(Part : 8) Inseparable Souls


Sana’s P.O.V.

The phone slipped down from my hand because I was more shocked after reading the whole article. It was written that he was arrested for Molestation of his college teacher and he’d also spent one year jail. The news was unbelievable for me. I had never even in my dream also thought that he could do such crime. “No, the person like him, never do such things. My heart is saying that there’s surely something which is hidden behind this news. I know him, I know my Sid, he respects girl so much” I mumbled to myself, having full trust on him.

Whole night I spent in changing my position, I didn’t sleep for even a second. The news kept revolving in my mind whole night. I was thinking about news and also about his acts which were clearly showing that the news was fake. “He always hires a driver for the girl’s safety, he always fights from the world to give them justice, the person who didn’t think about himself for once even before saving a girl from those bastard then how can this be possible he himself did this. No, No, this is not the truth and anyhow I’ll find out the truth.” I climbed down from my bed and went to take shower.

“Wow, Sana, you’re so smart. This plan will surely work.” I praised myself, coming out of the bathroom, thinking about the plan, grinning.

“Please god, make this plan successful. I really want to know the truth. You know, I can’t die in suspense.” I prayed while spiking his black coffee. My plan is to make him spit the truth in drunk state.


“Sana, please, don’t be scared or else your plan will be get spoiled.” She mumbled to herself, standing at the door of his cabin. She took a deep breath and then stepped into his cabin after opening the door.

“Sir, yo, your coffee”She stammered, forwarding the cup of coffee in front of him, Sid was engrossed in reading a file. He moved his eyes up at her as he heard her sweet voice. He instantly understood that she was scared because there were beads of sweat on her forehead and he also noticed that her hands were shaking as he moved his down at her hand. Then he again looked up at her face warily, narrowing his eyebrows.

“Why he is staring at me like this?” She wondered, looking at him. “You idiot, you are sweating and your hands are shaking. Maybe he has a doubt on me.” She felt like to cry loudly at that moment because her plan was getting flop.

“Miss Shehnaaz, drink this coffee right now.” She widened her eyes as he ordered her in stern tone because he was dam sure that something is wrong with this coffee. He’s Sidharth Shukla, a very smart man.

“Please, god save me from this monster. If he gets to know that I’ve spiked his drink, he would burn me alive.” She prayed closing her eyes. He was noticing her each and every expression, looking at her warily.

“Me, sir.”She instantly asked opening her eyes.

“Yes, you miss Shehnaaz. ” He nodded his head and folded his hands around his chest, staring at her.

“You’re gone Sana, today.” She muttered under her breath.

“Sir, I don’t drink black coffee.” As she lied, he clenched his teeth in anger. She shut her eyes because she got scared.

“I said drink it.”She trembled on her place as he yelled. She intentionally threw the cup of coffee on floor. Sid stood up from his chair and glared at her like he would kill her with his looks.

“Please save me, please save me.” She constantly prayed, closing her eyes. She opened her eyes as he asked, glaring at her. “Did you spike my drink?”

She instantly nodded her head. “No, sir, why would I spike your drink ?” She tried to lie in front of Sidharth Shukla. He suddenly chuckled making her confused.

“I think, he was a detective in his previous birth that’s why he caught me immediately. If I knew about his this talent before, I would have never spiked his drink, not even in dream also.” She was staring at him, having fear in her innocent eyes.

“Stop lying, I’m not a fool, Shehnaaz. I’d noticed that your hands were shaking and when I asked you to drink the coffee, you intentionally threw the cup on floor.” She closed her eyes in disappointment after hearing his words. “Why he’s so smart?” She thought.

“Now, are you telling me the truth or not?” He asked while still looking at her dangerously.

“No, I won’t accept, he can’t prove me wrong because he has no proofs.” She thought and said with full confidence. “I haven’t spiked your drink.” She again dared to rise his anger with her lie.

“Stop lying , god dammit, Shehnaaz.”As he lost his temper and shouted, She flinched on her place. “Just tell me why did you spike my drink?” He asked, glaring at her.

“Because I wanted to know the truth.” Finally she spit out the truth but her words made him confused. He narrowed his eyebrows. “What truth?” He instantly asked from her. “Come on Shehnaaz, be brave and ask him because he himself was giving a chance to ask him.” She tried to encourage herself.

“Sir, Why you always wear the mask of monster? Why you don’t show the real face to the world? Why you pretend that your heart is made of stone? Sir, I’ve seen the real you, you’re a very good person from your heart but I don’t know why.. ” She was asking all the question which’d been bothering her since so many days but before she could complete her words, he suddenly shouted.

“I’m not pretending that i am Monster because i am Monster in real.” He grabbed her arms and pulled her toward himself, digging his nails into her arms and she hissed in pain. He was glaring at her, his eyes burning in anger.

