(Part : 18) The Professor And His Princess


I called Anu at three o’clock in the night to clear my confusion that I’m really in love with Mr. Stranger or all this is happening with me because I’m talking to him regularly. I’m puzzled.

Fuck, what is happening to me?

She answered my call in second time. “What happened, Nandu? Is everything all right?” She asked in sleepy tone, but sounding concerned.

“Nothing is alright, Anu.” I cried.

“What happened, tell me?” She asked concernedly.

“I want-want to know something.” I stammered a bit, biting my nails.

“What?” She instantly asked.

I sighed, closing my eyes and asked. “What is love?”

She freaked out. “You’ve called me at this time to know what is love, are you-“ She paused for few seconds. “Don’t tell me you’re in love with somebody.” She asked, getting excited because she has been waiting for me to fall in love since long time.

“First, tell me what I’m asking from you, Anu, please.” I literally begged because I want to clear my confusion because I’m going crazy. I’m feeling like I’m losing my mind.

“Look, feeling of love is not so complicated. If you truly love somebody from your heart, his happiness matters to you a lot. His each and every word affects you a lot. You can’t stop thinking about that person. You feel out of the world when you’re with him. You heartbeat become fast when he comes near you. You can do anything for his happiness-“

“I think, I’m in love, Anu.” I uttered suddenly.

Yes, I think I’m really in love because whatever she’s saying, it is happening same with me. From the day one, Mr. Stranger’s happiness matter to me, his words really affect me a lot, I just can’t stop thinking about him, I feel so happy from inside when I talk to him, and today I felt his presence and my heart was racing because he was near me. I’m really in love with him. Oh god, now what I’ll do?

“Nandu, first let me complete my words. Don’t come to conclusion.”

“Okay.” I sighed and whispered.

“By the way, Is that person is Mr. Stranger?” She asked.

“Yes and that’s why I’m worried. He don’t even want to meet me and here I fell in love with him.” My eyebrows creased and lips drawn down. It is too complicated.

I’d been waiting to experience love since so long. Lekin ab pyaar hua bhi toh kise hua, Mr. Stranger se, who neither wants to meet me, nor wants to reveal his identity. I fell in love with the person whom I never met and never even seen his face.

Is it possible to fall in love like this?

Is this really love?

Oh god, I’m so confused.

“Relax and listen to me attentively. Look Nandu, these all the synonyms of love which I’ve told you now are similar to love which we feel for our friends and family too. I’m your friend and you love me a lot, you can do anything for my happiness and you feel good when you talk to me. It’s true that you love Mr. stranger, but maybe just like friends love each other, like us, like you love your family, and obviously if you talk to him all the time then you would surely end up thinking about him all the time. Give some time to yourself, Nandu and I advice you to talk less to him for few days. Try to understand and make yourself sure that you really love him or not like that way. When you start talking to him less, so maybe he would also realise that he loves you too. If he truly loves you, he would surely realise this, your ignorance wold surely make him realise, and you too would realise. I hope, you’re understanding me.” She explained me. I completely understood her.

“You’re right, I should give some time to myself to clear my mind.” I utterly agreeing to her.

“Now don’t think too much and sleep.”

“I love you, good night.”

“I love you too, Nandu.” As she hung up, I kept my phone on the table.

Anu is right, time would surely clear my confusion and If Mr. Stranger also loves me, then he would also realise.

But how would I ignore Mr. Stranger? Ignoring someone is so difficult for me. It kills deep inside when somebody ignores you and how will I ignore Mr. Stranger after knowing this.

But, I’ve to do this.

I have to do this to clear my confusion and his confusion too. Perhaps he would also as confused as I’m. Maybe he would, I’m not sure.

If I keep thinking about him, I would surely lose my mind very soon.

I couldn’t able to sleep properly whole night. I was waking up after every half an hour, soaked with sweat. I was only thinking that I’m really in love or not.

Next morning

I’m standing under the shower, the warm water is cascading down my body and relaxing my body, but the inner me is not at peace. Today, I ignored his morning message. I’m not feeling good after doing this.

I know if I keep thinking about him, I would go crazy, but after knowing this too, I still can’t able to stop myself from thinking about him and wondering that if I love him or not, and he loves me or not.

I think, I should keep myself busy for few days otherwise I would lose my mind because I’m overthinking now and it is really harmful to think too much about something. It is destructive and mentally draining. I know about this because I’ve gone through it before.


“You aren’t looking fine. Is everything all right, bacha?” Dad asked me concernedly when I sauntered into the kitchen after taking the shower. I’m really looking like I’m exhausted.

“I’m fine, dad. It just that I slept late at night because I was doing assignment.” I lied to him because I don’t want to increase his tension by telling him about my confused feelings.

He placed his hand over my face. “It is not a good habit to do work at night and sleep late. Sleep on time.” I gave him a slight nod, he leaned down and placed a kiss on my forehead.


One Day passed away of me ignoring Mr. Stranger. He sent me few messages and called me twice, firstly in the morning and then in the evening. I’m craving to talk to him. Only I know how I’m controlling myself from not answering his calls and messages. I’m sure he would be worried for me because if he had done this with me, I would’ve gone crazy worrying about him.

I thought to give him a reply so that he stops worrying for me.

Mr. Stranger : Hey, good morning, princess .

Mr. Stranger : Where are you? Is everything alight? Why aren’t you picking up my calls and replying to my messages?

Mr. Stranger : You’re making me anxious. Please, reply.

Mr. Stranger : At least tell me what happened? You’re scaring me.

Mr. Stranger : It’s enough. Tell me what happened.

I dejectedly closed my eyes after reading his messages. He is really worried for me.

Is it really necessary to ignore him ?

I sighed and started typing the message.

Nandini : I’m sorry. I was busy with the college assignments. I’ll talk to you to tomorrow. Now I’m sleeping because I’m Wrecked.

As I sent the message, he came online like he was waiting for my reply. I’m feeling extremely sad to ignore him intentionally.

Mr. Stranger : Thank god, you replied. I became so worried for you. I really hope, you’re really fine and you’re not lying to me.

I sighed deeply.

Nandini : I’m fine, Mr. Stranger. I’m sorry again.

Mr. Stranger : It’s Okay. Now sleep and good night. Don’t forget to call me in the morning.

Nandini : Good night, bye.

Mr. Stranger : Bye, take care.

I felt a urge to talk to him and tell him everything, but I controlled myself. I kept the phone on side table and tried to sleep after closing my eyes, lying on my side, keeping my hands beneath my head.


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    Anu is right she should ignore Mr. Stranger for few days and see is she feels the same as now or is she misjudging her feeling for Mr. Stranger but its earlier saying then to be done next day also she was thinking about him…
    Mr. Stranger was really worried about nandu which was seen when he replied to the text nandu had send…
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