(Part : 13) Inseparable Souls


After 3 Days

Sana’s P.O.V.

It has been three days passed since sir asked me to stay away from him. Nothing has changed in these three days. I’ve been still standing at the same place where I’d been standing one month ago when I realised that I love Sidharth Sir. The day when I confessed my love, it was the most beautiful day of my life and it was worst day of my life too. It was my worst day because that day sir made me cry alot and even after confessing his feeling, he pushed me away from himself, and that day was most beautiful because on that day, our first hug happened, I confessed my love, for the first time Sir showed his concerns for me and most importantly that day we kissed each other for the first time, it was a pure bliss. Today even, I can feel his touch on my lips and my lips are craving to feel the touch of his lips again. I don’t know when my lip’s wish will be get fulfilled. I just can’t wait for that day.

I haven’t gone to office from three days. Only I know, how I’m controlling myself from not going there. I haven’t seen him from three days, three days were like three ages for me. It is getting so difficult for me to spend even one second without him. I want to meet him badly. I was thinking that he would call me and he would get worried for me if I don’t go to office, but he didn’t call me for once even. “Why Sir, Why’re you doing this with me and with yourself? I’m sure you would be worried for me but you don’t want to show your emotions but don’t worry, I’m shehnaaz gill and I’ve many ideas to bring you on the track, sir.”  I murmured, blowing the hair out of my face in attitude. I’ll do anything to make you accept me and heal you because I love you and I know, only I can bring happiness in your life.

Sana was tossing on the bed from one side to another side, on her back to on her stomach. It was the third day of her sleepless night and she was missing Sid badly and she was also nervous for next day because she’d planned something very big for tomorrow and she was little happy also because she was going to see Sid after the long three days. She was upset too because the plan would hurt him. “I’m sorry, sir but I’ve to do this for you, I have to do this ” She whispered, hugging her teddy tighter close to her heart.

On the other hand Sid was lying on the floor in the dark room, placing his arm over his forehead and it was covering his eyes too. Like his room, his life was also filled with the darkness where there was no place of light. A ray of light had tried to enter also, but Sid didn’t let that light to enter in his dark world because he was scared for that light, he didn’t want that light to be vanished away in his dark world. He didn’t want to destroy that light with the darkness of his life. He cared for that light. He could do anything to protect that light.

But he didn’t know Sana was not a common light, she was a shining star, wherever she went, she Illuminated that place with her sparkle. Even she had power to shine in his dark world. He didn’t know almighty had sent sana to him for him.

Next morning

“Sana, Did you take your medicine? I’m advising you to take rest for one day more.” Abhi as always like a caring brother insisted Sana to take one more day rest because she’d lied to him that she was not well and that’s why she was not going to office.

“Bhai, I’m fine. Look at me, I’m absolutely fine.” She pulled his cheeks after raising her heel from the floor and standing on her toes. He smiled at her.

“Finally we are relieved and happy to see you fine, Sana.” “Noor sighed with the relief, sauntering out of her room. Sana grinned at her.

“Right, Noor is absolutely right, your smile makes our heart happy.” Abhi kissed Sana’s forehead after clasping her face. She hugged Abhi and Noor stroke her hair lovingly, smiling at her.

“I’m sorry bhai and Bhabhi in advance because what today i am going to do, it’ll hurt you both too, but I’ve to do this because I no other option with me. I’m helpless in love.” Her eyebrows creased and she thought, staring at their smiling faces.


It was nine O’clock in the morning and he was waiting for Sana today also like other days. He wanted to call her but he was holding back because he wanted her to forget him and move on in her life, that’s why he was showing her that he didn’t care for her, but the truth was that he cared for her a lot. His eyes were red which was clearly showing that he’d cried a lot in three days without her. She was the only ray of hope but he couldn’t accept her because he was fearing of something and that fear was pulling him away from her. He wasn’t letting her to heal him for her only.

“Come in.” He answered as there was knock on the door. His lips drawn up into smile automatically as he saw his angel,  strolling into the room, but he instantly hid his smile as her eyes fell on him.

“Wow wow, three days were worth-waiting because I got the chance to his precious smile. His smile is divine, I don’t know when he’ll smile to the fullest and care-freely. I love him so much.” She wondered, staring at him and she suddenly felt sharp in her heart as her eyes moved from her lips to his eyes because his eyes were filled with pain and his red eyes were clearly showing her that he suffered a lot without her.

She exhaled deeply and took a paper from her handbag. “Sir, this is my leave application. I want leave for one week.”She held out the paper towards him, standing beside him.

He stared at the letter and then asked, looking up at her. “Why do you want leave, Miss Shehnaaz.?” Then her answer came like a bomb fall on him.

“Because I’m marrying tonight.” She smirked at him and Sid widened his eyes in shock. “Yes, Mr. Shukla, I’m marrying. You want me to move on, so now I’m moving on in my life.” She took out her marriage invitation card from her handbag. Sid was just looking at her incredulously. He stared at the card as she placed the card on table.

“Shehnaaz, you can’t marry.” He shouted at her, standing up from his chair instantly.

“Yes, yes, he reacted.” She murmured and grinned, moving her head down, her heart was little relieved. “Why can’t I marry, sir? I’m 18+, I’ve legal right to marry and no one can stop me, not even you.” She stated and pointed her index finger at him, smirking.

