(Part : 15) Inseparable Souls


Warning⚠️ : Grab your tissue papers. A emotional update ahead.

Sidharth took Sana to his Mansion to spend one night with her. He was just wondering that what she was going to do tonight. Sana informed her brother that she was going out of Mumbai with her boss for a meeting. They strolled into his room.

“I know you won’t feel comfortable in this but I have this only for now.” Sana’s clothes were wet, so Sid gave his shirt and lower to her. She gave him adorable smile, taking the cloth from his hand, like always Sid found peace in her smile

“Who said, I’ll not feel comfortable in your clothes? Rather I’ll feel most comfortable in your clothes.” She whispered and closed her eyes, caressing his cloth against her cheek like she was feeling his touch from his cloth. Sid was dumbstruck after seeing this. He was staring at her incredulously, he’d never thought that one day someone would love him so crazily and truly. Her crazy love was making him crazy.

He sauntered out of the room silently and shut the door. As she left, Sana started changing her cloth, grinning cheerfully. She was feeling content to wear his clothes.

“Sana, please don’t do this. It will give you immense pain.” Her mind warned her because what she’d decided for tonight, it would shatter her heart and she very well knew about this, but she was utterly sure that Sid would handle her and never let her fall.

“I have no other option left, I’ve to take this risk. I know, it’ll hurt me badly but it doesn’t matter in front of my love. I can do anything to get him in my life. I don’t care about myself. I’m ready to burn myself for his happiness.” She answered to her mind, her eyes filled with determination. It was clearly seen that how selflessly she loved Sid, her love for him was crazy, but also it was  pure and selfless.


They were taking the dinner together silently sitting at the dinning Room. Sana was lost in her own thoughts and he was lost in wondering about her plan for tonight.

After the dinner they stepped into his room. Sid looked at her confusingly as she locked the door. For a long one minute, she stood there silently holding the knob of the door, facing her back to him. She exhaled deeply and after convincing her mind and heart, she turned over her heels to face him. Sid’s eyes bulged in shock as Sana started opening the button of her shirt, looking in his eyes intensely. Her acts were giving him wrong signals.

“What are you doing?” He asked in a disbelief tone, stopping her from opening the buttons of shirt by holding her hand. Both looked deeply into each other eyes. For the first time, he found pain in her eyes.

She gave him faint smile. “Don’t worry, I’m comfortable in removing my clothes in front of you. In fact I don’t have any problem to stand utterly naked before you without any hesitation because I’ve already given my soul, heart and body to you. I’m all yours now.” He was utterly dumbfounded after listening to her words. Her words were clearly showing that how deeply and madly she was in love with him. Her love was making him crazy too with each passing second. He was utterly amazed. She was giving him shock after shock.

She removed his hand and again started opening her shirt button, gazing in his eyes fondly. Sid was just staring in her eyes, he was trying see something which was hidden in her eyes. She turned again, facing her back to him after opening all the buttons of her shirts. She put all her hair over one side of shoulder. She gradually pulled the shirt out of her arms, revealing her back to her. Sid raised his eyebrows, he was horrified to see her back. He became utterly numb after seeing faded welt marks and scars all over her back. They were telling the story of her pain and suffering to him. He felt a sharp pain in his heart and his eyes became moist, seeing those marks on his angel’s back. Those marks were looking old and it seemed like the wound she’d gotten would be so deep that’s why their marks became permanent.

Few tears trickled down from her eyes to her cheek because it refreshed the memories which she never wanted to remember, the memories of pain which she had thrown along back ago after locking it in the box. She’d promised to herself that she would never open that box, never ever in her life because she took almost one year to lock that box which was filled with extreme pain, but today she was going to open that box for her love Sidharth. She knew that when she would open that box filled with pain, it would shattered her again, after knowing this also for her love, she was doing this, she was ready to hurt herself to heal him. All this was clearly showing that how selflessly and truly she loved Sidharth. If someone asks her to drink poison for her love, she would drink that poison also with the smile for him.

She wiped her tears with the back of her palms and turned toward him after composing herself. She didn’t want to cry in front of him because she knew her tears would hurt him more and she wanted to give happiness to him, not more pain.

Sid was staring at her with his moist eyes, only one questions was revolving in his mind again and again that who’d given her these marks.

