(Part : 9) The Professor And His Princess


After the breakfast, I spent some time with mom and dad. I came back to my room. Now I’m cleaning my cupboard after ages. It is completely messed up. I’m throwing all the clothes onto my bed.

“I’ve so many clothes.” I kept my hands on my waist and mumbled, seeing my clothes which are scattered on the bed in front of my eyes.

I made space for me to sit on the bed. I started folding the clothes nicely and hanging some of them on the hanger.

I remember those days when mom used to help me in cleaning my cupboard. She scolded me for buying so many clothes and for not wearing them after the one use. I miss everything about her. I don’t know when I’ll get her back, but I won’t leave the hope.

I came on the earth back when my phone started ringing which is kept on the side table of bed.

“Everything will be fine.” I sighed deeply. I picked up the phone from the side table.

Oh, Mr. Stranger is calling me. Now I’ll hear his voice for the first time. I answered the call and put the phone on speaker.

“Hey, Princess.” I froze for a second after listening to his voice. I felt something in my heart. I don’t know, what is it. His voice is pleasant, husky and familiar. Familiar to someone ,as if I’ve heard his voice before.

“Hello, Mr. Stranger.” I answered back, holding the phone close to my mouth.

“You have a sweet voice, Princess.” He complimented. I’m smiling like an idiot because the way he’s calling me princess.

“Thank you.”

“I was waiting for your message. Are you still busy?” He asked.

“I forgot.” I said the truth.

“What are you doing now?”

“I bunk college today as you know. So I’m utilising the time by cleaning the cupboard.”

“That’s nice.”

“What are you doing?”

“At work.”

“What type of work?”

Maybe I get some clue about him after knowing this.

“Construction. We make hotels all over the world.”

“Oh wow, that’s amazing.”

“Tell me sometime more about your work.” I’m trying to find out who is he.

“I know why are you interested in this. I’m sorry but I can’t tell.” I can feel through his voice that he’s genuinely feeling sorry, but the question is why can’t he tell me.

“It’s fine. But at least you can tell why can’t you tell me.”

I know he won’t tell this too.

He took a deep breath, I heard it over phone. “It’s complicated. My life is messed up.” His tone became serious.

Suddenly a question popped up into my mind and I asked. “Do I know you?”

Why didn’t I ask this question yet ?

“No, I know you but you don’t know me.”

Shit, now it will be difficult to guess who is he.

Is he my psycho stalker? This is scary.

“Do you stalk me?” I stammered.

He chuckled. “Chill, I’m not your psycho stalker.” I sighed.

But wait, How did he come to know that I was thinking this ?

“Are you a mind reader?” I instantly asked without thinking anything.

He laughed loudly. “Do you really think this?” He stopped laughing and asked.

“I was just kidding.” I lied.

I wasn’t kidding because anything could happen in this world.

“Don’t think too much. I’m a normal person like you. I’m not going to harm you.” He became again serious.

“Yeh, I know you only need me as a friend. I want to tell you something, I’m there for you, anytime you need me because from our yesterday conversation I feel like you really need me. You know what I think, everything that happens in our life has a reason. You messaged me because you need somebody to show you the reality of life. You know, I was completely like you. I used to complain that why my life is like this, and believe me right now my life is hundred times more fucked up than earlier, but still I’m happy. I’ve no complain. I’m relaxed.”

I’m feeling like I’m giving some kind of lecture to him. Maybe I should become philosopher. Good idea.

“How? I mean how are you so relaxed?” He asked.

“Because I know life will going to remain like this, messed up. So I stopped wasting my time in crying over my messed life and I learned to live relaxed and happy in messed up life.”


“I enjoy every moment of my life forgetting every pain and problems of life. Live your life to the fullest as long as you’re alive. Mr. Stranger, stop worrying about the problems, do whatever your heart say. Just follow your heart. Life is so beautiful, believe me.”

“I want to be like you. It’s sound so amazing, Whatever you’re saying. You know now I’m feeling like to fly. For the first time, I’m feeling something like this and It’s amazing.” I laughed, listening to his words. He was really sounding happy.

