(Part : 2) Inseparable Souls


Your working hours are from 9am to 6pm but for 1 week, you’ll work till 10 pm and this is your punishment.”Sid told her punishment, sitting on his chair in attitude. Sana sighed with relief because she was having no problem with the punishment. She could even work for twenty four hours.

“Haye, bach gye mein. Mein toh pata nhi kya hi soch rhi thi, ki pata nhi kya hi punishment dega.” She thought and stifled a giggle.

“Okay, sir.” She accepted her punishment without any argument making him shocked because he thought that his punishment would affect her. He understood with her response that his punishment didn’t affect her.

He narrowed his eyebrows. “Why my punishment didn’t affect her.” He wondered, staring at her incredulously

“Sir, what I’ve to do now?” She asked, having no clue about her work because it was her first day.

He picked up his phone and called somebody, utterly ignoring Sana. “Come into my cabin right now.” He cut the call after this. He pretended like he didn’t hear Sana.

“So rude of him.” She curled up one side of lip, folding her arms. “He didn’t reply me back and got busy in his work. Oh god , please teach him some manners. Kha hi fash gye mein yaar.” She thought, glaring at him when he got busy in his work.

She came on the earth back as she heard the knock on the door after few minutes. Sid asked the person to come inside. A girl strolled into the cabin, holding some papers in her hand. Sana stared at her bemusedly.

“Give the papers to her.” Sid ordered her and she gave the papers to Sana.

“Now what is in these papers?” She wondered, staring at the papers bemusedly.

“This is contract papers. You can work here after signing this contract” Sana looked at him, narrowing her eyebrows after listening his words.

“What is in the contract?” She instantly asked.

“After signing this contract, you can’t leave this job before one year but I can fire you.” First she made a O mouth and then nodded her head after understanding the contract. After that she signed the papers without thinking for twice.

“Rita, explain her everything about the company and about her work.” Sid asked that girl, whose name was Rita to explain the work to Sana.

Sana sauntered out of the cabin with Rita.

“Does he always remain like this, rude and angry?” As soon as they walked outside, Sana asked from Rita because this question was eating up her mind. She didn’t know why this question was not going out of her mind.

“Yes, sir is like this only. I’ve been working here since one year and I’ve never seen him smiling.” Rita told her.

“What, he doesn’t smile. How can a person live his life without smiling ?” She wondered.

After that Rita gave her tour of the company and told her about her work. “One important thing, sir doesn’t like when someone argue with him and disrespect him by saying no to him. So don’t dare to deny him and you have to be with him every time like his shadow.” Rita warned her and Sana nodded her. “Now take this and go to his cabin.” She gave her notepad.

Sana sauntered into his Cabin after nodding her head.

“So I hope miss Rita has explained you everything properly about your work and about my working style.” Sid asked curtly, staring at her as she stepped into his cabin. She just nodded her head in response.

“Now take this file and rectify all the errors.” He ordered her, picking up the file from the table. Sana strolled toward him and took the file from his hand. She sat on the sofa which was in his Cabin. She kept her handbag beside her and started checking the file after placing it on the table while Sid like always got busy in his laptop.

After half an hour, Sana’s phone started ringing. Sid flared up, listening to the ringtone.

He glared at her. She was about to pick up the call but flinched as he snapped at her. “Keep the phone on silent when you are with me.”

“Can’t he speak little politely?” She thought, knitting her eyebrows before answering the call.

“Have you eaten the breakfast, Sana?” Abhi asked concernedly over the phone because he knew about his little sister habit of skipping meals. She bit her tongue because she forgot to take the breakfast.

“Bhai, I did the breakfast, don’t worry.” She lied to him because she didn’t want to make him worried.

“Good. By the way How’s your first day going at the job?” He asked, she made a cute angry pout, staring at Sid because her day was going bad because of Mr. rude who was sitting in front of her eyes.

“Ab mein kya hi batao bhai ko ki mera boss kitna rude hai. Baat baat par gussa karta hai without any reason aur muh fula leta hai.” She thought staring at her boss who was engrossed in his work.

