(Part : 8b) {Sidnaaz} Love Story


Mahi was making Muskan sleep, but she was showing tantrums. She was lying, hugging her mother. Jay was going crazy because he wanted to sleep after getting good night kiss from his wife, but his daughter was not ready to sleep. He made a sad pout, looking at Mahi.

“Aww, poor baby.” Mahi mouthed, looking at Jay. He looked at her pleadingly . Through his eyes, he was requesting her to make Muskan sleep fast.

“Musu, now sleep baby or else else police will take you and lock you up in the jail.” Mahi tried the best way to make her daughter sleep.

“Really mumma ?” She asked, looking at her mother, having fear in her innocent eyes. Mahi nodded her head positively. She hugged her mother tighter and then with in few minutes, she fell asleep. Mahi looked at Jay and found him looking at her, having salacious smile on his face.

“Great job Mrs. Shukla.” Jay praised her, getting impressed with her wife. Mahi grinned at her, listening to his words.

“Now it’s your turn to do your job, Mr. Shukla.” She winked at him. He instantly understood about which job she was talking about.

“Come fast.” He got up after this and went to washroom after last time glancing at her.

Mahi carefully came out from her daughter arms and made her sleep with teddy. She covering her with blanket properly, rushed to washroom after kissing her princess’s forehead. As she stepped into the washroom, Jay slammed her lips with his lips after pinning her both hands against the wall, above her head. Their kiss was showing their desperation and also showing that how crazily they loved each other.


Sid was sitting in lounge and waiting for announcement of his flight.

“Hi.” He sent the message to Sana on Instagram, hoping to get her reply.

“Hi.” His lips drawn up into a broad smiled, getting her instant reply.

“Still you haven’t boarded your flight.” He got her another message with in few second.

“Flight has been one hour delayed.” He replied back immediately.

“So I am here to pass your time, don’t worry.” He smiled broadly after reading her next message. Her message showed him that she was getting comfortable with him and this thing was making him super happy.

They talked to each other for half an hour about each other likes and dislikes. Then Sid asked her to send all the photos to him which kids had taken in the Art gallery. Sana opened the photos in her phone gallery. She got lost seeing the photo of her and Sid. The photo had been clicked when she fell over his lap. In that photo, they both were gazing into each other eyes deeply. They were looking so beautiful together. A beautiful smile spread across her face and her eyes shimmered, seeing that photo.

“What happened? Send me the photos.” she came on the earth back as his another message popped up on the screen. He was getting desperate to see his photos with Sana.

After taking a deep breath, she sent him all the photos. Sid started seeing them and like her, he also got lost in that same photo. Now he understood that why she had taken so much time in sending the photos to him.

“Beautiful.” this word escaped out of his mouth automatically, seeing that photo of them.

“We are looking so perfect together, like made for each other.” He murmured, zooming in that photo.

“All photos are beautiful and specially that one.” He sent the message, having smile on his face. Sana also smiled, reading his message.

“I will message you after reaching at Delhi.” He sent the message to her when his flight name was announced. She sent him the smiley emoji in response. He stood up, having smile on his face and went to board his flight. He could talk to her for 24/7 hours.

Keeping her phone on the side table, she tried to sleep but couldn’t because of Sid. She thought to read novel . She sat back and started reading novel. She smiled like a fool , thinking about Sid. On the other side , Sid was smiling, seeing their photo, sitting in the plane.

After 2 hours, the plane landed at Delhi Airport.

“Slept?”Sid messaged Sana, coming out from the Airport. Expecting that she would be sleeping.

“No.” As she replied instantly, he stopped for a moment and rubbed his eyes, making himself believe that he was not dreaming. He was feeling that she didn’t sleep because she was waiting for his message.

“You should sleep now. It’s too late.” He messaged her, sitting into the cab which he had already booked in advance.

“I don’t know why, but I’m not feeling sleepy”Sana messaged him. He chuckled, reading her message because same was happening with him too since the day he met her.

“Okay. So, we will talk until you won’t fall asleep.” He sent her the message, having constant smile on his face.

“No, you should sleep. Tomorrow you will be having lot of work to do.” She liked his idea, but she sent the message, thinking about him which showed that she cared for him.

“Okay. So, we’ll talk until I fall sleep.” She smiled after reading his message.

“Okay.” He smiled, reading her message. He was happy because she agreed.


Sid called her after getting fresh. He was standing in the balcony of his room and staring at the sty full of stars. On the other side, Sana was sitting at the window and staring at the stars too. She was waiting for his phone call. Her phone which she was holding in her hand, started ringing. She instantly picked up without seeing the caller id, having smile on her face. But as she heard the voice of the person from the other side of phone, her face became pale. She instantly cut the call and tossed the phone on floor in anger.

When Sid called her. He became confused, thinking that with whom she would be talking at late night because her number was coming busy. He didn’t call her again, thinking that maybe she would have slept. Then he came back to the room and lay on the bed. He fell asleep, seeing their photos.

“Should I tell Sid about him?”She asked this question from herself, lying on bed.


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