(Part : 11) Inseparable Souls


“I’ve forgotten to live, Shehnaaz. Will you, will you teach me how to live?” He clasped her face and asked, his eyes brimmed with tears. His words were clearly showing that how vulnerable he was at that time, he was craving to live happily, but he had forgotten to live and needed someone who can teach him how to live happily, the darkness was killing him from inside gradually. Sana was staring at him, her eyes filled with the pain, she was feeling extreme pain in her heart, seeing him in pain, but she was happy too because what she wished, that was happening. Sid was finally coming out of his shell, asking her to heal him and to teach him how to live happily.

“You know if you hadn’t came like an angel in my life, I would’ve died in the darkness of my life. You came like a ray of light into my dark world. You’re an angel of my life.” He clasped her face with his both hands and whispered moving closer to her face. He was happy from his heart after ages because he got a person who would love him, he was craving for it.

“Somebody please pinch me. Am I dreaming? The monster Shidharth is calling me his angel and asking me to teach him how to live life. It is unbelievable. I didn’t know that this day would become the most memorable day of my life. This is the beautiful day of my life, the monster Sidharth cried in my arms, he put his heart in front of me and I’m glad he thinks that I can heal him. If this is dream, I want this dream to never get end.” Sana was staring at sid, having contented smile on her face. She was on cloud nine today. Whatever she wanted, all that was happening in real.

Sidharth was feeling blissful after seeing the magnificent smile on her innocent face. Her smile gave peace to his heart, mind and soul. He’d been spending his day in peace since the day he had seen Sana’s heavenly beautiful smile. He became restless when he didn’t see her smile. Her smile was the most precious thing for him. He could do anything just to see her one smile, but he didn’t know why her smile was so important for him because he didn’t know about the feeling of love. He loved Sana a lot but he didn’t know.

“Sir, why you hide your goodness behind your anger? I can see extreme pain in your eyes, What is that pain?” As she asked, Sid lips drawn down and his eyebrows creased. Sana closed her eyes,  regretting for again talking about his pain.

“Sana, you’re so stupid. Like this, will you bring smile on his face, by reminding about his past which he wants to forget. For now, bringing his happiness back is more important  than knowing about her past.” She mentally scolded herself and stared at him with sorrowful eyes.

“Go to hell his past. Whatever it was, I don’t care because it was his past and now I’m his present and future. We should never think about those things which give us pain, I’ll never make him upset by reminding him about his past and I’ll never ask about his past from him. I know, when he will be comfortable, he himself will share everything with me, but I’ll never force him because I know it’s hurt a lot.” She thought still staring at Sid who was sitting sadly, staring at the steering of the car without blinking his eye like he was lost in the deep thought. For Sana, his past didn’t matter, she just wanted to see smile on his face and that’s called true love.

“Sir, do you love, Rain?” She suddenly asked to change the mood of him and Sid looked up at her confusingly and than he realised that it was raining outside, he was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t even come to know that it was raining outside. He stared outside for a second and then moved his eyes back at her. She raised her eyebrows asking him to answer her. “Sir, do you love rain or not? Is my voice not audible to you? Have I asked a very difficult question from you, that’s why it is getting so difficult for you to answer?” She asked in her cute style again after not getting any reply.

“I don’t know.” He replied, moving his eyes down and rubbing his forehead with his forehead. She wrinkled her nose after getting this answer from him. “What type of Answer is this? I don’t know, so who knows, this car knows or his works knows?” She muttered to herself, turning her face toward the window. “Sana, shut up. Stop making fun of him. If you’ve forgotten then let me remind you, he is suffering.”She mentally scolded herself, turning her face at him. She bit her lower lips. Sid was just enjoying the show of her cute expressions which she was giving while busy thinking about him. He found her so adorable, he could look at her without getting bore all his life.

“But I know that I love Rain. I like getting wet in the rain since childhood. You know my mom, she scolded me because I catch cold after getting drenched in rain. She used to said, sana, if this happened next time ,I’ll complain to your father.”she mimicked her mom’s voice. She started blabbering like kid in front of Sid, forgetting everything. For the first time Sid was seeing her talking like this. His heart was feeling happy, seeing her like this, she was full of life. Before he always stopped her from speaking and now he was regretting for doing that. If he hadn’t stopped her before, she would’ve healed him long back ago with her love and cuteness. She was adorable like a small baby. He was falling in love with her more.

“Then time passed and my mom stopped scolding me because she came to know that I love rain. Mom knows, once I decide something then i take relief only after achieving it, and in the same way I achieve you. Sir, I decided that I’ll” She bit her lower lip as she realised she was spitting everything in front of him. Sid looked at her suspiciously, narrowing his eyebrows.