“But you can’t marry like this, I mean to say, I know why are you marrying. Just to make me jealous, you got ready to marry anyone without knowing him. This is utterly wrong. You’re spoiling your life and I won’t let this happen.” He declared, Sana chuckled, making him confused.

“What you’re doing, Is it right?  Is it right to push me away when you badly need me? Is it right to cry when you have chance to smile? Is it right to live in darkness when you have hope to bring light in your dark life? Is it right to become the reason of my tears when you can become the reason of my smile? Is it right to not to fight for love because you’re afraid of something? Answer me, what you’re doing, is it right in your point of view?” She asked and waited for his answer, glaring at him in anger.

“Shehnaaz, I know, I’m doing wrong, but I’m doing this for you. I’ve my own reasons. I’m forced to do this, but you’re spoiling your life without any specific reason. Please, try to understand me, what you’re doing, it will spoil your life. Getting marry is not any game, it joins the two people in a bond that lasts until death.” He clasped her face and implored her to understand him and change her decision.

She pursed her lips, shutting her eyes to fight back her tears.” No, Sana, this is not the right time to cry, you’ve to be strong for your love.” She mentally encouraged herself before speaking.

“I don’t care and I don’t want to listen anything. I just want to give you two option, first option is that see me, marrying with the person whom I don’t love and second option is that you can marry me and save me from marrying that person.” Sid was staring at her in a disbelief, he’d never thought that she would do something like this.

“Are you out of your mind? have you gone mad?” He roared at her and she smirked.

“Yes, Mr. Shukla, I’ve gone crazy in your love and it’s just the beginning of my madness, you will soon get to know, who i am.” She answered him after raising her heels, lifting up her face, moving closer to his face, pulling him toward herself after grabbing his collars of his blazer and standing on her toes. Sid was just staring at her unbelievably and her next move shocked him.

She suddenly sucked his lips like they were her favourite candy. She got her breath back as she fulfilled the wish of her lips which were craving to feel the touch of his lips. She winked at him, smirking. “Let me again remind you that what I want, I take relief only after getting it.” She whispered against his lips and she was turning him on. He could feel her hot breath on his lips and he wanted to kiss her badly but he was  controlling himself, clenching his fist.

“See you tonight, Sir.” She marched toward the door. She waved her hand at him, smirking after turning toward him. He slumped down onto the chair, holding his head and resting his elbows over the table. She again strode toward him and he stared at bemusedly.

“oops sorry, I forgot to tell you that venue and timing of my marriage is written on card.” She told him, pointing her finger at the card which was lying on table. He was staring at her incredulously. “Be on time, oops sorry, I forgot that you’re punctual, So you won’t be late.” She slapped her head slightly. “Bye.” She bid him bye and finally sauntered out of the room, leaving behind the confused and shocked Sid who had to take the decision now. Sana had made the solid plan which put Sid into a dilemma.

“Let’s see Mr. Shukla, what will you do?”She mumbled to herself after stepping out of his cabin.


Sana was dressed up in red wedding lengha. She was looking elegant and pretty. She was sitting in front of mirror, she’d booked a room to get ready for marriage. “Sir, you don’t know, what a magic you’re doing on me. My mind and my heart stopped listening to me, even my body is craving for your touch.” She whispered, roaming her hand from her face to her neck. “I never thought that I would become crazy for someone like this, I’m ready to do anything for you. It’s true that love makes you blind utterly.” She stared at photo frame of Sid which was kept on table in front of her eyes. Her love was not wrong, her blind love was also right, sometime loving someone blindly it becomes dangerous but in her case it wasn’t dangerous, in fact it was helping in bringing her love back.


Sana reached at the temple where she was going to marry Sid at the end because she knew, he would surely come. The person with whom she was going to marry to show Sid, he was already presented there and waiting for her arrival. He came from delhi to Mumbai just for Sana. He was the only best friend of her and he could to do anything for her that’s why he also got ready for this. She had even told him if today Sid doesn’t stop this marriage, then they would get marry just to show him. His name was Cabir Dhawan , he was a fun loving guy and carefree like Sana, he had his  business in Delhi.

“Sana, are we seriously going to marry?” He asked dramatically showing that he was scared. “Yes my Cabira,  from friends now we are going to become husband and wife.” She chuckled, nodding her head positively. He made crying like faces and Sana laughed like a drain, seeing his face expressions. “Cabira, stop acting okay, and if you’re seriously worried then chill because I know, Sir will never let this marriage happen.” She was confident while Cabir just shook his head in disbelief, seeing her crazy love for her boss.

“You have gone mad,  like seriously, for the first time I’m seeing this type of love. I mean, he is pushing you away and look what you are doing.” He uttered, staring at her incredulously. Sana was just smiling.

“Cabir, you know, I can’t make you understand what is love, when you’ll fall in love na then only you will understand that what is love. Love is not just the four letter words, it is a beautiful feeling which you feel when you’ll fall in love.” She answered him and he grimaced, staring at her because he didn’t believe in love.

“It’s nine O’clock, we should settle down now and start doing our acting. Sir will be here soon.”Sana grasped his wrist and led him where the mandap had been arranged by them, priest was also waiting for them, they all settled down. “Oh god, please today save me from marrying to this mad and psycho lover.” Cabir prayed to god, looking upward. Sana shook her head, seeing his dramatic friend. He was more dramatic than Sana. “Oh god, give some mind to sir and send him here today “Sana also prayed to god.

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