(Part : 9) Inseparable Souls


“But I don’t believe on this news, sir because I know, how much you respect girls, I’ve seen through my own eyes. I trust you, sir. I know, you can’t do this. There’s misunderstanding.” When the dreadful past memories were haunting Sid, Sana’s words echoed in his ear like soothing music. He instantly stood up in a shock, now her words were echoing in his ear constantly and the voices from his past which were haunting him few minutes back, now those voices vanished away like smoke in the air, Sana’s words did some magic on him and calmed him down. “She said she trusts me, she trusts me.” He murmured repeatedly like a mad person. His acts were clearly showing that he suffered a lot in his past , he was in extreme pain which he’d been hiding behind his anger since a long time.

He stared down from the window and found Sana stepping out of the office. He hurriedly rushed out the cabin after opening the door of his cabin. Office staff stared at him, widening their eyes in shock when they saw him, running toward the lift like he was running to save his life. He pressed the button after reaching there.” Damn it.” He hit his bleeding hand over the lift’s door as he saw the lift was going down. He instantly bustled toward the staircase. He was rushing downstairs, panting and sweating. He stopped in the middle, bent down and kept his hands over his knees to catch his breath back. He again rushed downstairs after few seconds only. “I’ve to catch her.” Only these words were ringing in his head. As he stepped out of the office, his eyes started searching for angel of his heart.

He sighed with relief as he found her, standing little far away from him, facing her back to him. “Sheh..” He was about to call her, but stopped and rushed toward her. When he reached there, he grasped her arm and turned her toward himself with in a swift of motion, she stared at him incredulously. Next moment, he just hugged her so tightly, throwing his arms around her. She froze as he suddenly hugged her. She was utterly shocked, she wasn’t expecting this while he found solace after so many years of sufferings in Sana’s arms.

Sana’s P.O.V.

I was sauntering on the road aimlessly, thinking about him. His words were echoing in my ear. How can he call himself monster? What he thinks, if he behaves like this with me and I would believe that he’s monster. No, he’s thinking completely wrong because I’m not gonna believe that he’s monster, my Sid can never be monster, I know him and I trust him. When I was engrossed in talking with myself, suddenly somebody turned me around after grabbing my hand. I’m shocked to find sir in front of my eyes. Next moment, he just pulled me into his protective arms and I froze for a second. It is like my dream comes true. Feeling his arms around myself, it was my dream which I’d been seeing since past few days, it’s unbelievable but so amazing. His arms are like my heaven.

“One second, Am I dreaming with my open eyes or I’m really in his arms? Please, somebody pinch me.” I murmured to myself because I am not able to believe that he hugged me because few minutes ago, he was shouting at me and he’d even pushed me out of his cabin and now he hugged me, I’m utterly shocked.

“You trust me?” His next words made me believe that he is in real and I’m not dreaming. He said like he’s questioning me that do I trust him.

“I trust you, sir. I’d never trusted anybody before as much as I trust you. I have utter faith in you.” I whispered each and every word through the core of my heart. Yes, I trust him a lot because I’ve seen the good in him. I know people will call me crazy for trusting somebody so much, but I don’t care because I love him. If falling in love with somebody is a mistake, then I’m ready to repeat this mistake again and again because falling in love is a so beautiful feeling.

As I hugged him back, wrapping my arms around him, he pulled me closer to himself and hugged me tighter like he wants to bury me into his arms because he never wants me to leave him, never, I can feel this through this hug. Don’t worry, Mr. Shukla, Shehnaaz will never leave you. If you also ask me to leave you then too I won’t leave you, that much I love you, and it feels like heaven being in the arms of the person whom you love. Really, his arms are like my heaven, the safest place where I want to live forever and ever. It feels like home.

But what he did next, I felt extreme pain in my heart. He started whimpering like a small baby. Next moment, the atmosphere changed and rain droplets started cascading down over us, making our clothes wet. It’s like the god was also shedding tears with him. It seems like he’s crying after so many years. After seeing him crying like this, I’m feeling my heart is breaking down into million of pieces. I want to console him because I can’t see him in agony, but I also know that I’ve to let him cry as much as he wants because his pain is needed to be come out. I don’t know, since how many days or maybe years, he has been hiding his pain behind his anger, but I know one thing that from now I won’t let him do this anymore because I’ll be always there for him whenever he needs somebody shoulder to cry. He’s not alone anymore. Sir, you’re not alone because Sana will be always with you till her last breath, I promise you.

I’ve decided one thing more that I’ll never ask him about his past, if his past gives him pain and tears, I’ll never make him think about his past. Whenever he feels comfortable to share his pain and past with me then I’ll be there with him but for now no more pain. For now my main motive is to bring smile on his face and to bring back happiness into his life, to bring back light into his dark world.

