(Part : 15) The Professor And His Princess


After talking to Mr. stranger, before going back to my bedroom, I went to check dad if he’s fine or not. The door of his room is ajar, I peeked into the room and found him sleeping, hugging mom. I smiled slightly, seeing them and closed the door properly without making any sound. I strolled back to my room and lay down on my bed. I pulled the comforter over me after turning on the AC. I started thinking about Mr. stranger. He’s really a genuine person, but why he’s keeping his identity hidden. I really want to know. I want to meet him. I feel something in my heart whenever I talk to him and feel a strong connection between us. I neither cried in front of anybody before nor I shared my pain with anybody, but today I cried my heart aloud over phone and shared my all inner pain with him. I’m so relieved after this. I feel so connected to him, but why and What is it?

I fell asleep and woke up after few hours. I picked up my phone from the table to check time. “What I slept for four hours?” I instantly sat up on the bed as I saw the time. I’ve never slept for four hours before in the evening.

After getting fresh, I sauntered into kitchen because I’m starving. Dad is preparing the dinner. I inhaled as the smell reached to my nostrils.

“How’re you?” I asked, strolling toward him.

He looked at me and gave a faint smile. “I’m fine.” He blinked his eyes. I smiled back at him.

“Dinner is getting ready. Until then you please eat some fruits because you haven’t eaten anything since afternoon.” My caring Daddy. I gave him a nod. I started munching an apple after taking it out from the refrigerator. After that I helped him with the dinner.

I strolled into my room after having dinner. I called Mr. stranger, wandering across the balcony of my room and staring the sky full of star.

“Hello, Princess. How’re you now?” I just smiled automatically, hearing his voice. What is happening to me?

“I’m great. I slept for four hours.”

“That’s good. You know, you’re really a great person. I mean, I never thought that you would be hiding so much pain inside you. After all this, you smile, you spread happiness all around. Just hats off to you, really.” I chuckled because he’s over praising me now.

“You know, sometimes it hurts a lot, but I distract my mind instantly because I don’t want to waste my time in crying all the time. I want to live this one life to the fullest.”

“You’re saying absolutely right. Now I’ve also stopped stressing and crying over my problems. If you can live happily, then why can’t I, right?” I’m so happy to see the drastic change in him.

“Anybody can live happily. But you know what, today I felt so great after sharing everything with you. I’m feeling so light after so many months.” I told him, smiling blissfully.

“Since the day I started talking to you, I’ve been feeling just like this. You’re filled with positivity. I’m glad you shared your inner pain with me. I realised that anybody could live happily.” He’s sounding so happy, even I’m happy too.

“Can we meet now? I want to know, who’re you Mr. stranger?” I know his answer will be no like always.

“You know princess, I can’t reveal my identity. Try to understand.” He answered after few seconds of silence, my lips drawn down.

“But we’re now friends. Promise, I’ll never break our friendship. Please, tell me.” I implored because this suspense is killing.

Then next moment, I flinched as I heard a very loud sound over my phone and the phone got disconnected. I didn’t understand what it was but now I’m scared. I’m calling him constantly but he’s not answering my phone. I’m marching across the balcony, utterly stressed. I don’t know, what just happened suddenly? I’m extremely anxious about him. There is bread of sweat over my forehead and I’m breathing heavily. I clenched the railing and sighed deeply, closing my eyes to calm down myself. I just hope, he’s fine. A lone tear trickled down my cheek.

After long twenty minutes which were like twenty hours for me, he called me back. I just picked up the phone without thinking anything. I opened my mouth to speak something but instantly closed my mouth, listening a female voice from other side. “I’m talking from lifeline hospital. The person whose phone is this, he’s been admitted into the hospital. Come fast.” I just became utterly numb after knowing this and felt like my heart stops beating.

“Hello, mam. Are you listening to me?” As she asked, I came back to my senses.

“I’m coming.” I answered and cut the phone.

I rushed out of my room. I beat the door of my parents’ room, sweating, my heartbeat racing, nearly exploding and I’m feeling pain in my chest. I can’t lose him. I can’t again bear the pain of losing someone very important. I just can’t.

