(Part : 38) Inseparable Souls


After running from the engagement hall, Sana locked herself in the room. All were banging the door and asking her to open the door, but she was not opening.

“Angel, for me please open the door, you are making me scared, please open the door.”Sid literally begged from Sana to open the door. Her this sudden act made him shocked and worried for her. Everything was fine in all this month, but he didn’t understand what happened to her all of sudden. He wasn’t understanding anything.

“Sid here is the spare key of this room.” Abhi  gave the spare key of the room to Sid. He hurriedly inserted the key and unlocked the door. He rushed into the room after opening the door.

“I think, we should leave Sidharth and Sana alone for some time, only he can handle her, we should wait outside.”Cabir suggested and all agreed with him.

Inside the room, Sana was crying hugging her knees near to her chest, she was sitting on the floor beside the bed. Sid’s heart broke down, seeing her condition, but he made himself strong because he thought, if he become weak seeing her tears then who would handle her, that’s why he pursed his lips to control his emotions. He sauntered at her. He knelt down in front of her. As placed his hand over her hand, Sana instantly looked up at him, having pain in her eyes. Tears were constantly trickling down from her cheeks . Closing his eyes, he composed himself.

“Baby, what happened to you ? Please share with me, I am with you, you’re not alone.” He placed her hand on her cheek and gently wiped her tears with his thumb. She cried, making sound, looking at him. He pursed his lips to control himself from crying. His heart was breaking, seeing love of his life in pain. Only he knew, how he was controlling his tears.

“I don’t know, Sidharth, why-why I’m becoming weak now. I know, you’re with me, you wouldn’t let anything happen to me. It just that- that song scared me like hell, I-I felt like-like he was there, like he was seeing me from far away.” Her voice was shaking and she stammering, “Tonight was very special for us and my fear spoiled everything. I-I spoiled everything. I don’t know why I’m becoming weak.” She was telling him everything while crying badly. She was in extreme pain and it was clearly visible. Sidharth was not understanding what he should do. He had never seen her that much helpless before, she was his strong girl.

“Baby relax, you didn’t spoil anything and you are not weak. What had happened with you in past, it is not something which is easy to forget, but still you stood strong, always. It just that things related to past making you scared because whatever you faced in past, it is not easy to forget, are you understanding, what i am saying?” He asked, clasping her face, looking into her eyes. He was trying his best to explain her that whatever was happening with her, it was normal.

“But, why this is happening now, Sidharth. I wanted to make each and every moment of our wedding special, but my fear is spoiling everything. I came here without completing our engagement, why this happening now?” She cried, hiding her face in his chest and her hands clutched his blazer tightly. Sidharth instantly wrapped his hands around her and hugged her tightly. Tears which he was controlling till now, finally found their way and dropped down from his eyes to his cheeks, listening to her painful cry. He let her cry for some time, but his heart was breaking into millions of pieces, he wanted to take away her all pain.

After few minutes, he wiped his tears and broke the hug.

“Angel, every moment which I spend with you is special for me, even this moment also. With you, every pain is also beautiful for me. Please, stop thinking that you are spoiling our special moment, until you are with me , everything is special for me. Every moment of my life is special with you, my angel.” He whispered, gazing in her eyes, having so much love in them. Shehnaaz got lost in his eyes and in his words. His words touched her soul and worked like a magic on her. She calmed down instantly.

“You are right, until we are together, every moment which we are spending together is special and beautiful. I was so stupid that I was thinking that because of my fear I’ve spoiling our special wedding function. Thank you for making me realise that I was thinking wrong.” She happily spoke, placing her hand on his face, having a small smile on her face because she was feeling better and also she was not scared.

Sid also smiled slightly at her and kissed her forehead. “You’re are my angel and you look beautiful with smile, tears are not made for you.” As he said lovingly, she smiled broadly looking at him.

“I love you, thank for coming into my life.” She thanked hims after hugging him tightly, wrapping her hands around his neck. He embraced her, having blissful smile on his face.

“I love you too, my angel. He confessed happily, she snuggled in his arms like a baby.

“I promise you, Sana that I’ll surely take out all your fear like you took me out from my pain.” He promised to her in his mind, having determination in his eyes to take out her fear.


All guests and others were sitting silently in party hall and waiting for Sid to bring back Sana. Guest stood up to leave the hall, but stopped as they saw Sidnaaz coming downstairs, holding each other hands firmly, having beautiful smile on their faces as like nothing had happened. Noor happily hugged Abhi after seeing their smiling faces. Sidharth was best choice of Sana. They both sauntered toward them smilingly.

“You scared us, Sana, but thank god, now you’re fine.” Noor sighed with relief, hugging her tightly. Sana hugged her back, having smile on her face. She murmured sorry to her and then they broke the hug. After that Sana’s mother also hugged her. Sidharth was just smiling, seeing his angel fine.

“Kya hogya tha meri jhansi ki rani ko.” Cabir asked, sauntering toward her, Sana chuckled listening to his words.

“Your jhansi ki rani is fine now, Cabir.” Sana replied, having smile on her face. He hugged her back smilingly.

After that Sana slid the ring on Sid’s finger, gazing into his eyes and completed their incomplete engagement. She kissed his knuckles, mouthing ‘I love you’ to him. Both smiled at each other lovingly. He embraced her and kissed her head, she snuggled in his arms, grinning. Photographer were capturing their beautiful moment. Sidnaaz were extremely happy after getting engaged.

Noor and Abhi gave a special dance performance on song “tum hi ho” and took Sidnaaz on the dance floor too. Sidharth twirled her gently, lifting her up slightly from behind by wrapping his one arm around her waist. After placing her down, he whirled her around, holding her finger. He danced with her, pulling her closer to himself and gazing in her eyes.

The song ended, but our sidnaaz were still staring deeply into each other eyes, forgetting about the people whose eyes were on them. Sid was standing, pulling her closer to himself by holding her waist, Sana’s hands were over his chest. Everyone were witnessing their true love which were clearly visible in their eyes. They came on the earth back as all clapped their hands. Sana moved her big eyelashes down and blushed moving little away from him. Sid was just smiling at her happily. He loved her a lot.

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