He has been crying in my arms like a small baby and I’ve been crying with him from inside, caressing his back from ten minutes. We got drenched in rain utterly. “Sir, I’m with you, please stop crying now.” I implored because now I can’t see him crying like this anymore. He instantly broke the hug after listening to my words. His eyes has become red because of crying so much nonstop. Oh, my poor baby. I can’t see him like this. I suddenly felt a urge to kiss his eyes, I wanted to take away all his pain.

We are staring into each other eyes intensely. “Are you fine, sir?” l asked suddenly, breaking the silence because at this time nothing is coming in my mind, but I know, he’s not fine.

“Better than before.” He whispered, still staring at me. “I’m sorry.” He suddenly apologised making me shocked because Mr. Rude Shukla is saying sorry to me, it’s unbelievable. “For this.” As I raised my eyebrows, he answered, pointing his forefinger at my minor wound which he had given me on forehead.

“Oh, I forgot about this long back ago.” I murmured, touching my wound. “aaha..” I flinched in pain when my fingers came in contact with my wound. It still hurts but it doesn’t matter because what he did next, it took my breath away from me and for this I can bear any pain. He leaned down and place a tender kiss over my wound. I closed my eyes instantly to feel his touch, smiling blissfully. I’m content to feel the touch of his lips on my skin. For his this kiss, I’m ready to give myself so many more wounds all over my whole body because then I can able to feel his lips all over my body because it feels so damn good. I can’t express this feeling in words. He’s stroking my wound with his thumb, having guilt and concern in his eyes. My heartbeat is accelerating and my breath is becoming heavy because he’s standing so close to me and his hot breath is touching my skin. I stared at him lovingly, having a blissful smile on my face. He’s being so caring, tender and loving and I’m so glad to see this of him. I can’t believe that he’s that same rude Shukla but I’m happy.

“Sir, it’s okay. It is not hurting that much now and don’t feel guilty. I know you haven’t done this intentionally, you were out of your control at that time, you weren’t in your senses.” I uttered, breaking the silence. He stared at me for a second incredulously and then closed his eyes.

“I am sorry.” As now I apologised, he instantly opened his eyes and looked at me bemusedly, having no clue that why I’m apologising to him. “I am sorry that I spiked your drink, I shouldn’t have done that.” I told him the reason, feeling guilty.

He gave me thoughtful looks after listening my words. “Somebody has said the truth that whatever happens, happens for our goodness.” He uttered after a moment. Yup, if I hadn’t spiked his drink then he would have never cried in my arms. Now I’m happy that I decided to spike his drink.

“Sorry.” I sneezed two times and apologised and he stared at me worriedly. He’s so caring, I love him. “Actually sir, whenever I get drenched in rain, I catch cold.” I told him and sneezed one more time, covering my mouth with my hand. “Same with me.” He sneezed and said. I smiled broadly after knowing this.

“Your smile is so pretty, do you know that?” I widened my eyes in shock as he complimented me for the first time. Omg, I’m dead. The rude Sidharth Shukla is complimenting me, can you believe it?

“I think, you should go home and change or else you will catch severe cold.” He uttered after clearing his throat looking everywhere but not at me. He’s shying and avoiding eyes-contact with me after complementing me, so cute. “Come let me drop you at home.” I nodded my head at him positively but suddenly denied, nodding my head negatively as something came into my mind.

“Sir, I’ll will go with the driver. You should also go and change, and don’t forget to bandage your hands.” He nodded his head as I said, but it’s so sad that I’ve lost the chance of going back home with him but his health is more important for me now.

“Take care, sir.” I smiled at him and bid the bye.

“You too take care and changed your clothes as soon as you reached home.” I nodded my head, grinned at him, seeing his caring nature. I loving him more.


She sauntered into her home, her eyes twinkling, her face glowing and a beautiful smile spreading across her face.This was her best day of life. She was completely lost in the thoughts of Sid.

“Sana, today you came so early from office. Why are you wet? Go and change or else you will catch cold.” She came on the earth as Abhi said.

“Bhai, today I’m so happy, so happy.” She squealed delightfully, hugging him. He hugged her back, smiling. “Oops, I’m so sorry bhai, I’ve made you wet.” She apologised as they broke the hug.

He smiled. “My cute sister, don’t be sorry and I’m happy, seeing you happy after so many days.”He clasped her face and she smiled, showing him all her teeth. “Won’t you share with me the reason of your happiness?” He asked, raising his eyebrows. She nodded her head positively.

“Off course bhai, I’ll share with you but when the right time will come then. Bash aap itna jaan li jiye, bhut jalad mere sare khuwab pure hone wale.” She grinned and he was just smiling, seeing his baby sister happy.

“Keep smiling like this always.” He placed a kiss on her forehead. “now go and change fast.” She was just about to go, but he stopped her after holding her hand. “Wait, what happened to you?” He asked worriedly pointing his finger at her forehead.

“Nothing bhai, I just slipped down. It’s not paining, don’t worry.” She blinked her eyes in assurance, putting her hand over her brother’s face.

“Be careful Sana, please.” He requested.

