(Part : 26) Inseparable Souls


The person seeing whom Sid got shocked, he was Abhimanyu Gill, Shehnaaz’s brother, but now the question was, how Sid knew Abhimanyu. What his connection with Sana’s brother?

Abhi was striding toward him, glaring at him in anger. Sid was just looking at him shockingly without even blinking his eyes.

“Hello, Mr. Shukla.” He said curtly, glaring at him. Sid moved his eyes down and closed his eyes as like he was remembering something.

“You played so well, Sidharth, even this time too.” As he said, sidharth instantly moved his eyes at him and looked at him bemusedly.

“Don’t you hurt us enough before in past that now you’ve come back again in our life to hurt us even more ?” Abhi asked furiously, having hatred for Sid in his eyes. Sid shut his eyes dejectedly.

“How dare you trap my sister in your fake love?” Abhi roared at Sid in anger after grabbing his collars. Sid looked at him widening his eyes in shock after knowing that Shehnaaz was his sister. He didn’t know this.

“Wha-what are you saying?” He asked, looking at him incredulously.

“Don’t act innocent in front of me, Sidharth, as if you don’t know that Shehnaaz is my sister.” He growled at Sid, his eyes were spitting fire.

“I know, it was all your plan to make my sister fall in love with you.” Abhi was accusing him, he was just nodding his constantly. “so, that you can use her to fulfil your physical desires and needs.” Abhi left his collars and gave him disgusting look.

” I love Shehnaaz, Abhi. Please, stop it.” Sidharth pleaded, his voice was filled with pain. He was hurt because Abhi said that he was using Sana for her physical needs. It was utterly wrong. She was an angel for him who’d given him a new life. He fell in love with her pure soul, not with her body. He just wanted her to take him out from the darkness. He loved her truly and unconditionally.

“Love-“ Abhi chuckled, glaring at him furiously. “Do you even know the meaning of love, Sidharth? You’re a bastard and you can’t fool me again like you’d fooled me in past. You’d broken me completely. Now I know the real you, you’re just a bloody person who needs girl for their physical needs.” Abhi roared at him in fury. Sid closed his eyes dejectedly and pursed his lips, his words were hurting him deep inside and making him remember about the past which he was trying to forget.

“You’ve used my sister enough and now I don’t want to see you near her again and If I see you near her, then I’ll kill you with my own hands without any fear.” Abhi words were clearly showing that how much he hated Sid. Sid was quiet and it was clearly showing that he was at fault somewhere that’s why he was letting him to accuse him.

“Abhi, please, don’t do this. It was bad past, we both love each other truly now, please don’t bring our past in between our love.” Sid begged, joining his hand in front Abhi. His acts were clearly showing that how much pain he was in and how much he loved Shehnaaz. Abhi was still glaring at him angrily.

“Just Stop your acting, Sidharth, please for god sake, by your acting you fooled me and my sister enough, but you can’t fool us anymore because now we know your reality. Yes, she came to know the truth of you, the reality of you that what you are and what you had done in past. When I told her the truth about you, she completely broke down and now she hates you.” The floor slipped down beneath his feet, listening that Sana started hating him. She didn’t trust him. It was unbelievable for him.

“This can’t be the truth, she can’t hate me, she loves me, she trust me. She can’t hate me.” He shook his head in disbelief and took few step backward in a shock. His heart was not ready to believe that his angel hated him and didn’t trust him.

“It will be better for you, if you don’t interfere in our life and specially don’t come near my Sister.” Abhi warned him and dashed out of the room, slamming the door after last time glancing at him in anger.

Sidharth slumped down on floor with a thud and started crying mechanically. Abhi’s words were ringing in his mind constantly that Sana started hating him after knowing his past. He was utterly shattered after knowing that his angel hates him. He was feeling like his world is collapsing down in front of his eyes. He never felt this pain before which he was feeling after knowing that love of his life started hating him. He never in his dream thought that she would hate him. He started to see so many beautiful dreams with her but today his all dream broke down badly. “No she can’t hate me, my angel loves me.” He screamed loudly, his voice was filled with extreme pain.

“Sir, why I won’t trust you? I’ve been seeing that how much you respect girl since day one. The person who without thinking about himself for once even, he saved a girl’s life, the girl who was a stranger to him. Then how can I believe on that news? One news can’t change the image of you which you have formed in my mind. You’re a great person and you can’t hide this truth from me anymore.” Her words echoed in his ear, the words which had made him strong and confident that she would always trust him, she would never distrust him like others did in his past.  The words which had forced him to fall in love with her deeply.

“Sidharth” As he heard his angel’s voice, he instantly looked at the door from where he heard her voice. He looked at her like a small baby, having hope in his eyes. Sana was sauntering toward him, gazing at him.

“Shehnaaz, Abhi-he-he was saying that-that you hate me after knowing the truth.” He stood up instantly and asked, crying miserably.

“And you believed him?” She asked, looking at him in disbelief. He became quiet for a second and moved down his eyes in shame.

“Sidharth, why didn’t you again trust our love? Why didn’t you again trust me? Isn’t our love is strong? Don’t I deserve to be get trusted ?” She questioned him, tears trickling down her cheeks, Sid instantly nodded his head.

“No Sidharth, you don’t love me truly, you trust other more than us. You trusted my brother, not me.” She cried, looking at him dejectedly. He was looking at her, having guilt in his eyes because he didn’t trust her again.

“Shehnaaz, I really love you, it’s just that I-“ As he lifted his hand to hold her face, she stopped him, showing her hand. “If you love me truly than you have to prove me now.” She said in serious tone and he looked at her confusingly.

“How ?” He instantly asked and she smiled faintly, her smile made him more confused.

And next moment she disappeared. He realised that he was imagining her, she didn’t come to meet him after Abhi left the house. He stood there still with so many things going in his mind and tears rolling down his cheek. He was not understanding what was the truth and what was the lie.

I know , you all must be shocked but don’t worry everything will be revealed slowly slowly.

How do find the update?

After listening Abhi’s word, What do you think, what Sid had done in his past ?

What do you think, Sana really has started hating Sid ?

Will Sid trust Sana or Not ?

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