(Part :6) Inseparable Souls


This was the WhatsApp office group chat shown by Akshay to Sid and Sana where all were abusing Sana by calling her bitch , slut and whore.

After seeing this, Sana became numb, she had never thought that behind her back, these rumours were spreading, few bastard were trying to prove her slut by doing her dirty editing and by spreading this false information. She was a strong girl but in this situation, she couldn’t able to control herself and a tear drop down from her eyes seeing all this shameful things. “Why they do this to me?” only this question was ringing in mind.

“Sir, this.” In this situation also, she tried to explain her boss who was staring at the phone screen in shock but before she could explain him, he stopped her by showing his hand, glaring at her. Akshay smiled evilly, thinking that Sid believed on this proof and even Sana was thinking the same, she was dejected.

“You don’t need to explain and don’t need to be worried because I know this picture is edited and I know what type of girl you are, Shehnaaz.” Sana stared at him incredulously as he said with full confidence indirectly that he trusted her. She was utterly shocked because she’d never thought that one day he would trust her like this . After seeing all the evidence which were against her, he believed her. This was unbelievable for her, she was staring at him disbelievingly and also having so much respect in her eyes for him. She was also relieved after seeing him supporting her because she knew that now he would handle everything, would make her prove innocent and would do justice with her by punishing those bastards.

Sid was fuming in anger seeing all this. He clenched his fist, how could someone spread rumours about a girl like this, he was just wondering this. He snatched the phone from Akshay’s hand, glaring at him and he threw the phone on floor in furry. The phone broke down into two pieces. He without wasting a single second punched Akshay and he fell down on floor.

“Sir, I’m sorry. I didn’t know that it was a false information.” Akshay stood up and cried, getting scared because he knew Sid would not leave him now that’s why he was begging for forgiveness. Sid and Sana were glaring at him, fuming in anger.

“Shehnaaz, slap him right now because he’s your culprit.” Sid ordered Sana, still glaring at Akshay like he would kill him with his looks only. His eyes were burning with anger. “Shehnaaz, slap him, it’s my order.” He stared at Sana and asked her again to slap Akshay after not getting any reply from her. He narrowed his eyes as she nodded her head negatively.

“Sir, I don’t want to make my hands dirty by slapping this bastard, he’s a monster and he’ll always remain Monster. I don’t want to waste my time on the monster like him.” Sana stared at Akshay disgustingly, he was now looking down in shame. “I only want to know on thing that what was my fault that they spread such rumours about me.” She uttered, looking at Sid. Her eyes brimmed with tears and she was on the verge of crying. She bit her lower lip to control herself from crying. Sid felt pain in his heart, seeing her condition. It was hurting him too, seeing her in this state.

He moved his eyes from Sana to Akshay. He slid his hand into his pocket and took the phone out swiftly, glaring at him. He called somebody. “I’m messaging you few names of employees, send them in the conference room right now” he hang up the call. “Write down the name of the boys who has spread this fake information and posted edited picture of her.” He gave his phone to Akshay, frowning at him. He took the phone from Sid’s hand and started typing the names of those bastards.

Sid’s expression changed as he moved his eyes from Akshay to Sana, who was already looking at him having so much respect in her eyes for him. She was still in a shock that how after seeing the evidence also he believed her. For few minutes, they stared into each other eyes intensely, forgetting everything. Sana’s innocent eyes which used to shine like stars everyday, they were filled with pain today. Sid was staring at her concernedly.

Sana’s P.O.V.

After reading the office group’s conversation and seeing my edited picture, I thought that nobody would believe me because the person who is behind all this, he perfectly did everything so that everyone would believe on him. But It shocked me that after seeing the proofs which were against me then also without even asking me for any explanation, Sir believed me. But who could do this to me? I hardly know anyone here, I never fought with anyone, What could be the reason? How could they spread such things about me? I’m puzzled.

On one side there’re men like Sidharth Sir and the other side there’re men like who did this to me. Such a huge difference, Sir is a person who respects girls, who has a golden heart, he never let anything wrong happened to anybody in front of his eyes and on the other hand men like Akshay, they are Monster who has heart made of stone, whose mind are filled with trash, who can do anything just for their fun, they just don’t care what is wrong and what is right. Why god why in this world, all men are not like Sir. How good it would be if all the people are like Sir in this world?

I don’t know what’s the reason of his rude behaviour, but today, he has stolen my heart. Yes, it’s true that I’m in love with him. I’ve been in love with him since the day I understood him and came to know that he doesn’t show his true face to the world, he wears a mask of Monster but in reality he’s Mr. Perfect and I’m in love with him. Now I understood that why I couldn’t able to hate him because it’s hard to hate someone once your heart starts loving them. Sir, now this Sana would bring happiness in your life. I’ll bring light into your dark world. Even I’m not afraid to step into your dark life to take you out from it. I just can’t wait to see smile on your handsome face. I love you and I’ll do anything for you.

