(Part : 16) Inseparable Souls


Sid sauntered out of the bathroom, holding his world in his arms, holding his angel Sana in his arms. She was in his shirt only, her face was buried in his chest and her hands were gripping his shirt firmly. She was feeling so calm and relieved, listening to his soothing heartbeat which was becoming her favourite music.

He was just gazing at her, his eyes filled with immense love and respect for her. He’d never thought that his angel would’ve suffered a lot in her life, now he just wanted to give her all the happiness of world. He also promised to himself that he would protect her till his last breath and also never let anybody touch her. The person who wasn’t ready to accept happiness in his life few hours ago, now that person wanted to bring happiness in someone else life, it was like miracle happened but miracle didn’t happen, love happened. It was the power of Sana’s true and unconditional love which brought Sidharth on the right track. Now he would do anything to keep his Sana happy and safe.

He bent down and gently laid her down on the bed. He was putting the comforter over her, she was gazing at him, having so love in her eyes. Sid looked at her and their eyes met. They got lost gazing in each other eyes for few minutes. They both were seeing their future in each other eyes, the future where they’re living happily together. He leaned and suddenly placed a tender kiss on her forehead, promising her that he would never ever let her cry again. Sana closed her eyes, her lips drawn up into blissful smile after feeling his touch on her forehead.

Sid gazed at her innocent smiling face after placing the kiss on forehead. “I want this smile to never leave your face.” He whispered and as his breath caressed her face, Sana instantly opened her eyes. They again gazed into each other eyes, kissing each other soul through their eyes.

“I will always shine for you.” She whispered, placing her hand on his face and caressed his stubble, looking deeply in his eyes. Her touch was making him feel so good.

“I love you.” He clasped her hand which was placed on his face and kissed her palm, looking at her fondly. She smiled contentedly, listening those three magical again.

After a minute, as Sid turned to leave, Sana stopped him by holding his hand. “Today, can you sleep with me? I’m scared” She asked in soft voice, filled with innocence and how could he deny her. He turned around and smiled wholeheartedly, looking down at her. She was overwhelmed with the feeling of joy after seeing his charming smile. His beautiful smile gave her peace, his smile was her victory and it was the proof that her true love won.

“Anything for you, my angel.” She stared at him, raising her eyebrows in shock because she didn’t expect that he would get ready to sleep with her so easily. He leaned down and placed a kiss on forehead. She closed her eyes in response as his lips touched on her forehead, she felt like a current passed down her spine. The memories of her dreadful past which were scaring her like hell few hours ago now, they vanished away by Sidharth with in just few minutes like a magic.

“I just come.” He strolled out the room and Sana sat on the bed in shock.

“Am I dreaming?” She asked and placed her hand on her heart, her heart was beating rapidly. She couldn’t able to believe that Sidharth confessed his love to her, he smiled again and he was calling her his angel. She was feeling like she was dreaming. She’d never thought that her this plan would show it’s result so fast. Her heart was jumping with the joy inside. She was extremely happy and the smile which wasn’t leaving her face was a proof of it. After so many years, she was feeling utterly free from her pain and this happened only because of Sid. He freed her from her past forever.

After few minutes only, Sid came back to the room and his lips drawn up into broad smile, seeing his innocent angel who was smiling and talking to herself happily like before. He was so hurt to see her broken few minutes back but after seeing her happy again, he felt so relieved. As Sana eyes fell on him, she stopped talking and gave him a adorable grin. He sauntered toward her.

“I love you.” He confessed wholeheartedly, looking at her, her smile grew bigger, but next moment her lips drawn down disappointed because Sid lay down on the bed beside her after turning of the light.

“What, we’re going to sleep like this and this night will end like this only?” She muttered to herself and looked at him, pouting sadly. Sid’s eyes were closed now.

“Sana, do something, you can’t leave this golden opportunity to sleep in your beloved arms.” Her mind said to her and she made adorable faces. “Yes, I’ll do something because I badly want to feel his touch on my body and there are lots of things which i have to share with him. I can’t let him sleep like this today.” She moved closer to him.

“Sir.” As she came close to his and whispered, he instantly opened his eyes and got lost in her beautiful eyes. “I want to sleep in your arms.” As she uttered, he instantly embraced her firmly into his protective arms without saying a single word like he was waiting for her to say this, so that he could hug her afterward. She was taken aback with his instant move, but with in a second, she grinned happily snuggling into his arms like a small baby. He was pulling her more and more closer to himself like he wanted to store in his arms forever. She smiled blissfully, listening to his soothing heartbeat. She was feel like heaven after coming in his arms. His arms were perfectly wrapped around her like they were made for her only. She wanted to sleep every night like this in his arms, she found her home in his arms.

“Sir.” She called him after a minute of utter silence because she wanted to talk to him but he shushed her.

” Sh.., let me sleep, I haven’t slept from five years.” He whispered, he was utterly sure that today he would able to sleep after five years because his angel was with him, his angel was in his arms, the peace of his life was with him, the peace of his soul was with him. Everything was with him, the whole world in his arms. Now he had no tension and no worries. Today, he just wanted to sleep peacefully  in his arms.

Sana felt extremely bad after knowing that he hadn’t slept from five years. She felt a sharp pain in her heart and she couldn’t able to control herself from sobbing. She started whimpering like a like small baby in his arms, clutching his shirt. His eyes snapped open and eyebrows creased in worry as he heard her cry.

