(Part : 44) Inseparable Souls


Sana was sitting in front of mirror in red beautiful bridal lehenga, having a big smile on her face. She was looking so beautiful and prefect in that bridal lehenga. She was blushing remembering about their hot Private Haldi. She was tired after their haldi encounter, but in her mind she was still thinking about their first night after marriage. She was excited. She was madly in love with him. She didn’t even for once think about Aman, Sid did a magic on her and made her utterly forget about the bloody bastard Aman. This shows how strong their love was. 

She heard the sound of opening of door and turned happily expecting Sid on the door. But she opened her eyes widely in shock finding Aman on the door. He locked the door and she gave him angry glares.

“I told you, I won’t let you marry him. So I am here to kidnap you.” He smirked at her, stepping toward her, holding the injection. Sana was looking at the injection, having fear in her eyes.

“This injection will make you sleep for few hours and then you will wake up somewhere else. First my plan was to prove you crazy in front of your beloved Sidharth, so that he would drop the idea of marrying a crazy girl, but he loves my baby doll truly.” He snickered and moved his hand to touch her face, but she jerked away his hand.

“Still so much of attitude, this is what I like the most about you.” He said, looking at her having lust in his eyes, she was looking at him disgustingly.

He suddenly seized her hands. “I have no time to waste now.”

“Leave me, you bloody bastard.” Sana shouted, trying to push him away.

“Sidharth.” She called love of her life loudly when he was just about to inject the needle into her arm.

Then only the door opened and Sidharth marched into the room. Sana smiled proudly, seeing him. First he gave her a small smile and moved his eyes at Aman, his eyes filled with anger.

“Oh my god, even I’m hallucinating Aman too, Sana.” Sid pulled him away from Sana first and then pinned him against the wall by holding the collars of his shirt. Aman was in a shock seeing Sid.

Noor, Abhi, Cabir and Sana’s parent came there. They all glanced at Aman disgustingly and rushed to Sana.

“Shock laga ki mujhe kese pata laga ki tum real ho.” Sid asked and everyone were also shocked that how he came to know, Sana was not hallucinating Aman. Even Sana didn’t know about this.

“I was sure that she was not hallucinating you because a person hallucinates when he or she is scared or in depression, but my angel was absolutely fine then how could she hallucinates you. That’s why I went on terrace and I found the piece of paper, through which you called her on the terrace. Then I became sure, you are playing a game with all of us.” Sana was smiling happily, seeing that how much he trusted her.

Sid started taking his all anger out on him by punching him. “First you hurt my angel badly and then again you tried to hurt her. The person like you have no right to live.” He was roaring at him and hitting him nonstop. Nobody was stopping him because that person really deserve to die.

“Sana take this gun and shoot him. He deserves to die.” Sid took out the gun from his pocket and asked her to shoot him. Sana walked toward him and took the gun from his hand. She pointed the gun at Aman who was lying injured on the floor. Sana was glaring him angrily, recalling all his torture.

“Please, forgive me.” He begged for forgiveness, having fear in his eyes because he was afraid to die.

“I know he deserves to die, but how can we make our hands dirty by killing him. Sid, I think we should send him to the prison for lifetime and we should torture him till his last breath.” Sana uttered, looking at everyone and all nodded their head, agreeing to her.

“Don’t think that we would again send you in jail because we know police also helped you, but this time no one will help you, you will get what you deserve.” She roared, glaring at him.

Sid was smiling proudly, looking at her. He loved the way how she always fought for herself and how strong his angel was. She angrily kicked him many time. Then Abhi and Cabir went to bring rope and chain to tie him up.

Sid embraced her and kissed her forehead lovingly. “I am proud of you my angel.” He whispered in low voice in her ear.

“You’re my strength, Sid.” She smiled at him fondly. Finally they fought this battle also by staying together and proved god that they loved each other truly.


Pandit was enchanting the Mantra, Sidnaaz were taking the vows of marriage from their heart that they would always support each other. Everybody were showering the rose petal on them, having smile on their faces. Then he filled the middle of hairline with the vermilion and tied the mangalsutra around her neck.

“From now, you both are husband and wife.” As Pandit declared, Sidnaaz looked at each other, having a blissful smile on their face became finally their love won over the all problems and finally they got tied up in the new relationship. They officially became one, now they would be called as husband wife, but would always remain inseparable souls.


Sana was waiting for Sid, standing at the window. She was staring at the sky full of stars. The room was decorated with red roses and illuminated with candles light. She smiled, hearing the sound of his footsteps. He snaked his arms around her and rested his chin over her shoulder, his stubble rubbed against her cheek.

“You know, you shine brighter than all of the stars which are in sky, my wifey.” I complimented her, she smiled broadly when he called her his wife.

“I love you a lot.” He placed the kiss on her cheek.

She turned toward him. “I love you too.” He confessed back, clasping his face. There was utter silence and both were beaming at each other happily.

Abruptly he lifted her up in his arms. “You’re my wife now and I want to make our this night special.” He whispered, gazing into her eyes and she smiled at him. He placed her on bed and gently kissed her forehead. He pulled out his sherwani, crawled on the bed and straddled her, coming over her.

He pulled out her nose ring and unpinned the dupatta from her hair, gazing in her eyes lovingly. He removed her all jewellery carefully and gently, only leaving the nuptial chain around her neck. After that one by one, slowly he removed every piece of cloth, his eyes didn’t move away from her beautiful face which was glowing more after becoming his wife. He was kissing every inch of her body, pouring his all love in those kisses. He was directly touching her soul with those kisses and making her his forever and ever. After every kiss he was whispering ‘I love you’ against her skin. She was just enjoying the heavenly touch of him.

He stood up to remove his lower. “Now lie down on your front because I want to love your back now.” He asked her to turn over her front before again coming above her. She smiled blissfully at him before turning on her front. He kissed every inch of her leg, hips and back lovingly, whispering ‘I love you’ against her skin. “We make love every day, but tonight, we will just feel each other body and do nothing because I want to make our this night special and different.” He whispered in her ear from behind. She turned her face at him. “Hope you won’t mind.”

“Only your presence is enough for me. I think, it’s a wonderful idea. Today I’ll sleep wearing you over my body instead of blanket.” He smiled after listening to her words and gently kissed her lips, pouring his all love. She lay down on her side and he hugged her, pulling her closer to himself. She closed her eyes, holding his hand firmly. She was feeling so good to be in his arms. She was feeling like he was the part of her body which couldn’t be separated from her. They fell asleep peacefully, hugging each other souls. They were inseparable who share their souls together.

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