(Part : 3) The Professor And His Princess


After we’ve been thrown out of the class room, now we’re sitting at the backstairs of college.

“He’s so rude, Nandini. How could he throw us out on the first day ?” Few minutes ago, Anu was asking me to date him and now she is fuming in anger, calling him rude. How funny.

“And what were you saying in the class? Did you forget?” I asked, raising my eyebrows.

“Still it is green singnal for that because we can’t deny that he is so hot. If I were single, I would definitely date him.” I stared at him incredulously.

“I’ll surely tell this to Cabir.”

Cabir is her boyfriend. They’re in a long distance relationship. They met three years ago in a mall and exchanged numbers. That time, this happy go girl who is sitting in front of me, she was in depression. Cabir changed her and brought light into her dark life. He made her look at world in different way. She loves Cabir a lot. After few months of their relationship, he went to US for his graduation. I started talking to him over phone when Anu told me about him but never met him as a person. He looks at the life in a whole different way. One year ago, when I lost my brother, he consoled me too and helped me to move on. He’s a gem. Anu is lucky to have him and I’m also lucky to have him as a friend.

“I don’t care, tell him.” She shrugged her shoulder. Yeh, why will she care because he trusts her.

“Nandu, didn’t you find him hot?” I glared at her as she again asked the same question. Why she’s talking about him? I don’t want to think about him.

“Anu, will you please change the topic?” I begged, joining my hands in front of her. I’m pissed off.

“I’ve just asked you a simple question. Why are you overreacting?” I myself don’t know why I’m overreacting.

I calmed down myself by taking a deep breath. “Because he is our professor, Anu. We shouldn’t talk like this about him.”

“If you’ll keep running away from boys like this then you’re going to die single.” What? I’m just twenty two. I have lot of time. She is saying nonsense.

“Anu just chill, I’ll not die single. When in my life, someone like my dad will come then I will never leave that person.” I said, having smile on my face. “And I’m desperately waiting for that day.”

“The boy won’t come at your doorstep, you’ve to do some effort for that, my nandu.” She said pulling my cheeks.

I smiled at her. “Sooner or later, he will come. I’m wondering, what my future life partner would be doing at this time.” I thought, putting my forefinger over my chin.

“My crazy, Nandu.” She encircled her one arm around my neck and kissed my cheek.

“My soul sister.” I smiled blissfully at her.

After sometime, the bell rang and we rushed to the classroom. I found Manik Sir talking to one teacher in the corridors near our classroom. I couldn’t able to stop myself from staring at him. He’s so attractive and tall. The way his perfect lips are moving, I can’t describe in words. My heartbeat quickened again. What is happening to me? I’m going crazy.

“Nandu, where are you lost? We’re getting late.” I came on the earth back as Anu shouted from the classroom. Thank god she didn’t catch me gawking at professor Manik. I sighed deeply before sauntering into the room.

“I was just looking around.” Before she asks me, I answered her. I lied to her.

Then we strolled toward our desk and settled down. The whole class is talking about professor Manik and I’m smiling like an idiot thinking about him. What’s happening to me?

Stop thinking about him, Nandu. He’s your professor. I mentally scolded myself for thinking about him. I don’t want to think about him but still I’m thinking about. There is seriously something wrong with me.

Three lectures passed away in thinking about my hottie professor. Now it is break time and I’m still thinking about him, sitting in the cafeteria with Anu and Vikas.

Vikas is our friend. He’s not in our class. He’s a great guy and very popular. There will be no one in this college who doesn’t know him. He’s popular because of his music band. Anu is the song writer of his band. She writes so amazing lyrics of songs. I’m fan of my Anu. She’s great writer.

Vikas likes me. He even proposed me but I rejected him politely. He’s a nice guy but I like him as a friend. There are so many girls who run after him but I don’t know why he likes me. Thank god, he didn’t take my rejection in a wrong way.

We’re talking on the random topic and my jaw dropped down when Professor Manik stepped into the canteen. Oh god, Did he has to come here now only? I’m already going crazy thinking about him and now he’s here again, in front of my eyes. It’s okay, I won’t look at him.

