Love Story (Part : 96 The Cable Car Ride)


Manan reached at Resort Ylläs for the cable car ride (gondola lift). Nandini became scared, seeing the lifts in the air.

“Manik, let’s go home..” She stopped walking and said suddenly.

Manik also stopped and looked at her bemusedly. “What happened, angel?” He asked concernedly, putting hand on her face.

“I’m afraid of height. I can’t take this ride.” She told him the reason, moving her eyes from Manik to cable cars in the air and then again looked back at him.

“Do you trust me?” He asked all of sudden.

“I trust you more than anyone else in this world.” He smiled with her answer.

“Then don’t worry about your fear and come with me.” He entwined his hand with her and she was just staring at him. “I’m with you, always. I will never let anything happen to you.” He kissed her hand, looking at her.

He started walking on the snow covered land, clasping her hand. She followed him silently without any argument, she was just gazing at him. Her all fear vanished away after listening to his words.

They settled down inside the cable car and she was still staring at him, sitting beside him. Now, she was having no fear in her eyes. He smiled at her and she smiled back.

The cable car started going up into the sky. “Are you fine?” He asked to confirm. She just smiled and blinked her eyes in response.

She looked outside and she was thrilled to look at the breathtaking view of the landscape. The snow covered mountains and trees were looking more beautiful from the sky. They both were mesmerised to see the beauty of the nature.

“If you weren’t with me, I would have never taken this ride and if I hadn’t taken this ride, I would’ve lost the opportunity to experience the nature’s beauty. You’re my strength, Manik. I have no fear when you’re with me. I’m really lucky to have you. I love you.”

Manik smiled at her words and clasped her face. “You know, angel. Person’s fear and pain, they are always as big as you make it. For one person, that pain is big and that same pain for another person is nothing. I’m just saying that it only depends on us that how we’re dealing with that.” She just nodded her head on his words. He lowered his head and gently kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes in response.

“You’re right, Manik but I don’t know why I still can’t able to overcome the pain of betrayal of Arjun. His memories still haunt me.” She thought, looking out of the lift.

They reached at the top of the hills. Nandini was having a beatific smile on her face. “It was so amazing. I love it.” She hugged Manik tightly after stepping out of the cable car. He too smiled broadly, seeing her happiness and hugged her back tighter. Then they walked down the hills hand in hand.


Zoya stepped into Adi’s cabin, holding Musu’s hand. Adi lips curled up into a blissful smile and his eyes gleamed with happiness after seeing the two most important people of his life, who were his world.

“Daddy..” As Zoya left her hand, She ran toward her father gleefully. He stood up from his chair and carried her into his arms.

“Hello, my princess.” He kissed her cheeks.

“Daddy daddy, musu ko apki ush bossy chail par bethna hai. Mujhe bhi odel dene hai. ( Daddy, Musu wants to sit on your bossy chair. I also want to give order.)” She requested him. Adi and Zoya smiled, listening to her cute request.

“Why not meri jaan (my life)” Adi said and made her sit on the chair.

Adi and Zoya stood in front of her. “What we can do for you, Madam?” Adi asked from her.

“Bling me a glass of watel.” She ordered her father in attitude like a princess.

“Sure, Mam.” Adi went to bring the water for her which was kept on another table.

“And What I can do for you, Mam?” Zoya asked from Muskan.

“Loko, let me think.” She thought, putting her forefinger on her chin. Adi and Zoya smiled at each other, seeing their daughter’s cuteness.

“Here is your water, mam.” Adi gave her the glass of water.

“Daddy mujhe toh smajh hi ni ala ki mein kya ordel do. Aap pula din iss chail pal beth kal kya kalte ho ? ( I’m not understanding that what order I should give. What do you do all the day, sitting on the chair?)” She asked naively and looking at him bemusedly.

Adi kept the glass on the table and knelt down on floor. He turned her chair toward himself. “Princess, I do work in the office. I don’t come to office just to give orders. There is lots of work.” Adi explained her.

But she was still looking at her confusingly. “What work, daddy ?”