She sighed deeply, closing her eyes before sauntering near to him. “Sir, What do you think, the people who live happily, who smiles, they’ve never suffered pain in their life, they’ve suffered too because living in this world is not easy. Life gives us pain to make us stronger and to know what is happiness, koe bhi dard itna badha nhi hota jitna ki hum usse banate hai (no pain is as big as we make it). If life gives only happiness then we’ll never come to know the value of happiness and the real meaning of happiness. In this world, around us, everybody are suffering from some or other type of pain, pain of losing someone, pain of cheating, pain of love, pain of betrayal, but they’re still happy. If your heart wants then life can become beautiful. It only depends on our thinking. Spending life in pain when you know, you can come out of the pain, then it is the biggest and most stupidest mistake, which you are doing, sir.” The things which she was telling him, those were utterly true and she told him what life’d taught her till now. He was trying to understand her each and every words in deep.

“Leave all this, today I’ll tell you a story. Once upon time there was a girl, she was not so happy in her life. She complained god on every small things and always asked from god that why always her. One day, god heard her and gave her a lesson of life. She got kidnapped and after that incident she understood that the pain about which she used to complain was nothing in front of  the pain she went through after her kidnapping. Then she realised that she’d wasted nineteen years of her beautiful life in complaining and crying unnecessarily. Then she decided to live in every moment happily, forgetting everything. She started finding happiness in everything because she didn’t want to waste her precious life in crying anymore. That painful incident did a magic on her and changed her into a complete new person. Whatever happens, it happens for good.”

Sid knew that she was telling story of her life and her words were affecting him a lot but he was not understanding what to say and what not to say. He became numb at that moment.

“Is, this, this your story?” He stammered and asked staring at her incredulously. She closed her eyes and slightly nodded her head, fighting back with the tears. She instantly turned around because she couldn’t able to control her tears from falling down her cheeks, that incident was revolving in her mind and haunting her. Sid was just standing there shockingly and staring at her back with his moist eyes. Her marks were hurting him a lot, he was feeling like someone was stabbing knife into his heart. The mark which caught his attention the most, it was a big black mark like a tattoo.

After wiping her tears and composing herself, she turned toward him. “When I was eighteen years old, it was the time when I joined college, I was having so many dreams in my eyes but my all dreams broke down when I became the obsession of a psychopath. He proposed me and when I rejected his proposal, he kidnapped me next day and tortured me for two months which were like two ages for me, he tortured me..” She paused and sighed deeply. “He tortured me because I was not ready to spend a night with him. The more I was trying to be strong, the harder he was trying to break me.” She pursed her lips to control her cry because she didn’t want to break down in front of Sidharth. He was hell shocked because not in his dream also, he’d thought that she would’ve suffered so much.

She again turned around, facing her back to him and continued telling him the story of her sufferings. “He beat me with his belt, he burnt me with hot iron rod and with his cigarette, he made my body dirty with his touch, he made me scared with the knife, he was doing everything to break me, so that I would give myself to him. Luckily, I escaped out from the hell. I never fell weak in front of him but the reality was something else because I was completely devastated after this incident, nightmares started haunting me, I couldn’t able to sleep at night because of the nightmares. I started getting afraid from people but luckily this incident made me even more stronger than before. It took me a year to close my pain into the box and when the box got closed, I threw it away and never ever thought about this incident. I started living my life happily like nothing had happened. You won’t believe that after that incident, I came to know, life is so beautiful.” She told him about the incident which she never wanted to share with anybody because she never wanted to remember about that incident but for him, today she shared her pain with him. She was beyond hurt after doing this, that incident again started haunting her after so many years.

“I just come.” She murmured and rushed toward bathroom because she couldn’t able to control her tears anymore and she again started feeling like she was dirty. She didn’t want to cry in front of Sid because she knew by doing this, she would give him more pain and she wanted to give him happiness, not pain. She shared her pain because she just wanted to show him that it is not so difficult to live happily after suffering pain, just we need to be strong. Life can be beautiful, if we want. She was just trying to make him understand that she could have also spoiled her life in pain but she didn’t and decided to live happily, she decided to make her life beautiful, then why couldn’t he do this. Why he didn’t want to come out of the darkness when it was not so difficult.

