(Part : 17) Inseparable Souls


Sana woke up early in the morning and her lips drawn up into a broad and beautiful smile when she realised, she was sleeping in the arms of her beloved Sid. She tried to move a bit, but he didn’t let her move a inch even and his grip became tighter around her.

He whispered in sleep, pulling her closer to himself like he wanted to bury her in himself. “Please, don’t go.” She smiled faintly after listening his words.

“I promise you , I’ll never go leaving you alone.” She murmured and kissed his chest over the fabric. “Last night was the most beautiful night for me. I sleep so soundly and peacefully for the first time. His arms really feels like heaven to me.” She murmured to herself, listening to his soothing heartbeat.

She raised her head to look at her sleeping Sid. Her smile grew bigger because he was sleeping with open mouth like small baby and she found him so adorable. She rested her chin over him and gaze at him, having a blissful on her face and her eyes filled with immense love. “He’s looking so adorable. Haye.., I can stare at him like this all my life. I never thought that he could also be look so cute. I’m feeling to eat him.” She again fell asleep, staring at him.

After few hours, Sid woke up from his deep slumber and like Sana, a broad smile spread across his face after finding love of his life in his arms. He was feeling so fresh after long five years. His heart, his mind and his soul were completely at peace. It was the best morning of his life. He wanted to wake up like this every morning in the arms of his love.

“Thank you, my angel.” He whispered and gently kissed her hair. She snuggled into his arms like a baby in response. He smiled brightly, gripping her tightly in his arms. It was nine O’clock and he had no tension of going to office because now Sana had became his most important part of his life, nothing was more important than her for him. For an hour, he kept lying in her arms. He wasn’t thinking about his life or his past, he was thinking about her life that how much  she’d suffered. It seemed like Sana made him forgot about his past in one night only. In one night, she changed him completely with her true love.

“I was such a big fool that I was spoiling my life thinking about the past, and I was also spoiling her life fearing about the future. I didn’t even for once think about the beautiful and precious present. At present, the beautiful person was with me who suffered a lot and still trying to make my life beautiful and like an idiot I was trying push her away but now no more this pushing game will continue. Now I’ll try to find the real me, not for me, for her. Yes, I want to see her happy and I know her happiness is with me and my happiness is with her. I’ll live for you, Sana. I’ll live for my angel who has taken me out from the darkness.” He was lost in his thought, gazing at her beautiful face.

“Good morning.” He whispered and kissed her forehead as she opened her eyes. She gave him a adorable smile in response.

“Good morning. Did you sleep well?” She asked while he was playing with her silky hair.

“Can’t even explain to you that how well I sleep last night. Your arms feel like heaven. I love you so much.” He again placed a kiss on her forehead and she grinned.

“By the way, you look so cute like a baby while sleeping.” He smiled sheepishly as she told him. “My adorable baby.” She giggled and pulled his cheek. He chuckled.

“Now, I want something from you.” He suddenly uttered and she looked at him, narrowing her eyebrows.

“What?” She asked, raising her eyebrows.

“A morning kiss.” She flushed as he demanded for a kiss. “Will you give ?” He asked, smirking. He was loving the way his baby was shying.

“Off course anything for you.” She astride him after coming over him. Her knees were rubbing against his thighs. She was wearing his shirt only.

“You never leave any chance to impress me. I..” She shushed him, putting finger over his lips, gazing in his eyes fondly. He gazed back into her eyes. Their breathing became uneven and their heartbeat quickened because of their proximity. “Close your eyes and just feel the touch of my lips over your lips.” She whispered, near to his lips. Sid closed his eyes instantly and waited to feel her lips over his lips. She clasped his face and just caressed her lips with his lips to increase his excitement. She didn’t know that she was awakening his inside monster by doing this.

After that he himself captured her lips like a hungry animal after pulling her closer to himself by grasping her hair. She loved his wildness. Both were kissing each other lips like they were craving for this kiss from ages and like there was no tomorrow. He slowly slid his hands inside her shirt, rubbing her thigh while tasting every corner of her month. As he grabbed her bare hips and squeezed them slightly, she moaned in his month. This kiss was turning wild and passionate with each passing second. He bit her lower lip while moving his hand up inside her shirt. Her body was on fire because of his touch and his wild kiss. He was roaming his hand allover her bare back inside the shirt while kissing her lips intensely and passionately. He was driving her crazy and taking her to place where she’d never visited before. Both were completely lost in each other, forgetting everything.

He suddenly flipped their position without leaving her lips. Now he was on top of her and still kissing her hungrily and deeply, pouring his all love. She clenched his hair and pulled him closer to her. He pressed her lower lip between his teeth and stretched it. He left her lower lip and sucked it gently, she sucked his upper lip in response hungrily and they kissed each other lips like rest of their remaining life was dependent on this kiss.

They were gazing in each other eyes intensely after the kiss, panting. “Amazing.” Only this word escaped out of her mouth.

“The fun has just begun, Miss Shehnaaz.” He smirked and pecked her lips.

“I love you.” She confessed and raised her upper body to hug him. She hugged him tightly, throwing her arms around his neck and hid her face in his shoulder. He whispered. “I love you more, angel.” He grinned, hugging her back tighter. After that Sana went to get fresh in the washroom and Sid went to prepare breakfast for his baby.

