(Part : 21) Inseparable Souls


After the dinner, Sid was lying on the bed, placing his head on Sana’s lap. She was tenderly ruffling his hair with her one hand and her other hand was entwined with his hand. She was in his shirt only. They were gazing in each other eyes silently, their eyes were filled with true love.

“I’m sorry for my behaviour.” He apologised suddenly breaking the silence, having guilt in his eyes. “I..” She shushed him, placing her finger over his lips.

“I can understand, Sidharth, you weren’t in your senses. I didn’t feel bad the way you treated me, I just felt bad seeing you in that condition. I just can’t see you in pain.” Her eyes brimmed with tears.

“I’m sure, I’ll be fine utterly very soon because you’re with me.” He placed a kiss on her hand and she gave him a small smile. She leaned down and placed a tender kiss on his forehead.

“You know, I never thought that one day someone would trust me so much. Thank you so much for coming into my life. Today was the best day of my life, I never felt so happy before. It just because of you, I’m smiling and living happily. I love you, Shehnaaz and I never want to lose you.” She was caressing his hair, gazing at him, having a blissful smile on her face. She was contented to see that at least he was trying to live happily. After that they cuddled and slept peacefully in each other arms.

Next day they spent in the office and didn’t leave a single chance to romance with each other there. At night, they slept in each other after kissing each other passionately. Later that night, Sana aroused from her deep slumber and heard him, mumbling something in his sleep. She looked up at him after raising her head from his chest. He was sweating too like he was seeing a nightmare.

She brought her ear closer to his mouth. “Shehnaaz, please, don’t go. Please, trust me.” He was again and again murmuring this in sleep. Her eyes became moist instantly, she became emotional after knowing about his fear of losing her. Few tears trickled down her cheeks mechanically.

“I can’t fall weak like this. I’ve to be strong from him. He needs me right now.” She murmured to herself and wiped her tears with her palm.

“Sidharth, I’m with you. Baby, I’m with you.” She whispered, stroking his forehead and his hair. “I’ll never go, leaving you alone. I’m with you always.” She started kissing every inch of his face and he calmed down instantly with her soothing words and kisses.

She sighed relief. “I love you, Sidharth. I promise you, I’ll heal you with my love.” She kissed his forehead and a lone tear escaped down her cheek. She couldn’t able to sleep that night, whole night she kept thinking about him.

Like this, one week passed away of their secret relationship. Every night he had a same dream of losing her and mumbled in his sleep same words, Shehnaaz consoled him every night. She was giving her all love to him but she wasn’t understanding that how to take this fear out of him.

Sana’s P.O.V.

It has been a week passed since Sidharth confessed his love. My life has become beyond beautiful after getting his love. I’m loving the real Sidharth more which he’d been hiding from everybody since so long. He’s a gem, he’s perfect in everything, so sweet, so caring, so naughty, so hottie, so charming and so adorable like a baby. Now nobody will believe that he was the same person who used to shout on everybody unnecessary. He’s trying to live happily and I’m doing my best to take him out of his dark world completely by showering him with my love. I know it’ll take time because I’ve to take all the fears out of him, specially his biggest fear of losing of me which doesn’t let him sleep peacefully at night. He murmurs in his sleep every night that please don’t go Shehnaaz, please. I’ve to take this fear out of him anyhow because I can’t see him like this. It hurts a lot to see him like this. In this one week, I became habitual of sleeping in his arms, I want to make his arms my permanent home soon by marrying him. My kisses are the medicine of his every pain and his kisses are heaven for me. He pampered me like I’m his baby and I also throw my tantrums on him, taking the full advantage of his love. Really I’m blessed to get Sidharth in my life.

Today Sana was preparing the breakfast for Sid by watching the video on youtube while Sid was still sleeping in the bedroom. She was making white sauce pasta and his favourite Aloo Pratha. “So all the cutting and chopping is done.” She sighed and shook her head after seeing the messed up kitchen.

“This is your first time, that’s why this messed happened, chill.”She murmured to herself and proceeded further. She hated cooking but for her Sidharth, she wanted to cook something.

“Where is the ataa?” She was finding the flour. “Itni upar kon rakhta hai bhai. Ab mein bachari choti si, kaise mera hath pauchaiga.” She complained, finding the container of flour which was kept in the top cabinet. She sighed, seeing the stool which was kept in the kitchen. She dragged it and stood on the stool to pick up the container of wheat flour, but all the flour slipped down over her and she became white utterly.