“It’s just the beginning. I’m gonna make you meet the complete different life which will change your mindset.”

“Thank you so much Nandini. I’m a complete stranger to you and then too you’re helping me. This means a lot to me, really.” He thanked me.

I smiled wholeheartedly. I’m feeling so good to help him, really.

“So I’m accepting your friendship proposal. As Now we are no longer strangers, so don’t thank me. Because the first rule of friendship in my list is that there is no place of thank you.”

I’ve become his friend because I don’t want him to feel like I’m doing any favour on him. I’m doing it for myself because I’m feeling good from inside. I’m not doing any kind of favour on him.

“I wasn’t expecting this. I’mean that you would become my friend so easily.” He said incredulously.

“See, life gives you nice surprises too sometimes.” I said and we both chuckled.

“Right, I can see. I’m glad to be a friend of a person who has a beautiful heart, a beautiful face, a beautiful mind and a beautiful soul. You’re beautiful from everywhere.” His words sent a shiver down my spine. I became speechless for a second, listening to his words. I felt extremely good. I’m overwhelmed by a feeling of utter contentment.

There is a complete silence, we can hear sound of each other breath over phone.

I took a deep breath and said. “Everyone has a beautiful mind ,and a heart, You too have.”

He chuckled. “We’ve been talking since an hour.”

As he said, I looked at the time instantly in a shock. I just can’t believe that we’ve been talking from an hour. I didn’t realise.

“I’ll talk to you later, Mr. stranger. I’ve to do lot of work today.” I said, staring at the clothes which are completely scattered on my bed. I’ve to do so many things today.

“I shouldn’t have told you the time because I don’t want to say bye to you.” He uttered sadly.

Is he really feeling sad?

“I’ll call you as soon as I get free.” I don’t know why but I don’t want to make him feel sad.

He laughed. “You’re so extra sweet. I was just kidding. It’s more than enough for me that you’re talking to me and you’ve accepted my friendship proposal. The most important thing, you’re making me feel happy from inside after a long time. You’re doing a lot for me, really.” I smiled delightfully.

I’m gratified. It feels so damn amazing after becoming the reason of somebody’s happiness, really.

“I’m happy to know this.” I smiled broadly.

“So now I won’t disturb you more. Bye and take care, Princess.”

“Bye.” I cut the call, having a blissful smile on my face. I want to spread happiness like this all over the world because it makes me feel good to help others.

Love Mehak

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13 thoughts on “(Part : 9) The Professor And His Princess

  1. I loved their conversation 😍😍😍 so beautiful ❤️❤️ she herself was facing problems but still she wanted to help manik to be happy she is really a pure hearted person so positive so beautiful from inside😍😍😍
    I loved this Nandini ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Awsomee mindblowing update….
    Harr ladki ase he hote hai they have heaps and heaps of clothes but they always complains that they have no clothes and wants to shop at evert chance they get hehe…
    Hayeee nandu tou ketna samjdar hai she understood Mr. Stranger to easily she can relate herself to him so she wants to give him all the happiness she can give by becoming his friend and giving motivation speeches and the way she explained all the things to him was so beautiful which touched Mr. Strangers heart….
    He was so happy to talk to her and on top of that she said they will be friends which was so sweet of her and when she was about to cut the call he became sad awwweee pyaare stranger…

  3. Yeh kya bat hui? Teacher hoke khud hi jhut bolta hai…😂😂😂 construction and all

  4. It’s amazing chapter 😍❤
    Nandu Mr. Stranger Koi or nai One n only Mr. Professor hai..

    Nandini is a very positive person n usne manik ko kaise happy kar diya I Loved it…
    I can see that jb inki friendship love me convert ho jayegi vo din bhi dur nai 😝😝
    But biggest secret Ye stranger ka part kaise reveal hoga I am much much excited 😜😜💃💃

    Really this is unique plot n I am loving it ❤❤
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