(Part : 4) Inseparable Souls


Sana’s P.O.V.

Today, the way sir fought with those bastard to save that girl, whom he didn’t even know without even thinking about himself for once, I’ve started to respect him after seeing all this. He’s a great man but why, why he shows to the whole world that he’s a monster? Why he behaves so rudely? Why he doesn’t show his good side to others? Why he always pretend that he is heartless? There are so many questions and I don’t have answer of a single question.

But why I’m thinking about him? He’s my boss. I have not been able to sleep peacefully since I met him. He’s behaving rude with me, he always shout on me without any reason,  but still I always try to look at his good side behind all his bad act, why? Oh god, one day I’ll become mad and I’ll be find sitting in the metal asylum. This man is making me crazy seriously. Oh god, please help me.

Relax, Sana, relax. Maybe after knowing the secret of his strange behaviour, I’ll stop thinking about him and also I’ll able to sleep peacefully at night . So from yesterday, Mission ‘finding the secret of Rude boss’ will begin.

After the fight of Sid with goons, cops came and arrested those bastard. He dropped Sana at her home. Sana was alone at home at night because Abhi and Noor had gone for a meeting in Goa. She couldn’t able to sleep that night because she was falling in love with him unknowingly, she didn’t know her heart was connected to his heart. She was thinking that after knowing about his secret, she would get relief but she was thinking wrong because she didn’t know that she would get relief only after bringing light into his dark world. Her heart was craving to see smile on his face.

Next day she woke up late in the morning because she had fallen asleep late at night. “Why always me god, why ?”She cried after seeing the time in the morning. She hurriedly climbed down from her bed and rushed into the bathroom to take shower. In half an hour, she got ready. She wore off shoulder top and black jeans and tied her hair in high pony tail. She was looking pretty without makeup like always and today also she left for office skipping her breakfast.


“Okay, Bhai, I’ll surely take my breakfast in office.”She replied on phone to Abhi, sitting in car as he asked after calling her from Goa that if she had taken her breakfast or not because he very well knew about his sister’s habit of skipping meal.  “yes bhai, I didn’t forget to take my dinner, yesterday.” She lied because she didn’t want to make him worried by telling him that she had been not feeling hungry since so many days.


“I should eat something because I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday morning but first I need to reach office on time or else this week also, I’ll have to work till 10pm. No, I won’t let him punish me again.” She rushed into his cabin with the cup of coffee. She knocked the door, panting. “Sir..” She again knocked the door as she didn’t get any reply. She opened the door to check after getting no reply from inside and found nobody in the cabin. She sauntered inside, having smile on her face because today her boss was late and she was on time.

She kept the coffee on table. “So today, sir is late, now who will punish him? He was giving lecture to me that day like he himself never get late.” She was so busy in talking with herself that she didn’t even come to know when Sid walked into the cabin and heard her talks.

He intentionally cleared his throat by making sound to take her out from her dreamland. She instantly looked at him, opening her eyes widely. “Oh god, he heard everything, now he’ll not leave me easily.” She thought in her mind, staring at him, having fear in her beautiful innocent eyes.

“Miss Shehnaaz, do you want to punish me?” He asked calmly, sitting on his chair comfortably, his eyes were looking at her.

She instantly nodded her head like a cute baby. “kha fas gye mein.” She muttered under her breath, moving her eyes down and she was playing with her fingers nervously.

“Now, you will punish me because i came late.” She raised eyebrows and opened her eyelids in shock as he asked her to punish him.

She stammered. “Sir, how, how can I punish you? You’re my boss..” She flinched as he roared at her. “That’s what I want to tell you,  I’m your boss here. How could you think to punish your boss? You don’t have right to think anything here.” Her lips drawn down and her eyes became moist. She was disheartened.

“I am sorry, sir.” She apologised, moving eyelashes down and she was fighting back with her tears. He was glaring at her like she did any crime.

“You’ve done a mistake and now you will be punished. This week also, you will work till ten.” She stared at him, raising her eyebrows in shock because he punished her without any reason.

“Throw it in dustbin.” He pointed at the cup of coffee which was kept on table. She picked up the cup sadly and threw it in dustbin. “Now bring coffee for me.” She nodded her head sadly, looking down as he ordered. She opened the door and sauntered out of the cabin, lips drawn down.