That time only Sidharth sauntered into the kitchen and seeing his angel’s condition, he started laughing like a drain. 

“Sidharth.” She cried like a small baby, standing on the stool. He laughed more, seeing her cute antics. “Here I’m crying and you’re laughing on me, very bad.” She complained like a small kid, he controlled himself from laughing, putting hand on his mouth.

“By the way you’re still looking so beautiful.” He strolled toward her, she was looking at him, pouting angrily.

“Mr. Shukla, I’m not talking to you because I’m angry.” She averted her eyes in anger and blew the hair out of her face in attitude, crossing her arms around her chest. Sid smiled broadly because he found her so adorable. She was his drama queen. He never in his dreams even thought that one day a girl would come in his life, would make his life beautiful and would teach him how to smile and how to live life happily. She was really a angel for him.

He smirked at her as something naughty popped into his mind. “Sid put me down.” She suddenly shrieked in anger as he picked her up into his arms from the stool and started sauntering out of the kitchen. She was throwing her legs and beating her tiny hand on his solid chest, he was just grinning.

“Put me down or else I’ll call the police.” She warned him, glaring at him. She tried to make him scared and instead of getting scared, he laughed on her. “Hww, you scared me.” He prtetended to get scared like her dramatically. With in one week only, she made him like her a bit, that’s called the magic of love.

He strolled into the bathroom with her. He placed her down inside bathtub and turned on the tap. As she was about to get up, he stopped her by holding her wrist, gazing at her. “You need to be cleaned and I want to clean my baby.” He whispered, clasping her face and coming close to her face. Her heartbeat quickened and breath became uneven because of their proximity and her all anger vanished away.

“I am all yours.” She murmured, lifting her hands up in the air, she gave him permission to remove her t-shirt which was the only piece of cloth she was wearing and that was  his t- shirt. She only wore his clothes at home. She loved to wear his clothes to feel his touch all the time over her body and to smell the scent of him. She loved him so much.

Sid grinned, listening to her words and held the hem of her t-shirt and started pulling it upward, looking deeply into her eyes. Sana held his vest and pulled him closer herself before slamming his lips with her lips. He also responded her with equal flavour and stepped into the bathtub while kissing her. They broke the kiss for a second and in that one second, he hastily pulled her t-shirt over her head and again captured her lips. He started kissing her hungrily and crazily, massaging her twins. Leaving her lips, he attacked toward her neck and she arched her back to give him full excess of her neck. She was moaning, moving her fingers in his silky black hair. After few minutes, he looked at her, having only and only love in his eyes for her, she was also gazing at him lovingly. After that he cleaned her hair carefully and gently with the hand-shower. In same way he was cleaning her face, Sana was gazing at him, having blissful smile on her face. She was so glad to have him in her life.

“Sidharth, I love you.” She confessed, clasping his face and he smiled at her. “I love you more baby.” He  confessed back after kissing her forehead, she closed her in response. He pulled her into his protective arms and she snuggled into his arms like a small kid.


They were in the office. Sana was making presentation, sitting on sofa of his cabin.

“We’re going back home.” Sid suddenly uttered, striding toward her.

“It just six o’clock, why so early?” She asked narrowing her eyes and showed the time in her wrist watch.

“I have planned a surprise for you.” As he mentioned the word surprise, she shrieked with joy, raising her eyebrows.”Wow surprise.” She hugged him happily. “I love surprises, Sidharth.” She became excited like small kid and he was just grinning, seeing her happy.


“Sidharth, what are you doing? I’ve been sitting here with my eyes closed since five minutes.” She asked, getting irritated. She was waiting for him, sitting on the bed. Sid’d asked her to sit because he was bringing her surprise. “I’m super excited because for the first he is going to give me a surprise.” She murmured to herself happily. Lots of thoughts were coming in her mind related to his surprise, but his surprise was going to be unexpected for her.

Next minute, she heard the tuning of guitar and she instantly opened eyes. She jumped down from the bed, raising her eyebrows in shock as she saw him playing the guitar so perfectly. He was smiling, gazing at her lovingly. He sauntered toward her, playing the guitar. She was staring at him surprisingly, having a smile on her face.

