(Part : 3) {Sidnaaz} Love Story


As Ram sauntered out of room, Sana slumped down on the bed with the thud, holding her head. She was feeling like to bang her head on the wall. Then only her phone started ringing which was kept on the table and she came out of her thoughts. She strolled to pick up the call and looked at the phone, narrowing her eyebrows in confusion after seeing the unknown number.

“Hello.” She answered the call after placing the phone over her ear.

“Miss Shehnaaz, I hope you remember me.” She instantly understood that Sid was the person on the other side after listening to his voice.

“You must be thinking that why i said yes to you, right?” He asked.

“Yes.” She instantly answered.

She frowned as she heard his laugh.

“I was right, he is really a big psycho.” She thought and shook her head.

“First, I want to tell you that you are a great actor. You did a perfect acting to show me that how bad you are and you just want my money. I must say, good job, Miss Shehnaaz.” She became more confused after listening to his words.

“How he came to know that I was acting?” She wondered bemusedly.

“If you want the answer of your questions, then meet me tonight at eight o’clock at the same place and this time I want to meet the real you, please.” He requested and his request made her more confused.

“Can’t we meet now?” She asked because she was going crazy to get her answers.

“Sure, if you want we can meet now, I don’t have any problem.” He agreed instantly.

She stood up from the bed and sauntered out of the room after hanging her sling bag over her shoulder.

“Don’t forget, I want to meet the real you.” He again reminded her.

She paused for a moment and then replied . “Okay.” She hang up.


She stopped her car in front of the restaurant and climbed out of it hurriedly. She found him waiting for her, standing outside of the restaurant. She exhaled deeply before strolling at him.

“So you came.” He said as his eyes fell on her. She just nodded her head at him. “So let’s go.”

They both sauntered into the restaurant. He like a gentleman pulled out the chair for her and she settled down after glancing at him for once.

“Red rose for the beautiful girl.” He complimented her, forwarding the red rose in front of her after sitting down in front of her. She took the rose, looking at him confusingly. His acts were making her feel like she was his girlfriend and somewhere his acts were making her fall in love with him.

“I am sorry.” He looked at her confusingly as suddenly she apologised.

“Why sorry ?”He asked, looking at her confusingly.

“Sorry, because I lied to you in the morning.” She finally spoke the truth, realising her mistake. Seeing his nature, her heart melted, she listened to her heart this time. She decided to give a chance to him, that’s why she wanted to clear everything between them.

“Why you lied?” He asked, resting his hand on the table.

She glanced at his hand first and moved her eyes at him. She sighed deeply before speaking. “I lied because I don’t trust you.” she told him the truth and then before she could say something more, Sid spoke, cutting her words.

“Because I am rich and I am a famous singer, right?” As he asked, she gave him a slight nod and then moved her eyes down on the table.

“But how do you know ?” She asked, looking up at him because she was confused that how he came to know about all this.

“First, let me just clear everything about me then I’ll tell you, how do I come to know.” He said, she remained silent, looking down at her hands.

“Miss shehnaaz, every rich person is not like the way you think. I am not saying that what you think that is completely wrong. I am just saying that what you think about me and my family is completely wrong. We love each other and we respect each other, money is nothing in front of our love. I really want a girl for me who will love us more than our money. I want her to be a good human being. I don’t care if she would love me less, I just want her to love and respect my family wholeheartedly.” He told her everything what he wanted and in this they both didn’t come to know when his hand held her hand.

“And I know, you are the one, who fits in my wish list and who is perfect for me and for my family.” She was shocked that why he thought that she was perfect for him and his family.

“How can you be so sure that I’m the one who is perfect for you and your family?” She asked instantly to clear her doubt, staring at him in confusion. Then his eyes moved down at their hands. She also looked at their hands and instantly withdrew her hand.

“When in the morning, you were talking to waiter, I heard both of your conversation, I came back for my wallet which I’d left on the table.” Finally he told her and cleared her confusion.

“For this I thanked god too because god saved me from losing the thing which is more precious than any diamond.” His words shocked her. She felt something in heart when he said those words. There was utter silence between them for few minutes and in those few minutes, their eyes were talking to each other.

“Sana, when I heard your conversation with waiter, I was shocked. I couldn’t able to believe on my ears. Your words touched my heart and it also made me believe that you are the only girl, whom I had been searching since two years. I hated marriage and all, because I thought that I would never find a girl who will love me and respect me more than my money, but luckily today I found you. Yes, you’re what I wanted.” He told her everything which was going in his heart at that moment.