“Aww.. bhai, I love you so much and I promise you, I’ll be very very careful from the next time.” She placed a kiss over her brother’s cheek and chuckled. She stood up and strolled toward her room.

She stepped into her room and after tossing her bag on the bed, she started jumping on the bed joyfully like a small baby.

“Teddy, today i am so happy” As she became tired, she lay down over the bed on her stomach, keeping her teddy in front of her eyes. Her teddy was her best friend, she used to share everything with him.

“You know, for the first time, that Rude Shukla talked to me politely and he hugged me, he cried in my arms, he kissed me , he complimented me. Haye, today is very very special day of my life.” She hugged her teddy close to her heart, grinning. She wanted to hug Sid like this. She was going crazy with the happiness.

“Now it’s my duty to bring back happiness into his life. He made the things little easy for me today by putting his rudeness on side. Today, I finally come to know that I’m not fallen in love with the Alien.” She giggled, looking adorable. She was not aware that this day was going to become most memorable day of her life.

She was standing in front of the mirror in the blue off shoulder top and blank jeans. She was caressing her forehead and thinking that how he was caressing her wound and how he’d kissed her forehead. Then she smiled broadly, touching her smiling lips, thinking about how he complimented her. “The feeling of love is so beautiful, I never knew this before.” She flushed, gazing at herself in the mirror.


Sana rushed into Sid’s cabin, having beautiful smile on her face. “I was waiting for you only.” Her smile grew bigger after listening to his words.

“We have to go for a meeting in Pune.” Her lips drawn down as he told her about the meeting to her. “What he was waiting for me because of the meeting. Poor me, I thought he was missing me and that’s why he was waiting for me.” She pouted sadly.

“Let’s go.” As he uttered, she came out of her thoughts. She nodded her head at him meekly, but he stared at her wound on forehead. “Sir..” He shushed her, putting his forefinger over her lips. Both stared into each other silently for few seconds. He clasped her wrist and led her toward the sofa. She shivered and she felt like her breath got struck in her throat as he put his hands over her bare shoulder to make her sit down on the sofa. She got her breath back as he finally removed his hands from her shoulders after making her sit down. “Sit down here quietly for a minute.” As he ordered her, she meekly nodded her head, putting her finger over her lips. He shook his head in disbelief, staring at her.

He strode toward his desk and she stared at him, narrowing her eyebrows. “Now what I have done that he gave me punishment of sitting quiet. Yes, sitting quiet is very big punishment for the person like me who is a big chatter box.” She was so lost in talking with herself that she didn’t even realise when he came back and sat down beside her.

Sana’s heartbeat accelerated as he moved closer to her face. She could feel his hot breath, caressing her face. They both gazed into each other eyes fondly, forgetting about the rest of the world. Then he started applying the ointment on her wound carefully and also blowing the air over her wound. Sana was utterly lost in admiring him.

“Aaha..” As she suddenly hissed in pain, he apologised. “I’m so sorry, Shehnaaz.” He started blowing air on her wound. After seeing his care, her eyes became moist and she smiled wholeheartedly, forgetting about her pain.

“I’m glad that I fell in love with the person like you who cares for me so much and I know you also love me that’s why you care about me so much and very soon I’ll surely make you confess.” She promised to herself, staring at him when he was putting the bandage on her wound.

“Sir, can I ask you something?” She suddenly asked.

“You can ask if it is related to work.” She grimaced, looking so adorable. “Not again, Mr. Shukla”She muttered under her breath, looking down.

“You can also ask if it is not related to work.” She looked up at him instantly, raising her eyebrows in shock because for the first he permitted her to talk about something else instead of work.

“But Miss Shehnaaz, We’ve to leave for the meeting and there are some information which you should know before attending the meeting. So after the meeting, We’ll talk.” She smiled at him, nodding her head meekly as he told her.

“I am happy seeing him like this, like he is behaving like a normal human being but one thing is still missing that is his smile and now my first job is to make him smile.” She thought, staring at him when he was closing the lid of the first Aid box.

“Sir, you know, how perfectly you always handle the meeting. You’re my role model seriously.” She told him when they were sauntering out of the conference room after finishing the meeting.

“You’re not so less, Miss Shehnaaz.” She widened her eyes in shock as he praised her. “Two compliments by sir in one day. Hyee, I’m dead.” She got so lost in murmuring to herself that she didn’t even realised when he walked away from there. She searched fo him and sighed as she found him standing in front of lift. “Sir wait for me”. She rushed toward him.


It was late night when they were going back home. “Oh god, please make our car damage. I want to spend some more time with him.” When she was praying to god, he stopped the car abruptly.

“What happened?” She asked and her eyes glinted with the excitement.

“Don’t know.” He looked at her cluelessly and tried to start the car again, rolling the key. She was grinning joyfully because god had listened to her wish. “Wow, I mean , you fulfilled my wish so soon, badhi hi super fast service hai apki toh. Now I must say, god tussi great ho.” He climbed out of the car and she was going crazy with the happiness, sitting inside the car.


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