Kisi shaayar ki ghazal

Jo de rooh ko sukoon ke pal

Koi mujhko yun mila hai

Jaise banjaare ko ghar

Naye mausam ki sehar

Yaa sard mein dopahar

Koi mujhko yun mila hai

Jaise banjare ko ghar


He started singing moving around her, she was just staring at him surprisingly and her smile grew bigger, listening to the song. The feeling which he was conveying through his song to her was mesmerising her. This was the best way of conveying the feelings. He was singing from the core of his heart. He was saying to her that like some beautiful poem which gives a peace to soul, like this he found her, and she is his morning of new season. Clearly he was saying to her that she was the person who has given peace to his soul.

Jaise koi kinaara

Deta ho sahaara

Mujhe wo mila kisi mod par

Koi raat ka taara

Karta ho ujaala

Waise hi roshan kare woh shehar

Dard mere woh bhula hi gayaa

Kuch aisa asar huaa

Jeena mujhe phir se woh sikha raha

He sang, clasping her face, staring deeply into her eyes. He was telling her that what she is for him. She is like a shore that offers support and she is like a shining star which lighten up his dark world. She was the only one who brought light into his dark world and she was only one who has given him support. He was also saying her through his song that she is the only one who made him forget his all pain and taught him how to live.

Hmm.. Jaise baarish kar de tar

Yaa marham dard par

Koi mujhko yun mila hai

Jaise banjare ko ghar

Naye mausam ki sehar

Yaa sard mein dopahar

Koi mujhko yun mila hai

Jaise banjaare ko ghar

He sang coming closer to her face, his warm breath was caressing her face which was quickening her heartbeat. His song was making her crazy, she was loving his voice a lot, but more than that she was loving what he was singing, it was clearly showing her that what she was for him. He was saying to her by his song that she is like a rain which makes him wet and she is like the ointment on his wound, he found her like a lost person found the place to live. She was his everything.

After completing the song, he gently kissed her forehead and then asked. “So do you like it?” She was just gazing at him silently because he made her speechless. She found the song and his voice beyond amazing, she was shocked that why he was keeping his this talent hidden from the world. She stood on her toes and just sucked his lips, clasping his face. She gave him the answer through her kiss that how much she loved his song.


“You know what, I never thought that I would able to sing in my life again after what had happened with me, but today I sang because of you, you forced me to sing again, to face my past again. You don’t know Shehnaaz, what are you for me. I never believed in god, always that place was empty in my heart but now I’ve given you the place of god. Yes, you’re my god, you’re an angel for me.” They were lying on the bed, cuddling each other. She was playing with his pendant and listening to his heartbeat. His warm breath was caressing her forehead and her breath was caressing his chest.

“I’m glad that my love forced you to sing again and now I’ll not let your this talent go waste. People should also know about your this talent. If you start singing, really your songs will give peace to million of people. Your voice touched my soul.” She looked up at him after raising her head from his chest. He was staring at the ceiling silently like he was lost in his deep thoughts.

“No, I don’t want that people should come to know about my this talent.” He uttered in stern tone, moving his eyes at her, Sana became sad. Before she could speak something, her phone started ringing which was kept on the table. Sid stood up from the bed and went to washroom after giving her phone. She answered the phone as he closed the door.


Sid sauntered out of the washroom and he found her getting ready in her clothes not his. His lips drawn down because he understood that she was going home, he became upset. She strolled toward him, her lips were also drawn down.”Sidharth, I’ve to go home today. Sorry tonight I can’t able to stay with you because bhai and bhabi, they are back home.” She told him dejectedly because she didn’t want to go leaving him alone at night because she knew that he would not able to sleep at night without her. She was looking at him like next moment only she would start crying.

“Relax.” He tried to calm her done, clasping her face.

“I really want to stay with you.” She whispered and her eyes became moist.

“Baby, but for you now going home is more important. Don’t worry about me, I will spend my night in writing one more song for you. I’m fine now.” He blinked his eyes and reassured her, hiding his inner sadness from her because he didn’t want to make her more upset. That’s called true love. After kissing her forehead, he pulled her into his protective arm. They closed their eyes and got lost in each other arms. They became so habitual of each other in one week only that they couldn’t able to bear the separation of one night even, it was killing them deep inside.


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