muskan. She was looking gorgeous in blank full length gown and her long straight hair was increasing her beauty.

“Musu, will all-also come” she spoke excitedly and Mahi smiled hearing her words.

“Okay baby.” She leaned down and kissed forehead.


Mahi was walking out of the House, Muskan was in her arms. As soon as her dadu, Raj Shukla came, she jumped into his arms from Mahi’s arms. She hugged him so tightly and he also hugged her back, closing his eyes having smile on his face. Mahi also smiled seeing them.

“Mumma, you go. Musu will play with dadu.” She squealed joyfully. Raj and Mahi smiled, listening to her words.

“Bye, Musu. Take care of yourself and don’t irritate dadu.” After kissing her princess’s cheeks, Mahi strolled out of the house, having beautiful smile on her face.


Jay was so engrossed in work, he didn’t even come to know when his wife strolled into the cabin after knocking the door. Mahi cleared her throat to catch his attention.

“Rita give me my files.” Without looking at her, he asked for files, pulling out his hand in front of her. His eyes were on laptop. He was thinking that her secretary had came to give him files. Mahi made cute angry pout, looking at him. She kept the lunch on his hand.

“What is this, Ri-“ He uttered, looking at his hand and as he moved his eyes up at Mahi , he paused. He was looking at her, widening his eyes. Mahi was standing wrapping her hands around her chest angrily. He started admiring his wife from head to toe who was looking so beautiful in black gown. He got up from his chair and strolled toward her. The way he was looking at her, it made her blush.

“What’s your plan Madam ?” He asked , pulling her toward himself by holding her waist. She smiled, looking at him and he smiled back.

“You wanna kill your husband with your looks.” He asked, tucking her hair strands behind her ear.

“Have I permission to eat my wife before lunch.” He asked, he was rubbing her lower lip with his thumb.

“Permission granted Mr. Shukla but before that don’t forgot to lock the door.” She whispered, wrapping her hands around his neck. He picked up the remote from the table and the door was locked automatically. Then looking into her eyes, he started opening the back zip of her gown. He attacked toward her neck and she closed her eyes in response. His hands were rubbing her bare back and his lips were doing their magic on her neck. His hands pulled down the strap of her dress and he started kissing her shoulder. Then they both smiled, looking at each other. Cubbing her face, he slammed her lips. They kissed each first each smoothly but soon their kiss turned wild. Picking her up, he made her sit on the table. When the things fell down from the table, they both laughed. He laid her down on table and coming above her, he attacked toward her twins. While his hands pulled her gown upward. His hands started massaging her most sensitive. She started moaning in extreme pleasure which her husband was giving. They were having less time that’s why he quickly stood up and removed his jeans with his boxer hastily. Without any warning, he shoved into her after pinning her both hands against the desk. Their desperation was showing that how much they loved each other.


After their quick make out. Jay was standing behind Mahi. He was closing the zip of her gown.

“What to do Mahi, I never get satisfied. I want to love you every moment”. He whispered, nuzzling her hair from behind, his hands were wrapped around her stomach. She laughed, turning toward him.

“Mr. Pati Dev, But first it is important to eat lunch on time. Then only , you can able to love me.” She made him sit on the chair. She started opening the lunch box. He was just smiling, looking at her.

“Jay..” she shouted as he yanked her by holding her hands and she directly fell down over his lap. They looked into each other eyes deeply.

“You are very naughty.” She said and tried to get up from his lap. But he didn’t let her get up and like a small baby, he asked her to feed him like this only. She shook her head in disbelief and then started feeding him.


Whole day Sid didn’t get time to call her again, but his mind was only thinking about her. Her joke was still making him anxious. On the other hand, Sana was reading novel and thinking about Sid, having smile on her face. She was constantly checking her phone after every five minute. She was desperately waiting for his call and his message. Her desperation was clearly showing that she was getting habitual of talking to him. He was becoming a important part of her life unknowingly.

As her phone beeped up, her eyes glinted with excitement and she picked up her phone from table, but her face turned pale, reading the message ‘I won’t let this marriage happened at any cost. Because you are mine’

“I just hope that by marrying Sid, I’m not doing anything wrong.” She thought, closing her eyes dejectedly. She doubted her decision of getting marry became she didn’t put his life in danger.


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