Sana was standing lost in her thought, staring at Sid without blinking her eyes. He was sitting on the sofa, his eyes were closed and Akshay was standing, hanging his face down in shame. They all looked at the door as they heard knock on the door. Sid instantly stood up and rushed toward the door. He opened the door and glared at the both men who had spread this rumours about Sana. He started beating them in fury after pulling them inside by grabbing their collars. He was boiling in anger because the edited picture of Sana and messages were coming in his mind. His actions were clearly showing that how much angry he was at that moment, he wanted to kill each one of them with his own hands for doing this with a innocent girl like Sana. How could they spoil the image of her? What was the fault of that innocent soul?

“How dare you spread rumours about a innocent girl? Who has given you right to spoil a girl’s life? Have I appointed you in my office to do such things? How can you do such cheap editing of a girl? Are you so  shameful? Don’t you have mother or sisters in your house?” He roared, grabbing Varun’s collars while other man Rajat, he was lying on the floor unconscious. Sana was just looking at Sid, having respect in her eyes for him, her eyes were filled with love too.

“Sir, She’s lying, We..” before Varun could complete his words, he got an another punch from Sid. “Sir, this girl is a slut.” Rajat dared to said this in front of Sid who was already fuming in anger. His words rose Sana’s anger too, she glared at Rajat after moving her from Sid.

“Shut up.” Sid pushed Varun on floor and he rushed toward Rajat. Sid made him stand up, grabbing his collars but before he could say or do something, he stopped as Sana yelled, her voice tremble with out range. “nobody has given you right to call me that. First thing is that I’m not weak and you think by doing this, you can make me weak and make me cry then I’m sorry to inform you both that your plan got flopped because your these acts made me even more stronger than before. See your condition and see my condition. I’m still standing strong like before and you got what the people like you deserve.”  She took out all anger on them and her words were clearly showing that she was really a strong girl, nobody could break her easily.

“Thank you, sir for your support, I’m strong because of you only.” She thanked Sid in her mind. She was strong because of Sid’s support only. She was also thankful to him because when she was about to fall down, he caught her from falling down and picked her up.

“Dare if you lie again.” Sid warned them,  giving them deadly glares. “I want to hear the truth that what is the reason of your dirty plan? Why you both tried to spoil a girl’s life like this and that too in my office when I’ve warned every male employee here that I don’t want to hear any single complain of boys from any girl. I’ve also mentioned the punishment, if you’ve remembered what’d happened one year ago with the person who’d tried to pass bad comments about a girl.” He was trying to make them spit the truth by scaring them.

“Sir, please forgive us as one of our friend, Shruti asked us to do this.” Varun’s voice  trembled because of the fear. He was now getting scared from Sid’s punishment.

His words shocked Sana like hell because she’d never thought that behind all this, there would be a girl. ” How can a girl herself do such things with a other girl, when she knows the pain of being called as slut.” Sana muttered to herself dejectedly. Sid was not at all shocked because he knew the world is filled with cruel people like Shruti.

Sid glared at Varun and uttered. “Call that girl now. Ask her to come here and don’t dare to tell her that I’ve asked you to call her.” Varun’s hands were shaking because of the fear when he was taking out the phone slowly from his jeans pocket. “Do it fast.” Varun shivered on his place as Sid roared. He hurriedly called Shruti and asked her to come into conference room.

With in few minutes, the door opened and the master mind walked into the room. She raised her eyebrows in shock to see Sana and Sidharth. As her eyes fell on Varun and Rajat, she became horrified, seeing their condition. They were lying on the floor after badly beaten up by Sid. Sana strode twoard Shruti, her eyes burning with anger. “Why you did this with me?” As Sana asked, Shruti told the truth. “because I was jealous from you.”Sana looked her at bemusedly. “every year I used to win the title of employee of the year but in just a month, you snatched my this title and I just wanted that you should be thrown out of the office.” Sana lost her temper and slapped Shruti so hard that she fell down on the floor.

“How could you do this to me? Are you seriously a girl because i have a doubt? Just because you didn’t win the title this month and in jealousy you made this cheap plan to spoil my image. Don’t you know the feeling of when you called as a slut? It hurts a lot but I know it is waste of time to make understand the sick people like you, I just..” She became emotional and just rushed out of the room to cry because she couldn’t fall weak in front of the people who had done this just to hurt her.

On the other hand, Sid was just standing there still bemusedly, he wasn’t understanding, what was happening to him after seeing her in pain, why he wanted to go behind her, why he wanted to console her, why her pain was affecting him, why it was hurting him to her in pain. He suddenly felt a urge to go behind her and console her.

Now the biggest question was would he go behind her or not?

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