“Idiot, idiot, a big idiot you’re Sana. what have you done? You are a chatterbox and this habit of blabbering everything will take your life one day, I’m telling you, seriously. Now again get ready to face his questions.” She muttered to herself, closing her eyes and made cute expressions, but she didn’t know that her mistakes would do a impossible work. Her cuteness brought smile on his face. She opened her eyes and her breath got stuck in her throat as she saw alluring smile on his handsome face. His smile was like heaven for her. She couldn’t even describe in words, what she was feeling at that moment. She’d been waiting for this day since long. She went to heaven after seeing his perfect and appealing smile.

Sid didn’t know when a smile appeared on his face. Her overload cuteness brought smile on his face instantly and he smiled after ages. He’d forgotten how to smile and thought that he would never able to smile ever again in his life after that incident, but Sana made this impossible task possible, her love made this possible, her unconditional love made this possible, really Sid said right, Sana walked into his life like an angel and gradually she would heal him utterly and would make him a new person like she brought smile on his face like a magic.

“Sir, did the storm come?” she suddenly asked a weird question from him and he stared at him bemusedly, narrowing his eyebrows. “Before I used to think, you don’t smile because you are afraid that storm would come if you smile. That’s why I’m asking, did the storm come?” She laughed loudly, Sid stared at her, having beatific smile on his face. Her laugh, her smile, her expressions, her words, whatever she was doing and speaking, everything was giving peace to his soul.

“Sir, do you know, your smile is so attractive and charming, so perfect. Hayee, You stole my heart again with your perfect smile.” She closed her eyes and moved his head backward, placing her hand over her heart. She acted like she fainted down after seeing his smile. She was a drama queen. She giggled, putting her hand on her mouth. He again got lost in her, he’d never met a girl like Sana before in his life, she was unique, a happy soul, a carefree girl and a girl who love him crazily.

But he didn’t know that the girl who was smiling and laughing in front of him, that girl had suffered too in her life. It just that she moved on in her life, forgetting that incident because she knew, moving on in life is very important. She knew, life is not only the bed of roses, sometimes it become the bed of thrones and then person has to live too because life keeps moving, it doesn’t stop for anybody and that’s why the person should also keep on moving with the life. Happy and sad moment are the part of life, if person will not face sad moment, then how he will realise what’s real happiness, hard times of life make the person stronger and teach a lesson. Sana was never like this before that incident. She used to cry over small things but that incident had changed her for good and made her stronger.

She stopped laughing as she found him staring at her. They both got lost in staring into each other eyes. “Sir..” She whispered, breaking the silence. He came on the earth back and rubbed his nape sheepishly, bowing his head down because she caught him, staring at her.

“What were you saying, you have achieved me, what did you decide, Miss Shehnaaz? ” he asked, raising his eyebrows.

“He has such a sharp memory. I mean, the topic has been changed a long back ago and he still wants to know what did I decide. Oh god, please save me from my monster.” She was muttering, moving her face down.

“Sir..”She raised her head to look at him. “Yes, I’d decided to get a job in your company and as you know, I achieved that too and now I’m working with you.” She sighed relief after finally giving him answer of his question. “Please, sir, now stop playing this quiz game with me. I can’t answer your questions anymore.” She thought, staring at him with pleading eyes while he was still looking at her warily.

“You’re a bad lier, Miss Shehnaaz.” She raised her eyebrows and widened her eyes in shock because he caught her lie but she didn’t know how.

“What do you mean ?”she asked instantly.

“I mean to say that you’re lying to me because I know, you decided to achieve me and bring smile on my face and you’ve achieved it too.” He smirked at her and she moved her eyelashes down shyly.

“You don’t need to hide it from me because you haven’t done anything wrong. In fact, I’m glad that you decided to achieve me otherwise who could have brought smile on my face. You don’t know, what you’re doing to me. After so many years, I’m feeling like my heart is beating and I’m breathing. You’re are really a precious gift of god and god has blessed me with that precious gift. I never want to lose this precious gift, never ever.” He whispered, placing his hands over her cheeks. She was staring at him, her eyes filled with love. He was coming closer to her face and her heartbeat started accelerating and breath started becoming His breath was caressing her face and awakening her inner desires.

“Is he going to kiss me? Oh my god, it is like that I’m dreaming.” She thought when their lips were few inches apart and now their breath was caressing each other lips. He was staring at her perfect pink lips, his eyes filled with desires.

“I just can’t wait to taste your delicious lips.” She flushed as he whispered, brushing her lower lip with his thumb, staring in her beautiful eyes. Her heart was racing, she could hear her heartbeat. He was making her weak with his touch. She was feeling so good and craved more to feel his lips over her lips.

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