I decided to not look at him and started talking with Vikas and Anu. I’m not understanding what they’re talking about because my mind is somewhere else, Idiot. My mind is asking me to look at him and I’m fighting with my mind that I won’t look at him. Isn’t it funny? I’m fighting with my stupid mind.

“Vikas, see our new hot english professor.” Anu pointed in the direction where he is standing. I also looked in that direction like an idiot. He’s ordering something at the counter and his thumbs are hooked in the pockets of his jeans. I just can’t take off my eyes from his handsome face and from his mysterious and intense eyes. The way his perfect pinky lips are moving, I’m speechless.

“Finally someone came to compete Vikas Khanna in this college.” My ears heard Vikas’s voice but my eyes are still staring at this handsome man.

His lips curled up into a beautiful smile as he took the order and I’m dead. He has a captivating and an engaging smile. Very, very attractive and appealing. I’m really dead. This man is a greek god.

I looked at Anu after coming on the earth back as She asked me. “Nandu, where’re you lost ?You haven’t even touched your sandwich.”

I just stared at her silently, having no answer of her question. I can’t tell her about my condition, not now. If I tell her, she will eat up my mind more. I’m already losing my mind. I can’t take this anymore.

She clasped my face. “What happened, Nandu? Is everything fine?” She asked concernedly.

No, Anu, no, nothing is fine. I’m going insane. Oh god, but how do I tell her? How do I explain her?

“Everything is fine, Anu. I’m just not hungry.” I lied to her. She narrowed her eyes and looked at me, having doubt in her gorgeous blue eyes.

“Anu my life, seriously I’m not hungry.” I gave a tight side hug to her after wrapping my arm around her neck, touching my face with her.

“Just stop buttering me, okay. Shut up and eat.” She pointed at sandwich which is kept in the plate and scowled at me like a mother.

“Okay, I’m eating.” I complied willingly because I’m hungry. I just lied to her that I’m not. I stifled a giggle.

I gave sad look to her and started eating the sandwich, showing her that I’m unwillingly eating the sandwich for her. Now, I’m not able to see him anywhere in the canteen. Maybe he left the canteen with his meal. I sighed with the relief but deep inside I felt a urge to see him again. I don’t know, what is it, why I’m feeling like this and why I don’t want to even know and think about this. I just don’t know anything. I’m just puzzled up.

“You’re getting weak, Nandini. You should eat on time.” Vikas said concernedly.

I nodded my head and smiled forcefully at him. I’m becoming weak, I’m like this only, dumbo.

“Is the new song ready, Anu?” He asked from Anu.

“I’m working on it. I’ll be ready by the end of this week.” She told him.

“What ? Is it still not ready? Anu..” he scowled at Anu.

I frowned. How dare he shout on my Anu?

“Shut up, Vikas. She’s saying that it’ll be ready by the end of this week. Why are you overreacting ? She has more work to do.” I shouted on him, cutting his words. Maybe I’m overreacting. I don’t know.

Vikas was dejected and his head hang down.

Anu put her hand over my shoulder. “It’s Okay, Nandu. Relax.”

“I think, I should leave.” He rushed out of the canteen. I’m laughing from inside now. Poor Vikas. He became the victim of my mood swings.

“Nandu, why did you shout on him?” Anu asked, staring at me bemusedly.

“Why did he shout on you?” I asked back, raising my eyebrows.

“You’re seriously crazy.” She shook her head incredulously.

“Tell me something new, Anu. We both know that the whole world is crazy.” We both laughed and finished our sandwich hurriedly as the bell rang.

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12 thoughts on “(Part : 3) The Professor And His Princess

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    Loved the bond shared by nandu and anu they are really like sisters from other mothers the way they understand each other and tease each other is funny they even knew the darkest secret about each other so they have a deep understanding level…
    Uff yeh nandu pura din bas manik ke yaado mai he kho gaye thi manik ne bade he acha magic chalaya hai nandu pai that she cant take him away from her mind even in canteen instead of eating her meal she was thinking about it….
    Aur fir manik khud he canteen mai aa gaya tab tou nandu blank he hou gaye she didnt knew how to react and uske mood swings ke chakkar mai bichra vikas ne daat khaye hehe…

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