(Part : 40) Inseparable Souls


In evening, Sid woke up naked in Sana’s arms. He looked at her, having so much love for her in his eyes. He moved near to her face and gently kissed her forehead after tucking her hair behind her ear which were coming over her eyes. Then he kissed her cheeks and nose lovingly, Sana lips curved up into a small smile in sleep, she could recognise his touch in sleep too. He too smiled, seeing her beautiful smile. He again lay back comfortably, taking her soft and fragile body in his arms and let her sleep.

“I don’t know, Shehnaaz, what is happening to you. Why suddenly you started hallucinating Aman? Everything was going so perfectly, but suddenly what happened to you, what is the reason of your hallucinations?” He wondered anxiously, gazing at his sleeping angel.

When Sana’d told him that she went to showroom and met Aman there, he trusted her. He consoled her lovingly and assured her that he is with her and would not let Aman come close to her. But when he shared this with Abhi and Noor, they called police station and asked about Aman and they got know , he was still in jail. After knowing this, all three of them became shocked and hell worried for Sana. They decided that they would not tell her about her hallucinations because they didn’t want to make her more upset.

When Sid was lost in his thoughts, Sana woke up, having smile on her face. She was not looking scared now, Sid’s love as always like a magic took away her all fear.

“Mr. Perfect, where are you lost ?” Listening her words, he came out of his thoughts.

“I was lost in you, my love.” He answered her, coming close to her face and then without wasting any single second, he captured her lips and kissed her until they both became breathless. After breaking the kiss, they gazed into each other eyes, having so much love in them, they were panting.

They came out from their dream world as Sana’s phone rang up. Sid stood up from bed after last time sucking her lips lovingly. He started wearing his clothes after giving her phone from the table.

“Sana baby, let me remind you, today is your Mehndi, where you are ? Don’t you want to get ready.” Noor scolded her as she picked up the phone.

“Chill bhabhi, I’m just coming.” saying this, she cut the phone and smiled, glancing at Sid. He also looked back at her and gave her small smile. She opened her arms wide, indirectly asking him to hug her. He chuckled softly. He sat on bed and embraced her in his protective arms. They got lost in each other arms, forgetting about everything.


Sana got ready in beautiful green saree for Mehndi function. The blouse of her saree was off shoulder. She was looking so pretty as always.

Sid sauntered into Sana’s room. As his eyes fell on her, his heart stopped beating for a moment after seeing her beautiful angel.

She smiled, looking at him through mirror and chuckled when she found him lost looking at her. She turned and strolled to him, having pretty smile on her face, he was gazing at her like an idiot, opening his mouth.

She closed his mouth with her hand after reaching at him. “Close your mouth Mr. Perfect or else mosquito will enter inside.” He came out of her beauty as she said.

He looked around and rubbed her nape sheepishly. She giggled, placing her hands over her mouth, seeing her Majnu Sidharth. He again got lost in her beautiful laugh.

When she noticed him gazing at her, having so much love in his eyes, she stopped laughing and she also got lost, looking into his eyes. There was utter silent for few minutes, just their eyes were talking to each other.

“You’re beautiful angel who came here on the earth, just for me.” He whispered, moving close to her face, she smiled broadly, listening to his words. He clasped her hands and gently kissed them after leaning down. Then he placed a soft kiss on he temple, She closed her eyes in response, smiling blissfully and contentedly .

Sid was also not looking less than Sana, he was  as always looking hot in cream colour sherwani.

“Mr. Perfect, we are already late for Mehndi function, so this time romance after party because I don’t want to be get scolded by bhabhi again.” She said and placed her hand on her lips when he was coming close to her lips by clasping her face. He made a sad pout, but he was looking damn adorable.

“So cute.” Sana compliment him, pulling his cheeks and he made faces.

“I just can’t wait to rip your this saree.” He whispered huskily, looking at her. She blushed, moving her eyelashes down after listening his words. His words were enough to turn on her.

“There is a surprise for you.” As he uttered, her eyes glinted with excitement.

“Now, you are making me excited Mr. Perfect.” She grinned at him, he grinned back at her.


The hall was decorated beautifully for Mehndi function. Few girls were dancing and few girls were applying Mehndi.

“What design you want Mam”. A girl asked from Sana before applying the Mehndi .

“Sidharth.” She called Sid who was standing with Cabir and Abhi. He glanced at her and in gesture she asked him to come toward her. He gave her slight nod and sauntered at her.

“What happened Angel?” He leaned down and kissed her cheek.

“Would you please help me in choosing the design of my Mehndi.” She requested lovingly and the girl was going crazy seeing their love.

Then Sid selected the design for her. The girl started applying Mehndi and Sidnaaz again got lost looking into each other eyes.

“Mam, where do you want me to write your would be husband name.” The girl asked from Sana after few minutes.

“Don’t need to write his name, mehndi ka kya hai voh toh thodhai din mein hat jaegi, his name has already written on my heart permanently which will be never removed, so why the need of mendhi.” She answered, gazing at him. He got dumbstruck after listening to her words and they again got lost into each other eyes.

Noor had prepared a dance performance.  The light became dim and she started dancing on the song ‘Mehndi hai Rachne wali’

Sana was enjoying the dance performance and he was busy admiring his angel. “Bsh kar mere bhai , khi meri dhost ko teri hi najar na lag jae.” Cabir teased him and he glared at him angrily.

Then only Sana came running toward him, she was sweating badly and looking terrified. Sid and Cabir got hell worried after seeing her condition. Noor also stopped dancing as she noticed Sana’s condition.

Her lips were trembling because of fear. “Sidharth, Aa-Aman is here.” She stammered, clutching Sid’s sherwani. Listening her words, Noor gave helpless looks to Abhi. Sid was numb after seeing condition. He became utterly blank.

He sighed deeply to compose himself before consoling her.

“Where Angel?” He asked after clasping her face.

“There.” She pointed her finger at the girls who were dancing behind Noor, covering their faces with veil.

“I am with you, Angel, you trust me, right?” He asked, coming close to her face, she nodded her head, having tears in her eyes.

Sid felt like crying seeing her condition, he wasn’t understanding what he should do because he knew that she was hallucinating because Aman couldn’t come here because he was in jail.

He clasped her hand and led her toward the girls and removing the veil checked everyone faces and all were girls.

“Sid, I saw him, trust me, he was standing behind Bhabhi in the veil.” She started crying now, looking at him.

“I trust you, Angel, we’ll find him.” He reassured her, wiping her tear with his thumbs while she was continuously crying badly. All were disheartened, seeing Sana’s condition.

“Sh.., I’m with you baby. I will never let him hurt you again, just trust me.” He assured her after taking her into his arms without caring that how many people were seeing them. He was constantly kissing her head. She started crying more badly, hiding her face in his chest. Sid felt extreme pain in his heart after listening her cry. Few tears trickled down his cheeks mechanically. Noor placed hand on Sid’s shoulder and squeezed it slightly to assure him that she is with him. Sid looked at Noor helplessly, having so much pain his eyes. He was feeling so helpless seeing her condition.


Love Mehak

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