(Part : 20) Inseparable Souls


Sidnaaz were going back home in the car. Sid was driving the car, Sana was sitting beside him and admiring him, having a beautiful smile on her face.

“Wow, such a great song. Isn’t it Sidharth?” Sana squealed with joy after listening to one of her favourite song and she didn’t realise the song had awakened the inside monster of Sid.

“Why did you turn off the music?” As he turned of the music, she instantly asked, looking at him. She narrowed her eyes in confusion as she saw him fuming in anger. His eyes were cold and smouldering with anger, and lips were pursed.

“What happened to you suddenly?” She asked, getting shocked because few seconds ago he was laughing and talking to her. He didn’t give any reply to her and didn’t even look at her, just keep staring at the road.

“Maybe this song reminded him about something related to his past life. I should give him some time.” She thought and remained silent. She just kept staring at him while thinking that what could be his past which was disturbing him like hell even after five years. In few minutes, they reached back home. The car screeched to a halt in front of the mansion. Sidharth unlocked his seatbelt and climbed out of the car hastily. He dashed into the mansion completely ignoring her. Sana stepped of the car, disheartened. Her heart was crying, but she’d made herself already ready for this, she knew that forgetting about your worst past is not a easy job that one day you decide to forget the past and you will start living happily. In reality, to forget the past you have to work hard, you have to face your past then only you can able to come out of your pain otherwise the pain of your past will never leave you. It will take time but you will be healed one day completely because nothing is impossible in this life. If you make your mind ready to do something, then you can achieve everything in your life.

Sana lumbered into the Mansion, her lips drawn down. As she didn’t find him in the hall, she directly strode to his room. As she sauntered into the room, she heard the sound of falling of water on the floor from the bathroom. She instantly understood that he was taking the shower to make himself fresh. ” I have to do something.” She murmured, staring at door of the bathroom, having pain in her eyes for him. She marched toward the bathroom and sighed deeply, gripping the knob of the door before opening the door. She pulled down the knob and the door of the bathroom unlocked with the click sound. She pushed the door open and found him taking the shower only in his boxer. Yesterday when she was at his place, he’d consoled her perfectly, and now it was her turn to console him. She was utterly ready to do anything for her love, Sidharth.

The water was dropping down over him and he was standing under the shower, his eyes were closed. She strolled toward him and stood under the shower before him. “Sidharth.” As she called him, placing her hand over her shoulder, he flinched and his eyes snapped open like he got scared. “It’s me, Shehnaaz, your angel.” She whispered, holding his face with her hands. She pulled down his face, closer to her face to make him look into her eyes. Suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her heart as he looked at her with sorrowful eyes. 

“Tu jo rootha toh kaun hansega, Tu jo chhoota toh kaun rahega, Tu chup hai toh yeh darr lagta hai, Apna mujhko ko ab kaun kahega.” She started singing the song which’d made him crazy in the car few minutes back because she wanted to make him face his fear which was killing him from inside. “Tu chup hai toh yeh darr lagta hai, Apna mujhko ko ab kaun kahega” Listening to that song, he again lost his mind, and start pushing her away, but she kept singing, staring in his eyes deeply. She was not ready to leave his face. It was killing her because she was hurting him, but she just wanted to take this fear out of him forever, it wouldn’t happen until he faces his fear. It isn’t easy to give pain to the person whom you love so much but she was doing for him by putting the stone on her heart.

“Just stop it, please.” He shrieked in anger, pushing her away from himself. She hit the floor with a terrific thud, he held his head, going utterly insane. She raised her head and looked up at him with her eyes filled with pain, still lying on the floor. Tears were trickling down her cheeks, seeing him in this condition. She was ready to face all this because she badly wanted to heal him. She could even die for her love, so all this was nothing in front of this.

“Tu hi wajah, Tere bina bewajah bekar hoon main.” She stood up and again started singing, sauntering toward him. Now he stared at her like a small kid who is craving for something and in same way Sid was craving to come out of the pain of his past. “Tera yaar hoon..” She continued singing the song, but suddenly stopped as he slumped down on floor, before her and under the shower and started howling in agony. She started shedding more tears, seeing his condition. The pain which she’d suffered in her life till now was nothing in front this pain. Seeing the person whom you love so much in extreme pain, it breaks your heart utterly.

