(Part : 10 A) {Sidnaaz} Love Story


Day 2

After talking to Sidharth last night, Sana was sleeping till late in the morning. His dad again came to check her and got to know the reason that why started waking up late daily. He walked into the room and closed the door carefully so that it would not disturb his princess’s sleep. He strolled toward her, looking at her sleeping princess with so much love in his eyes. He covered her with the blanket properly. He picked up her phone which was kept near her ear. He saw in the phone that from 10 hours Sana was talking to Sidharth. He understood that they both had slept last night while talking to each other and forgot to cut the call even. He smiled, cutting the call.

“Thank god, my princess started coming close to Sidharth. I am sure that he and his family will take care of my little princess in best way. By seeing their nature, I’m sure that they will always support my daughter. Now I can peacefully die because i know after me someone is there to take care of her better than me.” Ram thought, looking at Sana. He leaned down and pecked her forehead after caressing it. He sauntered out of the room last time looking at her.


Sid woke up, having smile on his face because he was just thinking about their conversation which had continued till late night. On the other side, Sana also woke up, smiling like him, she was recalling about their conversation. Both picked up their phone and at the same time, they sent ‘good morning’ to each other. They smiled broadly after seeing each other message.

“Wow same timing. This is amazing.” Sid instantly sent the message, having smile on his face. Sana chuckled and sent the smiley emoji in reply.

Then they talked to each other for few minutes. He told her that he was having night shoot and he couldn’t able to talk to her at night. He was sad that he couldn’t able to talk to her. But Sana made him happy, saying that they could talk in his break time. Then they both went to take bath. Sana was smiling all the time while taking shower and thinking about him. Her smile was the evidence that she was falling in love with him too.

She came outside, wearing black jeans and pink Kurti. She was looking super pretty. Before combing her hair, she checked his message on her phone. Her first job had became to check her phone after every few minutes. When she was just about to put the phone on table, her phone beeped up. She excitedly see the phone and smiled widely seeing his message.

“Don’t you get tired, Sana ? How do you do this ? I am seriously shocked.” She became shocked as she read his message. She was staring at the phone screen, narrowing her eyebrows.

“What happened?” She worriedly sent him the message. His message really made her worried and shocked.

“I mean, you are not leaving my mind for a single second. My mind is just thinking about you. So now tell me. Don’t you get tired of revolving in my mind ? “She first sighed, reading his message and then shook his head in utter disbelief. Then she smiled because same was happening with her too that her mind was also just thinking about him.

“Sidharth, I’m getting late. We will talk later.” She was having no answer of his question that’s why she ended their conversation by sending him this message. He chuckled, reading her message and send laughing emoji in reply.


“Cabil Chahu, Musu wants to talt to Sid Chahu. Musu ith (is) mithing ( missing) him a..lot..” Muskan said walking inside Cabir’s room because she was missing Sid and wanted to talk to with him.

“Let’s just call him.” Cabir suggested, picking her in his arms and took her toward the bed. He made her sit on the bed. He called Sid and she  started jumping on the bed happily, clapping her hands.

Sid was sitting in his Vanity Van. His Hair Stylist was setting his hair. He was lost in her thoughts, staring at her Anklet which he had found before even meeting her. He had started to keep her Anklet in his pocket from the day he came to know that it was her Anklet. He badly wanted to see her.

He came out of his thoughts as his phone rang up. He put the Anklet in his pocket and then picked up the phone from table. He asked in gesture to his stylist to go outside, placing the phone on his ear.

“How are you my brother? I’ll talk to you later, first Musu will talk to you.” Cabir said and gave the phone to Muskan because she was jumping on him, trying to  snatch the phone from his hand. She was going crazy.

“Chahu, Musu ith mithing you. When will you come?” She spoke, holding the phone with her both hands. Sid smiled broadly as he heard her sweet voice. He felt like to hug her tightly when he heard her voice.

“Chahu is also missing his Musu a lot. As soon as Chahu’s work is over, he’ll come to meet Musu after taking the first flight.” Sid told her, having smile on his face.

“But Musu wants to meet chahu now.” She demanded and made sad pout.

“Aww.. my baby. Chahu have a solution of your problem. We will do a video call when Chahu gets free. So do you like the idea?” Sid asked after giving her great idea.

“Chahu, vely glate idea. Musu loves you a lot. You always make Musu happy. Okay Chahu, bye. Musu ith going to watch her favoulate cartoon.” Saying this, she gave back the phone to Cabir before Sid could say something. Then she rushed out of his room. Like every kids Muskan also used to remain in a hurry for everything.

“Do you really missing us or you only missing our would be bhabhi urf your would be wife ?” Cabir said to tease Sid. Sid shook his head listening his words because he didn’t leave any chance to tease him.

“Tell me one thing Cabir, how do you every time find something to tease your brother?” Sid asked, getting up from the chair. He himself started setting his hair , looking in the mirror. Cabir laughed, listening to his words.


“Sorry jaan, today I can’t come in the afternoon for lunch. I have lots of work to do.” Mahi made a sad pout, reading Jay’s message. She had prepared his hubby’s favourite food and she became disappointed when she came to know that he wouldn’t able to come. She was in a habit to have lunch with her hubby.

“Idea. If he can’t come for lunch today, but I can go to his office with the lunch.” She thought, having smile on her face. She instantly went to select dress for herself. She was super excited to surprise Jay by visiting to his office.

“This is perfect.” She murmured after picking up the black full length gown which was given by Jay only to her on their fifth marriage anniversary.


Sana was in the Art gallery and she was only thinking about Sid. She was trying a lot to concentrate on making painting, but she couldn’t. There was knock on the door and she came out from her thoughts.

“Didi, that man again came.” Shekar told Sana, having fear in his voice. She instantly understood that who had come to meet her. She blinked her eyes in response and they both walked outside. The person whom she used to hate. He was standing, having smirk on his face. He was a complete psycho and obsessed with Sana. He was behind her from two years. Sana glared at him angrily and he grinned at her. In gesture, she asked Shekar to go outside and he went after glancing at her for the last time, leaving Sana alone with him.

“Don’t.” the person was about to touch her hand, but before he could Sana stopped him by showing her hand. Her voice was filled with anger and her eyes were spitting fire.

“Baby, Why are you getting marry? I thought you love me and you are just angry with me. Why this marriage?” That person said coming close to her face. Sana chuckled angrily, looking at him.

“How many times, I need to tell you that I hate you. You don’t deserve to be loved by anyone. I am marrying because it’s my life. I can do anything.” Sana yelled on him angrily.

“Got your Answer, now just leave.” She shrieked in anger, pushing him at the door.

“I love you Sana and you’re mine. I won’t let anybody snatch you from me.” That person pinned her against the wall. Sana gave him disgusting look.

“I will marry him and show you that I’m not yours. Oops whom i am talking to the brainless creature. Who has no mind. You are psycho.” She scowled at him.

“Now will you leave or should I call the cops again, Aman?” She tried to threaten him and he chuckled.

“Trying to make me scare but this won’t work. Now you listen to me. I won’t let this marriage happen. You will only marry to me. Nobody can snatch you from me. Just wait and watch.” Saying this, he left leaving a worried Sana behind him. She slumped down on floor in shock. Shekar came and made her drink the water. She was not worried for herself, she was worried for Sid and his family. She didn’t want that they would get hurt because of her.

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