“When you will grow up, you’ll come to know and for doing that work, you’ve to study and learn the things which we’ll teach you.” He made her understand, holding her hand and then kissed his princess’s hand gently.


Manan were enjoying a lot at that beautiful place. Manik was running holding her hand on the snow covered land. He encircled his arms around her from behind and twirled her after lifting her up from the ground. She laughed loudly, enjoying a lot. He put her down on floor, breathing heavily.

She turned toward him. “You’re crazy, Manik.” He chuckled on her words.

“Today, I’ll show you my all craziness, angel.” He pulled her closer to himself after

holding her waist.

“This is what I want to see, baby.” She winked at him.

“Oh Really, sweetheart?” He asked, coming close to her face.

She nodded her head and encircled her arms around his neck. “Yes, I want to see the extent of your madness.”

“Okay, then.”He said and suddenly pushed her down on the snow, making her shock. He smirked at her after kneeling down and then came over her. She was gazing at him and he was smiling at her. She closed her eyes as she felt his hot breath on her lips. He captured her lips and kissed her lips softly. She was feeling like he was kissing her soul. She kissed him back after wrapping her arms around his neck.

“I love you.” He whispered after breaking the kiss and she gave him a winsome smile.

“I love you more.” She clasped his face and placed a kiss on his forehead.

When they both were staring in each other eyes, Nandini took the snow in her hand. She slowly slid her hand inside his cloth and left the snow there.

“Angel..” He felt cold at his back and screamed, jumping out her arms. She laughed at him, sitting up.

“When you did this?” He asked shockingly while trying to remove the snow from his back after sliding his hand into his back. She was just laughing joyfully, putting hand over her mouth.

“When you were lost in me.”

“So you took the advantage ?” He asked and shook his body to take the snow out.

He sighed with relief when finally the snow came out. “You’re becoming naughty, angel.” She chuckled.

“Now you see me.” He said and attacked on her with the snow.

“Manik, stop. I’m sorry.” She covered her face with her hands.

“Your apology is not accepted.” He was making the big ball of snow with his hands, having evil smile on his face.

“Manik, no please.” She stood up, staring at the ball of snow in his hand. She grasped her hand and yanked her down. She fell onto his lap.

“Now where this ball will go ?” He asked, bringing the snowball in front of her eyes.

She was looking at the ball, having fear in her eyes. “Manik, it’s so cold here. I’m already freezing. Please keep it back. I’m sorry.”

“Haha..” He laughed evilly, making her more scared.

Then suddenly he crushed the snowball in his and threw in the air. It fell over them like a snowfall.

“So you were just trying to scare me?” She asked. He smiled and nodded his head.

She straddled him and clasped her face. “I love you so much, Manik.” She whispered, touching her face with him. They both were smiling wholeheartedly. “Thank you for coming in my life and filling my life with the happiness again. I’m so lucky to have you.”

“I’ll love you for the rest of my life and if there is a life after this, I’ll love there too. No matter what, I’ll be always there for you.” He said after embracing her and kissed her cheeks. His words were like a soothing music for her. They were directly touching her soul and giving peace to her heart.


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    Nandu manik ko itna trust karte hai ke she was ready to face her fears with him when she told manik that she is afraid of height he reassured her that everything will be okay and she has nothing to worry as he will never allow anything to happen to her and believing him she climbed the cable car with love for manik….
    Hehe musu ketne cute hai yaar woh baith tou gaye adi ke chair pai par she has no idea what orders to give hehe….
    Naughty nandu aur manik dono ne tou snow mai bhi romance karna nahi choda they where being naughty in snow too hehe and nandu ke manik ke shirt mai snow dala poor manik ketna thanda laga hoga….

  2. Manik always proves that he is best Husband anyone can get.. It was beautiful chapter.. Loved it😍😍💓

    Also I was having this tiny-viny doubt..umm maybe Arjun is not a bad guy *smiles awkwardly* I might be sounding stupid na🤪🙈 but it’s just a doubt which popped up in my mind.. Suddenly Nandini again started thinking about his betrayal n even Nandini’s father is hiding something right? Ughh.. I don’t know.. I’m just a curious bug😂

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