“Bhai, everything is good here, don’t worry. I..” She was about to say that she is cutting the call but before that Sid scowled at her.

“Miss shehnaaz , don’t attend the calls when you’re working in my cabin.” Sana looked at him, her eyes were filled with anger. She instantly cut the call.

She was about to argue with him but she just said “Okay sir” as she realised, Sid didn’t like when someone argue with him.

“What is his problem ? He has problem with everything.” She mumbled, glaring at him. After that she messaged Abhi that she’ll call him later.

“Keep the phone on silent , don’t attend the calls.” She mimicked him in low voice and also frowned like him. She was looking damn adorable at that moment.

“Sana, don’t think about this rude Monster. Just concentrate on your work, for what you are here, don’t spoil your mood because of him.” She sighed. “Yes, I’ll work and I’ll shut his mouth by showing my work to him then he will come to know, who is Shehnaaz Gill?” She mumbled in attitude, blowing hair out of her face.

After that she got busy in her work. She sighed, closing the file and smiled cheerfully after completely checking the file and rectifying all the errors. She stood up from sofa and strode toward Sid, holding the file.

“Sir, I’ve done the work.” She grinned, placing the file on the table in front of his eyes. He kept the file on side and looked up at her. She was staring at him bemusedly because he didn’t even check her work. She had thought that he would appreciate her.

“We have to leave for a meeting in an hour. So you’ve only one hour to prepare for the meeting. In this pen drive, there is all the necessary information related to meeting and a presentation which you’ve to give there, so be prepared. I don’t want any mistake. Understood?” He asked, giving her the pen drive. She nodded her head, taking the pen drive from his hand.


After an hour, preparing herself for the meeting, she rushed into his cabin. “Are you ready for the meeting, Miss Shehnaaz?” “He asked, raising his eyebrows at her.

“Yes, Sir, I’m ready.” She said confidently but his next words puzzled her.

She opened her mouth in shock as he said. “So take rest for one hour because we have to leave for the meeting after an hour.”

She freaked out. “But an hour ago also, you had said that meeting is after an hour and now after an hour, you are saying meeting is after one hour. If meeting is after 2 hours, then why..” She paused for a second as Sid glared at her, showing his hand.

She gave Sid a glare of contempt. “No, sir, I won’t stop. I want to know that why you..”

She shut her mouth as he snapped at her. “Keep your mouth shut, Miss Shehnaaz.” He stood up from his chair and strode toward her, frowning. “I haven’t given permission to anybody here to speak in this tone in front of me and I’m not answerable to anybody here. I’m your boss, Miss Shehnaaz. So you better be in your limit. I won’t accept this tone again.” He was livid because nobody had ever questioned him before like Shehnaaz. Sana just nodded her head because she herself didn’t want to argue with him.

“Over Attitude.” She murmured to herself little loudly, moving her eyes down and Sid heard her words.

She looked at him instantly as he asked curtly. “Yes, I’ve over attitude. Any problem ?”

“Tu bhi na kya hi karti hai sana.” She shut her eyes and bit her tongue after knowing that he heard her. “No, Sir.” She answered him and dashed out of the cabin.


“How can he shout on me like this? I was just asking him why he lied to me. Instead of answering to me, he shouted on me like I’m wrong. Aisa koe karta hai bhala? If you do something wrong then you’re answerable, lekin iss monster ko yeh baat kon samjhae. Haye mere rabba mein kha fas gye. Meine konse paap kiye thai pichle jaanam mein jo mujhe aisa boss mila? Har waqt chilta rehta hai mujh jesi bhuli si ladhki par.” She was muttering to herself while eating the sandwich, sitting in the canteen of the office. She was having a bad habit of talking to herself every time.

After an hour, they went for meeting and Sid was impressed with Sana. He liked the way she had given the presentation and cracked the deal by winning heart of the dealer. Everybody were appreciating her and she was appreciating herself too. She was desperately waiting for Sid to appreciate her. She just couldn’t wait for that moment when her rude boss would praise her.