She was staring in his dark eyes. “What he thinks, if he shouts on me, do such things with me and I will believe him then he’s thinking wrong because I don’t believe that he is monster.” Her faith on him was showing that how truly she loved him.

“No, sir, you’re not.” She tried to fight back. “Shut up.” He again yelled, making her shivered on her place. She was staring in his eyes, trying to see the truth in his eyes.

“No, today I won’t stop, not after knowing the news which I’d read yesterday.” She suddenly uttered and he narrowed his eyebrows in confusion.

“What news?” He asked, staring at her bemusedly.

“Should I ask him about the news or not?” she thought because she was scared. “Maybe I should because I can’t leave this chance.”

“That you’d assaulted your college teacher.” As she asked, putting her all fear on the side, he stared at her, widening his eyes after hearing her words. “But I don’t believe on this news, sir because I know, how much you respect girl, I’ve seen with my own eyes. I trust you, sir. I know, you can’t do this. There’s misunderstanding.” Her words were showing that how much he trusted him but he couldn’t able to see this because of his anger.

“Shut up.” He gripped her arms tighter and shouted after pinning her against the wall. “You don’t have any right to judge me.” She hissed in pain and tears trickled down her cheeks because his hold became tighter. He was hurting her in anger, but she was bearing his all anger just for him.

“I really want to know the truth because I know you’re not monster, you have a big heart, I just want to know that what is the reason of your rudeness and your anger?” She dared to question him and she’d to bear the consequences of it too.

“The news was right, yes I’d molested my college teacher and it’ll be good for you if you start believing that I’m a monster because I can do anything with you also.” He pushed her on floor in anger. She fell down and struck her forehead against the side of the table. She touched her forehead and saw her hand horrifyingly after seeing the blood on it.

Her lips were trembling because of the pain. “Why are you doing this with yourself, sir? What you’ll will get by doing this? What type of happiness you get by making others believe that you are Monster.” She asked in a disbelief after looking up at him, having tears in her eyes.

She wasn’t ready to take her step back, she wanted to know the truth at any cost because she had seen pain in his eyes and his pain was hurting her a lot because she loved him. The person whom you love truly, you can’t see them in any kind of pain, you can do anything for that person’s happiness. You can destroy your own life for that person whom you love.

“Just get lost from here, right now.” He clenched his fist and yelled, striking his hand onto the wall and his knuckles started bleeding. She palmed her mouth and looked at his hand, widening her eyes in horror.

She stammered. “Sir, your, your hand is bleeding.”She stood up and rushed toward him but before she could hold his hand, he gripped her arm tightly and gave her deadly looks. She stared at him, having lots of questions in her eyes. She was begging from him to tell the truth through her eyes.

“Sir, please don’t do this. I don’t want to go, I want to see you happy. If you don’t share your pain, the pain would increase more. Behaving rudely, hiding your pain behind your anger, it won’t help you, it will just increase your pain more. I want to help you, sir. Please, let give a one chance.” He was dragging her toward the door while she was trying to make him understand constantly. He pushed her out of the room and she stared into his dark eyes pleadingly. “Please, sir..” He slammed the door on her face and she flinched.

Her lips trembled and she cried miserably. “What should I do to make you believe that l trust you? I don’t believe that you’re monster, I just want to see you happy, I’m yearning to see smile on your face. It hurts a lot to see you in pain because I love you. I can’t see you like this, sir. I can’t.” She whispered and cried helplessly. She was in pain because the person whom she loved that person was not ready to open up with her. She was shedding tears, resting her head on the door, forgetting that she was standing outside of his cabin. She just wanted to see him happy. She wanted to help him.

“Aahaa…” Sid howled in anguish while picking up the chair. He hit it onto the glass table, the table broke down into many pieces. “Why you’ve brought my past back in front of me which I want to erase it from my life forever.” He screamed, punching his bleeding hand over the wall. His anger and pain in his eyes was clearly showing that his past was dreadful and he endured a lot of pain in his past.

“I’d never thought in my dream also that you would do this with me, you almost rape me.” ” I will never forgive you Sidharth, never.” “You’ve been dead for us from today.” “What type of person you are Sid, have any shame left in you.” “You deserve to die.” “You’ll never get happiness in your life.” “I want to kill you with my own hands.” “You’re a burden on this earth.” Many voices were echoing in his ear and making him crazy. He covered his ears with his both hand to stop the voices, slumping down on the floor in agony, but the voices were still making him crazy and next moment he started howling crazily. He needed somebody’s shoulder to cry. His condition was showing that he was in deep pain which needed to be taken out or else he would die one day because of the pain which he’d been hiding inside him since so many years, the pain was making him empty from inside.

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