Sid was preparing breakfast in the kitchen for his angel with his own hand, having a charming smile on his face. His face was glowing and his eyes were sparkling with the happiness. Sana also reached there while finding him everywhere in the house. She stopped on the doorstep and her lips drawn up to a broad smile, seeing him extremely happy. She couldn’t able to believe that he was her same rude boss who hardly even smile. She felt so relieved after seeing him happy, she knew it wasn’t his fake happiness, it was real. A lone tear of happiness trickled down on her cheek after seeing what her eyes craving to see. Her peace, her happiness, her everything was in his happiness now. She was having a content smile on her face.

As his eyes fell on her, she instantly wiped her tear with her palm. He moved his eyes from her head to toe, she was in his shirt only which was coming upto her mid thigh. He smirked, staring at her face.

“You’re looking so hot in my shirt, miss Shehnaaz.” He complimented, strolling toward her, having bright smile on his face. She was gazing at him without blinking her eyes even like if she blink her eyes, she would never able to see his smile again.

“What happened, bacha ?” He asked concernedly, placing his hand over her face. He became worried when she didn’t respond to him. She just stood on her toes and hugged him tightly, encircling his arms around his neck like she never wanted to lose him. He was taken aback with her sudden hug but next moment, he hugged her back tighter and lifted her little up from the floor by wrapping his arms around her waist. Like always, they both got lost in each other arms for few minutes, forgetting everything. They were having a blissful smile on their faces.

“I just can’t believe that you are with me, I mean, you..” After breaking the hug, she tried to tell him what was going in her heart, but she was not understanding how to explain him in words that how much happy she was after seeing him like this and she was feeling it is a beautiful dream. For the first time Shehnaaz Gill was getting out of the words.

He clasped her face. “Relax, okay, I can understand what is going in your mind. I know, it’s not easy for you to believe that you made me realise that I love you. Now no pain, no past, nothing can come in between us if we’re together. Yes, baby, you won and you made our love won. You succeeded to bring me out of the darkness, you don’t know how peaceful I’m feeling right now. I’m feeling like everything is beautiful around me and it happened because of you only. Until  you’re with me , I’m happy. Now I’m always there for you, my angel.” He reassured her and placed a tender kiss on her forehead as a promise that he would never leave her. She smiled blissfully in response, closing her eyes.

“Oh my god, Sir, Is everything fine? What happened to you?” She checked his fever touching his forehead “Where that rude Shukla went away just in one night? Don’t tell me that any insect bit you yesterday night.” She said dramatically and he chuckled, seeing her cuteness.

” Get use to it baby because from now you’ll see the real me.” He winked at her after placing a kiss on her cheek.

” I’m dying to see the real you, Mr. Shukla.” She whispered, pulling him closer to herself after clenching his shirt. Both got lost into each other eyes and started coming close to each other lips.

“Oh shit, I forgot that I was making the breakfast and the omelet got burnt.” He shouted as the burning smell reached to his nostrils and he rushed toward the stove. After turning off the stove, he dumped the burnt omelet in the dustbin and stood holding his waist, making cute faces.  Sana was laughing like a drain, seeing him. He got lost in her peacefully laugh and she instantly stopped laughing when she noticed him, staring at her. Like always they got lost in gazing at each other intensely.

“After four years, I was cooking and this happened.” He spoke disappointedly after breaking the silence.

She strolled toward him. “This happened because I disturbed you. I know whatever you will make for me from your hands, it will be the most tasty food for me.” She whispered, placing her hand on his cheek. Both smiled at each other happily.

Sana was waiting for him at the breakfast table. Sidharth reached there, holding the plate in his hand, grinning at her. She grinned back at him. A maid was also coming, behind him with a plate. He placed the plate of grilled sandwich on table in front of her which he was holding and maid placed the plate of omelet. “Wow, It’s looking delicious.” She licked her upper lip,  looking at the breakfast. Sid sat down beside her, smiling at her. She hurriedly took on bite of sandwich and Sid like a excited kid waited for her reaction.

“It’s not good” As she spoke, he made a sad pout like a baby. “Because it is so yummy, I never thought that you would be a such a great cook.” She said joyfully and placed a kiss on his cheek after encircling his arms around his neck. He chuckled.

“Here, I don’t even know the a of cooking. If I tries to make chapatis, it becomes the map of India, Pakistan. I’m am zero at cooking.” She spoke disappointedly, making him eat the sandwich with her own hand.

“You don’t need to cook, baby. I’ll cook for my baby always, don’t worry.” He said lovingly, placing his hand on her face.

“But I want to make tasty food like you.” She pouted sadly, looking at him.

“No worries, the great chef Sidharth Shukla will teach you.” As he self praised himself, Sana giggled cutely, covering her mouth with her hands. He smiled broadly at her.

“Thank you.” Sana looked at him, narrowing her eyebrows as he thanked her suddenly. “Thank you for coming in my life. You know, I’m am feeling alive after so many years. Earlier I was living like a dead soul, you have given the life to my dead soul. My entire life will get end, if I start telling you all the reasons that why I’m thanking you. You’ve touched my soul, angel. Now, I’m completely yours. This Sid is all yours, Sana.” After saying this, he just captured her lips. He was kissing her lips softly and tenderly, pouring all his love. He was telling her through this kiss, how much he loved her. Not only his lips were kissing her lips, his soul was kissing her soul.

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