“A person shouldn’t be so good and perfect.” She looked at him bemusedly as he said in serious tone.

“Wow, What an amazing way of appreciating somebody. Monster, Monster.” She cursed him as he walked outside. “Ahaha..” She cried when she hit her foot on the floor in fury and hurt herself. She made a sad pout and stepped outside of the conference room dismally.


Sid sauntered into a restaurant with Sana for the lunch after the meeting because it was his lunch time and office was far away. They settled down in front of each other.

“Miss Shehnaaz, What do you want to eat?” He asked from her as a waiter came to take the order.

“Nothing, Sir.” She nodded her head, looking at him.

“Because you’ve filled my tummy with your anger.” she muttered under her breath.

” Miss Shehnaaz, the waiter is waiting. Tell me what do you want to eat. It is lunch time, we should eat the meal on time.” He tried to make her understand but she became more angry.

“Are bhae nhi khana kyuki mujhe bhukh nhi hai.” She muttered, looking down.

“But I’m not hungry, Sir.” She answered him, crossing her arms around her chest. After that he ordered for her too, rising her anger

“I don’t want to eat. Why he doesn’t understand one simple thing? Ajeeb hi jabardasti hai.” She thought, knitting her eyebrows.

They were sitting silently and waiting for the food. Sana was getting hell bore with the monster. “Sir, Can I ask you something?” She suddenly asked from him.

“If the question is related to work then you can ask.” She knit her eyebrows in anger as he said curtly.

“Why he’s like this, god ?” She muttered to herself, looking at him angrily when he was busy in his phone.

The waiter walked with the lunch after sometime. He placed it on the table. Sid started eating silently.

“Somebody please tell him that he is the most boring person on this earth. He’s making me so bore. We are in the restaurant, not in his office. Can’t we talk here? Why he is so rude? We should enjoy the life to the fullest lekin iss monster ko kon samjhae yaar.” Sana was muttering to herself while having the lunch.

“Why are you so rude?” She uttered little louder. Sid glared at her as he listened her words.

She closed her eyes embarrassingly. “I shouldn’t have said this in front him. Oh god, now this monster will not leave me. Please god, save me, please.” She prayed to god, moving her head up.

She opened her eyes after getting no reply from him. She was shocked to find him eating the food like before. She looked at him bemusedly because he didn’t react after listening to her words. “What type of person is he?” She thought looking at him, incredulously.


“Finally it’s 10 O’clock, now I’ll go home and sleep. He has made me so tired today with his punishment.” Sana sighed after standing up from sofa.

“Look, how he’s still working. Doesn’t he get tired ? Is he really a human being?” She doubted as she found Sid still working.

Sid moved his eyes up from the laptop to her as she asked. “Sir, shall I go home now?” He shook his head in denial.

She looked at him widening her eyes. “Why can’t I go home now? Now what I did wrong?” She muttered under her breath.

“I mean, you can’t go home alone at this time. It’s not safe.” She made O mouth as he said concernedly.

“He thinks about others too. This monster has a heart too, great.” She wondered, staring at him because his rude boss was thinking about her safety.

“Sir, I’ve my car. I’ll go myself.” As she said, he strode toward her, frowning.

“Take my driver with yourself. He’ll drop you at home. This is my order.” He said, glaring at her. She nodded her head because in one day she had understood that it would be waste of time to argue with him because he would not listen to anybody.


“Why he is like this, so rude, so stubborn, so bad. He doesn’t even smile, laugh or talk and one thing he knows very well that how to punish others. He behaves like he’s the king of this universe and we all are his slaves.” Sana curled up her lip.

“I don’t understand one thing that how can a person live his life like this, without smiling, without laughing. Doesn’t he get bored? How he’s living his life like this?” She was just wondering about him, sitting at the backseat of car, on the way to home.

“I think he’s an alien or maybe he has a bad past.” She thought, putting her forefinger over her chin.

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