“How could he punish me without any mistake? What does he think of himself? Please somebody tell him that he’s just a boss, not any king. How badly he shouted on me without any mistake? I was just talking to myself. He is very very bad. Mission ‘finding the secret of Rude boss’ is now cancelled. I don’t want to know anything about him. Go to hell Mr. Rude.” She was fuming in anger and talking to herself, walking in the corridors . Today he hurt her badly by punishing her without any reason.

She sauntered into his cabin with the cup of coffee, she was still fuming in anger. Suddenly she felt like everything is revolving around her and blackness came before her eyes. As the cup of coffee fell down from her hand, Sid instantly looked up at her. “Shehnaaz..” He instantly stood up from his chair and rushed toward her. He caught her into his protective arms on right time before she could fall down on floor. She gripped his coat tightly. They intensely stared into each other eyes. For the first time, she was seeing him from so close, her heart was beating rapidly. She felt safe and secured in his arms. She felt like her soul had found home. She didn’t want him to leave her. She wanted the time to be stopped here because she wanted to stare into his eyes and wanted to be in his protective arms till infinity but her eyes got closed after few seconds only.

As she fainted down, Sid lifted her into his arms and rushed out of the cabin to take her to medical room. His face was clearly showing that he was hell worried for her. Everybody were staring at them shockingly because for the first time they were seeing a girl in their boss’s arms.

Sid dashed into the Medical Room and gently laid her down on the bed, staring at her concernedly. “Doctor check her, what happened to her? She, she suddenly fainted down?” He anxiously asked a female doctor to check her, moving his hand into her hair.

“For the first time I’m seeing you worried for someone, Mr. Shukla.” As Doctor said this, Sid instantly changed his expression to normal.

“She’s just a employee for me like others. I’m not worried for her. I’m just a bit tensed because I don’t want anything happen to my employees in my office.” He said sternly to the doctor when she was checking Sana.

“It just happened because of the weakness. Maybe she’s not taking food on time.” Doctor told him after checking Sana. “Careless.” He muttered under his breath, staring at Sana.

When Doctor told Sid that Sana would get conscious back within few hours. He came back to his cabin and got busy into his work. After two hour, there was a knock on the door and peon walked inside. ” Sir, that girl Sana, she got her conscious back.” Peon informed him about Sana. Sid rushed to check her as the peon left.

He stepped into the medical room and found Sana laughing and talking with Doctor. He got lost in her cuteness and innocence for few seconds and then he sauntered toward them. Sana instantly stopped talking as her eyes fell on Sid.

“Now will you please explain, why are you not taking your food on time?” He asked sternly and Sana moved her eyes down. Doctor left from there, leaving them alone.

“First bhai and Bhabhi used to ask this from me, now he also came, why he is worried for me ? Sir, if you’ll force me to work day and night, then when I’ll eat. If I explain this to him, he’ll again scold me.” She raised one side of her mouth, staring down.

“I knew that you would have no answer of this question because you’re careless like a small kid.” He growled at her and she looked at him, having anger in her innocent eyes. “From now, you will eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in front of me. I hate when my employees faint down like this.” Sana just nodded her head. She didn’t argue with him because she knew, he would shut her mouth with his bossy attitude like always.

“Now in front of my eyes you will eat the lunch.” He said strictly when peon sauntered into the room with the plate of food. Peon placed the plate in front of Sana. Sid settled down there on the couch. “Now what type of torture is this? And what type of person he is?”Sana stared at him incredulously. “What are you waiting for, start eating.” As he shouted, she instantly started eating.

“Today, I’m giving you leave. Take rest and come tomorrow on time. Don’t forget that you have to take breakfast in front of me tomorrow and also at night, you have to send me the video of eating dinner.” Sana looked at him, widening her eyes in shock after listening his last words. He stood up from sofa. “Do you understand.” He asked curtly and she just nodded her head. He walked outside after last time glancing at her.

“What kind of boss he is? Like seriously, he’s behaving like my mother. Why god, why you make me faint before him. Now I’ve to bear his mother torture along with his bossy torture.” She cried, clutching the spoon.

“Wait, I forgot about my feelings which I felt when I had fallen into his arms. Why I didn’t want to close my eyes? Why my heart suddenly started beating so fast? Why I didn’t want him to leave me? Why I felt safe and secured in his arms? Why I felt so good in his arms? What is happening to me? I’m not understanding anything.” She was getting frustrated with her foreign feelings. She wanted somebody to answer all of her questions. She had never felt like this before. She wasn’t understanding that she was falling in love with him and her soul had chosen Sid for her.

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