“What happened, angel? Are you scared, bacha? I’m here with you don’t worry.” He tried to calm her down, caressing her back gently. His heart was crying seeing her like this. He thought, she was crying because of her past.

She looked at him, sobbing after raising her head. He instantly clasped her face, looking at her concernedly and he was wiping her tears with his thumbs. “I’m not afraid. I’m crying because I’m sad.” She told him cutely and innocently, rubbing her nose with her knuckles.

He narrowed his eyes bemusedly. “Sad?”

“Yes, sad.” She gave him a slight nod, staring at him like a cute baby. He was stroking her cheeks with his thumbs constantly.

“And why my baby is sad all of sudden?” He asked, tucking her hair behind her ear lovingly.

“I just couldn’t able to stop myself from crying after knowing that you haven’t slept from five years.” She finally told him the reason of her sadness, staring at him with innocent eyes. After that she again placed her head over his chest. “And I’m sorry that I’m not letting you sleep tonight also.” She innocently apologised. He just smiled, embracing her in his arms firmly.

He kissed her head. “It’s okay bacha. Now I’m  fine. Before you only said that we shouldn’t think about the past and now you’re crying, thinking about the past. Is that right?” He asked.

“I know it’s not right. I just start crying instantly when you told me that you didn’t sleep from so many years. I’m sorry.” As she again apologised, Sid made her look at him after raising her face from his chest by holding her face. She looked at him innocently and sobbed.

“You don’t have to apologise from me, angel. It’s okay. I can understand. Don’t worry, now I’m fine because you’re with me. I really love you, Shehnaaz.” He raised her head and placed a tender kiss on her forehead, she closed her eyes in response. After that he placed kiss on her both the eyelids and she felt so blissful to feel his touch. By kissing on her eye, he wanted to take away her all the tears and pain.

“I can’t see tears in your eyes, it hurts here.” He clasped her hand placed over his heart.

“I love you, Sir and I won’t cry, promise.” She suddenly pecked his lips. He instantly flipped their position, now he was on top of her, straddling her. Both gazed into each other eyes intensely and passionately. He was so close to her face, she could feel his hot breath, caressing her face. Her heartbeat quickened and breath became uneven because of their proximity. Her hands were on his chest.

“Were you trying to turn on me by pecking my lips, Miss Shehnaaz.” He asked, raising his eyebrows at her. She flushed, moving her eyelashes down. She looked at him through her eyelashes and nodded her head cutely. He smiled at her cuteness.

“I want to feel your lips on my lips. I mean, I want my good night kiss.” She innocently demanded the kiss from him. He was just smiling at her.

“Ab meine itni mehnat ki, itni papadh bele tumhai mere pass lane ki liye. Don’t you think, sir that I deserve a reward?” She asked, raising her eyes at him.

“You know, you’re so cute.” He rubbed his nose against her nose. She chuckled.

“Then why did you take so much of time to confess your love? Didn’t you find me cute earlier?” She asked, pouting angrily.

“No, I mean, I found you cute from starting, but I was fighting with myself because I was attracting toward you. That’s why I shouted on you and scolded you more without any reason. Actually I was getting frustrated with my own feelings. I’m so sorry.” He was now looking at her, having guilt in his eyes.

“It’s okay. I can understand. Chalo ab bsh bhi karo, mujhe mera reward do jaldi se.” She closed her eyes and pouted her lips, asking him to her. He shook his head and chuckled, seeing her cute antics. He was not understanding that how could anybody be so cute and so intelligent. she was a perfect girl and he was blessed to have her.

After that he captured her lips and sucked them gently. He left her lower lip and sucked her upper lip, she instantly sucked his lower lip and their lips moved in rhythm. She encircled her arms around his neck and pulled him closer to herself and deepened their kiss. They were exploring every inch of each other mouth with their tongue and kissing each other passionately, pouring their all love in the kiss. They were feeling like they were kissing each other souls.

They broke the kiss after getting breathless. “Your lips feel like heaven to me. So tasty, so delicious.” Sid whispered near to her lips after catching his breath back. Sana was panting, gazing in his eyes.

“For me, your lips are like favourite candy. I can suck them all day long without getting bore.” She giggled after saying this.

He chuckled. “Now this candy is yours only.”

“Forever?” She asked, raising her eyebrows.

“Forever and ever.” He replied and pecked her lips.

“If you again try to run away from me or push me away from you, then I’ll keep you with myself after tying you.” She warned, glaring at him.

“I’ll never do that again with my cute bacha, promise. I’ve already hurt my bacha a lot.” She smiled at him, gazing in his eyes which were filled with immense love. She was loving the way, he was calling her bacha and angel, she was loving his every gestures, she was loving everything about him. She was falling in love him even more.

“I love you so much and I’m so happy today.” She confessed, hugging him tightly like a monkey after raising her upper body from the bed. Sid was grinning, seeing his happy angel.

After that he lay down, embracing her into his arms. They were having a content smile on their faces. Sid was feeling so lucky and blessed to get a girl like Sana. He was enjoying every moment with her utterly. Only she had power to make him smile instantly with her cute antics. He didn’t only love her, he adored her. She was like a cute baby but at the same time, she was so matured and intelligent .She was a perfect example of a perfect girl. The more he was knowing about her in deeper, the more he was falling in love with her. With in few minutes, he fell asleep in the arms of his angel after five years. This was the power of true love which made him sleep instantly after the long five years.


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