Tips to Stay Happy


What is real happiness?

Have you ever asked this question to yourself?

The real happiness is not what you think. Like you think, if I get this thing or that person will talk to me, I’ll become happy. No, it isn’t the permanent solution of your happiness. You will become happy for few days or for few hours or for few minutes or just for few seconds after getting that thing. The key to your happiness is always remained in your hand.

In my mind point of view, a person can stay happy when his mind is clear. He can enjoy every moment of his life in that state because his mind is stress free.

What is a clear mind ?

When your mind is stress free, when your mind isn’t thinking about the past or worrying about the future. You are in present. You are living every moment to the fullest. Nothing is making you worry. You have problems but then too your mind is clear.

Remember that you will always have problems in your life because problems are the part of life. They never leave you. So running away from your problems is never the solution. You have to learn how to tackle them. Every problem is as big as you make it. In same way, every pain is as big as you make it. Try to find the solution of your problem instead of running away from them. If there is problem then there will be surely it’s solution.

How to keep your mind clear ?

First and the most important tip is to keep your mind clear and stress free is to think positive.

Like a coin has two sides, in the same way every situation of our life and every person has two sides. One side is positive and other side is negative. It depends, how we are seeing the situations of our life.

If you look only at negative side, you will remain depressed and sad all the time. And as you will start looking its positive side, you will become happy.

If a negative thought comes into your mind, stop and think three positive thoughts and turn the table.

I have seen that some people are habitual of seeing the negative side of every situation and those people remain depressed all the time. Seeing the negativity in every situation of life is the main cause of depression.

If you’re also habitual of thinking negative then shift your focus to the positive side of situation. Your negative thoughts won’t go away easily in one day. You have to train your mind to look at the positive side.

So the first tip to keep your mind clear is to think positive.

The second tip to keep your mind clear is to live in present. Don’t think about the past because it has passed, you can’t change it. Stop worrying about the future all the time because it is unexpected. You just have to live in present because present is the present (gift) given by god to us. That’s why it is called present.

The third tip to keep your mind clear is to take a proper sleep of 7-9 hours daily. If you won’t take proper sleep, your mind will remain disturb all the day. You will feel sad and depressed. So the proper sleep is very important to keep your mind and body healthy and fit.

The fourth tip to keep your mind clear is to eat healthy and keep your body fit.

The fifth tip to keep your mind clear is to think nothing. You can do meditation. Like our body needs rest and in same way our mind also needs rest. Give your mind some rest by thinking nothing.

The sixth tip to keep your mind clear to do exercise. It keeps mind and body fit and healthy.

Advantages of a clear mind

You will take out solution of your day-to-day problems more wisely.

You will remain happy.

You will become more creative.

You will remain in good mood.

You will enjoy every moment of your life to the fullest.

Just remember one thing, nothing is difficult in life. Everything is easy. You just have to make your mind understand. Your feelings are only depend on what you think. If you think good, you will feel good and if you think bad, you will feel sad. Just start thinking positive and believe me, you will be happy and achieve everything in your life because nothing is difficult.

My secret of happiness is that I love myself. I always keep myself on the top. I do things which make me happy and keep my body and mind fit and healthy. I don’t care what other people think about me. It doesn’t matter to me.

Think Positive

Stay Blessed

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13 thoughts on “Tips to Stay Happy

  1. I❤u tysm

    It looks like u wrote this for me
    Tytytytttttgyyyyyyyyssssssssssmmmmmmm @mehaklovely ❤ 😍 👏, and ❤❤❤❤respect🙏🙏🙏

  2. It’s just amazing…thank you soo much for posting this..u r awsmm person drrr…plzz post this type of things more…nd reading it I’m feeling soo better nd feel like I can be happy like this..nd I believe loving yourself is the 1st step to thinking positive nd doing positive 😊💞💞 again thanks nd plz post like this more

    1. I’m happy to know this dear😊 I just want you to share this post with your friend and family and keep spreading positivity everywhere 😊

  3. I agree wid your Happy n Positive thoughts..
    Daily hm kuch aisa karte hai jisse hme positive n negative thought aate hi hai..
    But Positive thinking is Obviously something that can have a great impact on person.. Some people believe that positive thinking is related to karma.. That whatever you put out there comes back to you.. Whatever your beliefs it is hard to doubt the power of positive thinking.. Hm din bhar me aisa kuch karte hai ya hamari life me aise matter hai jo hme Negative n positive sochne par mazboor karte hai.. But kuch cheezen aisi hoti hai jinhe dekh kar karke happiness aa hi jaati hai But one thing Never allow yourself to quit coz a quitter attitude is a big dose of negativity be aware of negative thoughts.. Negative thoughts aaye toh aap positive me convert karne ko try kar skte hai just one simple thing se SMILE.. Use your smile to project your Positive attitude Let your smile speak for u.. 😊😊😊 If u do nothing else, then put a smile on your face, Smile Make you more Beautiful.. Real happiness kisi ko khush karne par bhi milti hai jo kisi ko choti si chiz me bhi mil jaati hai.. Create your own Kind of Happiness, peace, n love.. 😃😃 Do what you Love!!! Life too Short too waste your time doing anything otherwise doing what you love makes you happy..
    Love yourself You’re a Gift.. ☺☺
    I believe everything is possible.. 😍😍

    I really love your Loving, caring n positive attitude.. Really loved your Tips n positive thinking.. ❤❤

    Gudiya 😊😊

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