Sana was in a shock, she was confused too that what was happening with her. Her mind was still not ready to trust him completely.

“When you are telling me everything then I also want to tell you sometime.” She spoke in serious tone. He gave her a slight nod, asking her to say.

“May be, Sidharth, you are made for me, but for now, I just can’t trust you. I mean that I can’t trust anybody in just a one meet, in a one day.” She also told him what she was feeling. She was relieved too after saying this to him. He smiled at her because he was happy that at least she shared the real problem with him, but he didn’t know that it wasn’t the real problem.

“I am understanding you completely, Shehnaaz. I’m not forcing you for anything, you can take your time. Before marriage we will know each other and then only we’ll get marry, just give a chance to me and I promise you, I will never make you regret for your decision.” He promised her, holding her hand. She felt like a electric current passed down her spine as he held her hand, that’s why she instantly took away her hand.

“I’m not asking you to marry me tomorrow, so just chill.” He chuckled on his own words.

He said this to make her feel comfortable because he was noticing that she was tensed and also she wasn’t comfortable. Then he got a mini heart attack.

Her lips curved up into a smile after listening to his words. He found her smile so beautiful and pretty like an angel is smiling in front of him. Her smile touched his heart and he kept her smile in his heart and that time, he promised to himself that he would never let her smile fades away and keep her smile safe in his heart always.

“Beautiful.” This word automatically escaped out of his mouth, seeing her smile.

“What ?” She narrowed her eyebrows in confusion.

“Your precious smile.” He whispered, still lost in thinking about her smile, she automatically smiled again, moving her eyelashes down. She was driving him crazy just with her smile.

He came back to his senses when her phone started ringing which was kept on table.

“Hello.” She answered the phone call after placing it over her ear.

” Sana, where you went suddenly without informing me ?” Her dad asked worriedly.

“Dad, it was an emergency, I am just coming back, I know you must be feeling hungry, that’s why you called me.” She answered him, having smile on her face.

Sid was lost in admiring her when she was talking to her father.

“I would reach there in fifteen minutes dad, now bye.” saying this, she cut the call. She looked at Sid and caught him staring at her.

“I am sorry, I have to go. Dad want me at home because it is his stomach call and I have to prepare dinner.” She told him smilingly. He also smiled, listening to her words.

As she stood up from chair and he also stood up instantly. “You don’t need be sorry and I will drop you at home.”

“I have my car, thank you.” She denied him politely with the smile, finally she started behaving like a real Sana with him.

His lips drawn down. “Oh, okay.” He uttered, getting disappointed because he wanted to spend some more time with her but his bad luck, she had her car.

“Then we can walk outside together.” As he suggested, having a sweet smile on his face, she nodded at him. Then they strolled out of the restaurant.

“Bye” after sitting in the car, Sana said looking at him through the window of the car when he was lost gazing at her.

He leaned down. “I want to tell you something very important, Shehnaaz.” He said, coming close to her.

“What ?” She asked instantly.

“I don’t want to lose a girl like you, Shehnaaz.” He whispered and after that there was complete silence for a few seconds, in those few second, their eyes were talking to each other.

“Bye.” Sid bid her bye. Then she went driving her car. He saw her car going away from him. She was doing a magic on him.

“Hope to see you soon, Shehnaaz.” He murmured, having smile on his handsome face.

“I don’t know what magic she is doing on me, I am attracting toward her more and more. Today for first the time, I have seen her and can’t able to forget her beautiful face. Her face is again and again coming in front my eyes. Thank god dad found her or else I would have never met her. I know, she is the girl whom my heart had been searching since so long.” He was lost in thinking about her standing outside the restaurant, smiling like an idiot.

“She has gone.” As he heard a male voice, he came out of his thoughts. He was shocked to find Cabir at the restaurant.

“What are you doing here?” He asked, raising his eyebrows at him.

“When you left the house without informing anyone, I found something fishy and I followed you and then” Cabir told him. Sid was giving angry glares.

“Seriously bhai, from now only you have started to meet her chupke chupke.” Cabir teased him.

“Cabir, stop it, okay.” Sid warned him.

“I have just started bhai and you are asking me to stop, by the way I must say, my bhabhi is very beautiful.” As He said, Sid lips drawn up into smile because Cabir’s word again brought Sana’s beautiful face in front of his eyes.

“Oh my god, in a one meet that girl did a magic on you. This is a big news, I need to tell this to everyone” Seeing his smile, Cabir shouted and dashed from there.