“What happened, Nandu?” As dad opened the door, he asked concernedly, placing hand over my shoulder after seeing my condition.

“Dad, my friend” I almost chocked up, he squeezed my shoulder. “He met with the accident. I need to go. I want your car’s keys.” Tears trickled down my eyes mechanically.

“He would be fine, Nandu. First just calm down.” He squeezed my both the shoulders slightly. I’m so afraid to lose him.

“Dad, I can’t lose him. I don’t want to. I can’t bear this pain again.” I cried, hugging him tightly. I’m feeling extreme pain in my chest.

“Nandu, he would be fine, don’t worry.” He’s trying to console me, stroking my back. I’m whimpering in his arms, scared and anxious.

“I need to go.” I uttered after breaking the hug suddenly and wiping my tears. I need to be strong, I can’t fall weak. Dad rushed into the room and came back with the car’s key.

“In which hospital, he’s been admitted?” Dad asked, giving me the keys.

“Lifeline hospital.” I told him, taking the keys. The hospital is three hours away from our house.

“Drive save and don’t take stress.” I gave him a slight nod and dashed out of the house.

I’m on the way to hospital and just praying to god to keep him safe and fine. My body is literally trembling because of the fear, my heart is racing and I’m sweating. My phone started ringing which is kept on the front passenger seat. I glanced at the phone screen. I instantly applied the brake and moved forward as I saw, Mr. stranger name flashing on my phone screen.

“Hello.” I instantly answered the call, placing the phone over my ear, gripping it tightly. I’m panting and my heart is beating rapidly.

“Hello, Princess.” As I heard his voice, I closed my eyes and sighed deeply, resting my head against the seat. I’m so relieved. Thank god, he’s fine.

“I know, you must got so scared after knowing about my accident, but don’t worry it was a mirror accident, I’m fine now and going back home.” He told me that he’s fine, but still I want to meet him and see him fine with my eyes.

“I want to meet you, please.” I pleaded, my voice filled with pain.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine. Go back home, It’s too late.” I shut my eyes dejectedly. Why can’t I meet him?

“Why can’t I meet you? I’m worried for you. You don’t even know what was my condition when I got to know that you met with the accident.” I got furious suddenly and shouted.

“I’m sorry but you can’t meet me.” He answered guiltily.

“You’re not understanding me. I’m worried for you. I just want to see that you’re fine or not, please.” I implored.

He uttered after few seconds of utter silence. “I’m fine, Nandini. Go back home.” I closed my eyes, disheartened.

“Bye.” I just hung up and threw the phone on the passanger seat, fuming in anger. I sighed deeply, clenching the steering before starting the car’s engine. “I won’t talk to him.” I raised one corner of my mouth in anger.

I reached back home with in an hour. I’m sitting on the sofa, Dad has gone to bring a glass of water from the kitchen. He gave me the water.

I sipped down the water and placed the glass on the table. I looked at him. “Dad he’s fine now. I’ll meet him at my college tomorrow.” I told him that he’s my college’s friend. I can’t tell him about Mr. stranger. How can I tell him that I’ve a friend who doesn’t want to reveal his identity?

“Thank god.” He sighed with relief. “Now it’s too late, you should sleep.” I stood up after nodding at him.

“Good night, dad.” I sauntered to my room after wishing him good night. It was really a long day today. I just slumped down on my bed and fell asleep without thinking anything.

Love Mehak

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  1. Oh noo I was like yayyy atleast they will meet now but noo😭😭
    When will they meet Writerji??🥺

  2. Awesome mindblowing update….
    Nandu ke dad is so caring and loves his daughter very much which was shown when he made her eat fruits bcoz she had didnt eaten anything since afternoon and even when she went to room crying after hearing about Mr. Strangers accident he consoled her and made her stop crying and then he gave her car keys so she can go to her friend to meet in hospital and even he gave her glass when she returned….
    Who is exactly Mr. Stranger bcoz he is not ready to reveal his identity to nandu however many times she asks about him and now her anger skyrocket when he refused to allow her to meet him after hearing about his accident so decided to not talk to him at all…

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