Sid lost his balance and slumped down on floor in shock. He’d never in dream also thought all this. He was just busy in finding his peace in her smile, he was busy in his dark world, he’d never thought that the girl who smiles always, lives a carefree life, she’d also suffered a lot in her life. He was shocked to see that how easily she was living her life happily after enduring so much of pain.

“If she can live happily then why can’t I? I can also live happily like her. I can also move on.” he wondered, staring straight. Now he was also feeling like he also wasted his so many years, living in darkness. He was complaining to god now that why he didn’t send her earlier to him because this girl really changed his point of view towards life. 

He moved his eyes toward the door of the bathroom when he heard the sound of shower. He instantly stood up and felt a sharp pain as he heard her cry. Her cry broke his heart. Now he was regretting that why he didn’t understand her before, because in all this she got hurt badly. He felt like to punish himself for giving her pain, to punish himself for again refreshing her old wounds and wanted to punish himself for making her remember about her past. But now for him, most important thing was to make her feel safe and helping her to again close her pain in the box, so that later on she would help him to do the same.

He rushed toward the bathroom and opened the door of the bathroom without thinking anything. He stopped on the doorsteps, finding her crying under the shower, utterly naked. He shut his eyes finding her naked and his heart broke down seeing her in this worst state, the condition in which he never wished to see her. He opened his eyes and now he was just looking at her innocent face sadly. He didn’t care about anything, he knew she needed her right now and he strolled toward her. She was constantly crying and rubbing her body. She instantly stopped as her eyes fell on him, but after few seconds she again started crying while rubbing her body.

“Bhut dard ho rha hai, it’s hurting a lot” Her voice cracked and she stared at him with her sorrowful eyes. Tears trickled down his cheeks, seeing his angel in pain. “What I do, his touch is not going away.” She whispered, rubbing her hand, staring at him. Sid shut his eyes and tried to control his tears. His Angel was in deep pain, he was feeling so helpless.

“No, I’ve to do something.” He thought and pulled his t-shirt over his head, looking at her concernedly. He sauntered behind her and stood under the shower. She was constantly crying and trying to remove his touch. He snaked his arms around her and just hugged her tightly from behind after pulling her toward himself, his one hand was encircled around her upper chest and his other hand was wrapped around her bare waist. He rested his chin over her one side of her shoulder, his wet stubble rubbed against her soft cheek and he was slightly rubbing his front wet body against her wet back. He just wanted to remove that psycho touch with his touch.

As his naked body came in contact with her naked body, she instantly stopped crying, a shiver ran down her spine, breathing become uneven, her heartbeat quickened and she felt like her each and every cell of body became alive because of his touch and their proximity. He was pulling her more and more closer to himself and his grip was becoming tighter around her like he wanted to hide her in his arms forever. Sana got lost in his touch after placing her hands over his hands. She forgot everything and felt so peaceful, safe and secured after feeling his body against her. Her soul, her mind and her heart were at peace because of his touch. She found solace in his arms.

“I love you.”He suddenly confessed his love from the core of his heart and her eyes shot open in shock with his sudden confession of love. Now tears of happiness trickled down her cheeks. Her ears were craving to listen these three magical words. She was overwhelmed by the feeling of utter contentment after listening those words. Today she got successful, finally she got what she wanted, he confessed his love which means he accepted her and gave her permission to heal him. She instantly closed her eyes again as he started placing soft and tender kisses all over her neck from behind. He was also gently sucking the water droplets from her neck. His touch was making her feel alive again and his touch was making her soul happy. It was making her weak over her knees, driving her crazy.

After that she turned toward him and both gazed into each other eyes fondly, the water was cascading over them from the shower. She stood up on her tose and after encircling her arms around his neck, she captured his lips. She sucked his upper lips and he sucked her lower lips, soon their lips started moving in rhythm. Sid broke the kiss for a second to confess “I really love you, Shehnaaz.” He whispered, gazing into her eyes deeply and then again captured her lips. He pulled her closer to himself by holding her waist and he kissed her lovingly. Their wet naked bodies were rubbing against each other and arousing them. Their body was on fire. For them this kiss was their real heaven. They were kissing each other passionately and their kiss was showing that how deeply and madly they were in love with each other. Both found peace in each other, they were becoming inseparable souls,  those who share their soul together.


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