“Cabir, wait.” Sid rushed behind him, but he didn’t listen. 

“Now Cabir will tell this to everyone that I came here to meet Shehnaaz again and then I have to answer their questions that why I came again to meet her.” He thought, sitting in his car.


When Sid stepped into his home and as he had expected, Cabir was telling everything to everyone. They all were sitting in the hall and listening to Cabir carefully. Sid took a deep breath and lumbered toward them.

“So how was your second meet with her.” As Mahi asked, strolling at him, Sid smiled, looking down thinking about her.

“Omg, you are blushing.” Mahi teased him and everybody burst into laughter as they looked at his smiling face. Now Sid was just trying not to smile like an idiot.

“I want to meet that girl who did a magic on my son in just a one day.” Neyonika said looking at Sid who was still smiling.

“I also want to meet her” Mukti squealed excitedly.

“Musu bhi.” As Muskan said this, everybody laughed on her words.

“Don’t worry, tomorrow we all are going to meet her.” When Raj told this, everyone smiled broadly. Sid was super happy to know about this because he got a chance to meet her again.

“Daadu, will you take.. musu with yolself (yourself).” Muskan asked cutely in her sweet language and looking at him with her innocent eyes. As always listening to her words, everybody laughed.

“How can we go without you, sweetheart.” Raj replied to her lovingly, caressing her cheek.

“Mumma daddy, Musu want a new dless (dress) fol(for)  tomolow (tomorrow).” After this her cute demand came up.

“Princess, no new dress, you have already lots of dresses in your cupboard which you haven’t even wear.” Mahi denied strictly and she pouted cutely at her.

“Daddy.” She cried looking at Jay.

“Don’t worry princess, daddy will bring a new dress for you.” As Jay said, she rushed at him happily.

“Jay, you are spoiling her”Mahi scolded him.

” Mumma, i am daddy’s plincess (Princess).” She showed her tongue to her mother and hugged her daddy.

“My princess.” Jay kissed her forehead and winked at Mahi. Everybody were laughing holding their stomach seeing the funny movie live in front of their eyes, there was only a bucket full of popcorns was missing.


At night, Sana was lying on the bed, thinking about her meet with Sid. She was smiling thinking about him.

“May be I was wrong about Sid, I didn’t find anything wrong with his behaviour. In fact his nature is very good. Dad was right, every rich person is not same. Sidharth is different, I should give him a chance. So tomorrow I am going to meet his family. Dad told me about his family member, his family is big. With this marriage my dream of having a huge family will also be get fulfilled. Hope so everything goes well tomorrow.” Finally she got ready to give a chance to this marriage after putting her all doubts on side, but still somewhere her heart was not ready to trust him.

Before sleeping, she opened her Instagram account. She was surprised to find 10k notifications. She instantly opened the notifications and started scrolling down. There were new 5k followers and at the last, she came to know the reason of getting new followers. The reason was that the Rockstar Sidharth Shukla had started following her.

“I got 5k followers with his one follow, what would happen when he will post picture with me.” She wondered like an idiot. She opened his account for the first time in her life and smiled broadly, seeing his profile and immediately followed him back. Already 20m people were following him on Instagram.

She opened his first picture, he posted that picture few hours ago only.

“When I think about you, I smile like an idiot.” She chuckled reading his status because she knew he smiles like an idiot thinking about her. She opened the comment box, in most of the comments, people were asking about her. She was sure that he put this status for her.

“Girls are seriously crazy for him.” She shook her head in disbelief. One thing she didn’t know that so many girls were crazy for him, but he was crazy for only a one girl and that girl, she was herself. She was smiling, seeing his pictures.

“Hi” When she was busy in stalking his profile, she received his message. She instantly replied him back hi with a smiley emoji.

“so busy in checking my profile.” She blushed mechanically after reading his next message.

“I must say, you are very popular, you have a huge fan following, girls are crazy for you.”

She sent the message, having smile on her face.

“And i am crazy for you.” She was surprised to read his this message.

“Why?”She replied him back instantly.

“Because you are special.” She smiled, reading his message.

“So are you ready to meet my family , tomorrow.” She received his next message.

“Little nervous.” She sent the message after taking a deep breath.

“Don’t worry, my family will not take any test of you. I am sure that they would praise you.” She smiled mechanically after reading his message.

“Good night, I’m feeling sleepy.” She sent the last message.

“Good night, my would be wife.” She chuckled after reading his last message.

“He is crazy.” She murmured, thinking about him.

“He is crazy for you.” Her heart said to her and she chuckled.


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