“Please help me.” He begged, looking up at at his angel like a helpless kid. She hastily knelt down in front of him, pulled him into her arms and hid his face in her chest, she cradle him like a mother cradles his baby. He started squalling like small kid in his angel’s arms, clutching her top and pulling her closer to himself. Sana was shedding silent tears with him, caressing his hair and back. His condition was showing her that it was going to be very difficult for him to come out from his pain, but she promised herself that she wouldn’t stop until she heals him utterly.

After breaking the hug, she clasped his face and kissed every inch of his face, with these kisses, she wanted to take away his all pain. After every kiss, she was whispering. “I love you, I’m with you, you’ll be fine completely.” She was sucking away his all tears with the water droplets. He stopped crying now, he was just feeling the touch of her soft lips with his eyes closed.

He looked at her after opening his eyes.” You’ll be fine, trust me.” She reassured him, clasping her face. He gave him slight nod and she placed a tender kiss on his forehead, he closed his eyes in response. With this kiss, she promised him that she would heal him.

After this she stood up and helped him to stand up by holding his arms. She turned off the shower and as she turned to walk to bring the towel, he stopped her by holding her hand. “I need you.” She instantly turned toward him. “I’m just feeling like, like you’re my imagination an, and next moment you will vanish away.” He was stammering, he was scared. “I..” She shushed him by placing her forefinger over his lips.

“You don’t need to explain, I can understand. I’m all yours, you can do anything to make yourself believe that I’m in real and I’m not your imagination.” She whispered, placing her hand over his cheek. He was just staring at her without blinking his eyes like he was scared that if he blinked his eyes then she would be disappeared. He just couldn’t able to believe that how could in reality somebody trust him so much, that’s why he was thinking that she was his imagination, he was hallucinating her.

“I just want to feel your touch all over my body, maybe it can help me.” He demanded, holding the hem of her top, gazing in her eyes. She lifted her arms in the air, giving him permission to remove her top. He pulled up her top over her head instantly and dropped it down on floor, gazing at her face. She was wearing the strapless inner-wear. Then she herself put his hands over the button of her jeans, asking him to open it. He undid the button and zipper of her jeans, just looking at her. He didn’t want to look at her body without her permission.

“You can look at my body because it yours too. What’s mine, it yours too.” She gave him permission and he moved his eyes down instantly. “You’re beautiful.” He whispered, moving his eyes up at her face. She smiled slightly. He knelt down before her and hooked his thumbs into her jeans, a shiver ran down her spine and she closed her eyes as his hand touched her skin. He pulled down her jeans and she stepped out from it, looking at him. He stood up and turned on the shower again. Now she was standing only in her inner wears before him without any hesitation because she’d entrusted herself to him utterly.

The water again started cascading on them. She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer to himself. Their naked wet bodies were pressing against each other and they were just utterly lost in each other arms, feeling the touch of each her body. Sid was pulling her closer to himself, trying to make himself believe that she wasn’t his imagination, she was really in his arms. They were touching each other souls through their bodies. There was no lust, only and only true love was there between them. It was not the love of two bodies, it was the love of two souls which would become one with time.

“I’m in real, Sidharth. I’m not your imagination. I love you and I’ll always love you.” She whispered, hugging him tighter. She just wanted to take away his all pain with this hug. Sid was feeling so relief and content after feeling her touch all over his body. He forgot everything now with her magical touch and his lips curved into a blissful smile. “I love you, angel.” She too smiled contentedly after listening to his confession and sighed with relief because he finally came back to his senses.

“Please, never go leaving me alone because I’m so lonely. I need you in my life.” He whispered as they broke the hug and gazed into each other lovingly.

She shook her head. “Never. I’m with you till my last breath and if there is a life after that, there too you will find me with yourself. Nobody can separate you from me because we’re two body, one soul and one heart. We’re connected to each other. We’re inseparable souls.” Saying this, she captured his lips after pulling down his head by holding his face between her hands. They were kissing softly and smoothly. He was roaming his hands shamelessly all over her back. They didn’t come to know when their kiss turned passionate. He unhooked her strapless bra mechanically in the heat of the moment and it dropped down on the floor. Now their chests were pressing against each other, arousing them a bit by bit. Their bodies were on fire, burning with the desires and they were kissing each other crazily and deeply, rubbing their naked body against each other. They were completely lost in each other.

“Yes, we’re inseparable souls. Nobody can separate us, not even death can separate us.” He whispered after breaking the kiss, pressing his forehead against her, their eyes were closed and they were panting after their hot and passionate kiss under the shower. Their hands were entwined with each other like their souls.


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