Love Story (Part : 95 Punishment)


Nandini woke up early in the morning because of the bad dream which didn’t let her sleep whole night peacefully even after being in the arms of her husband. The sun was shining brightly on the snow covered land and trees. She stared at her husband who was sleeping peacefully.

She closed her eyes, touching her face with him. “I’m really scared to lose you, Manik. I really love you a lot.” She whispered and fondly kissed his forehead.

She kept lying in his arms for an hour. She was trying hard to not think about that dream but her mind was again and again thinking about that dream and making her restless.

She sat up on the bed, holding her head. “No, I can’t spoil our honeymoon because of my anxiety attacks. Manik is doing so much for me. I have to distract myself.” Her breath was becoming heavy and she muttered to herself.

She hurriedly climbed out of the bed and started searching something in her luggage which was kept in the corner of room. She took out drawing file from it which she used to keep with herself always. She sighed, hugging the file near to her chest. This file was her life saver. She stood up after closing the luggage and went to table to take out pencil from her handbag. She sat there on chair and started drawing the beautiful picture. She got utterly engrossed in it, forgetting everything.


After few hours, Manik woke up from his deep slumber, rubbing his eyes. He sat up on the bed, stretching his amrs. As his eyes fell on his angel, his lips curled up into a smile. She was sitting on the chair with the cup of coffee and admiring the outside view.

Removing his blanket, he stepped down from the bed and strolled over her silently.

He stood behind her. “Good morning, angel.” He whispered, putting his hands over her shoulders and pressed them.

She smiled at him after turning her face behind and moving her eyes upward. “Good morning, Manik.”

He leaned down and kissed her lips softly. She kissed him back, putting her hand on his face.

“When did you wake up ?” He asked after sitting in front of her.

She took one sip of coffee and answered him. “Three hours ago. I was getting bore and I didn’t want to disturb your peaceful sleep. That’s why I started drawing to kill the time.”

Manik picked up the file from the table and opened it after keeping it on his lap. He was amazed seeing the beautiful picture which she had drawn just using the pencil. It was so beautiful.

In the picture, the boy’s lips were sucking girl’s upper lip softly, holding her face with his one hand and girl’s lips were sucking boy’s lower lip tenderly. They both were utterly lost in each other, closing their eyes.

Nandini put the cup of coffee on the table. She got up from chair and walked toward him.

“Do you like it ?” She asked, sitting on his lap after putting the file on table.

He entwined his one hand with her hand, looking into her eyes deeply. “Your hands have some magic.” He brought her hand near to his lips and gently kissed her knuckles, closing his eyes.

She was smiling at him, moving her other hand in his hair. “I love you, Manik.” She whispered, gazing at him.

“You are my world, angel. I love you a lot.” He whispered against her lips while his thumb was stroking corner of her lip.

“You will never leave me, right ?” This question automatically escaped out from her mouth because this question had been ringing in her mind since last night.

He was about to capture her lips but he stopped as she asked. His eyebrows creased and a line appeared on his forehead.

He moved away from her face and stared in her eyes. He found fear in her eyes. “Fear of what ? Fear of losing me” he thought.

“Angel , are you fine ?” He asked concernedly, cupping her face.

She moved closer to his lips and planted a lingering kiss on his lips. He kissed her back fondly, forgetting everything.

“I just needed this.” She whispered while panting after the kiss.

“Only this ?” He asked mischievously, raising his eyebrows at her and his hand slid inside her panty.

She flushed and her eyelashes moved down. As his hands touched her inner thigh, she closed her eyes and clenched the hem of her shirt tightly.

“You’re so wet angel.” He murmured, rubbing her vigorously. She moaned, hiding her face in his bare chest. His other hand went up inside her shirt and massaged one of her twins over the bra.

“Open your legs , angel.” He ordered and she complied instantly. He smirked, rubbing her clit in circular motion, applying the pressure. He rubbed her up and down, and round and round, making her crazy.

“Manik, please..” she moaned and bit her lower lip.

She was on the edges and he removed his hand. She looked at him bemusedly while he was smirking at her.

“I need you, Manik.” She whispered, coming close to his lips like she was craving from ages.

“Today, what you want, you won’t get. This is your punishment.” He whispered tucking her hair behind her ear, still smirking.

“Punishment? Why ?”She asked confusingly.

“Because in the morning you left me alone on the bed. That’s why punishment.” He wanted to give her one day rest and only that’s why he was giving her punishment.

She made a sad pout. “Manik that’s not fair.”

“I wanted to wake up in your arms and today in the morning you left your hubby alone in the bed. Is that fair ?” He asked, raising his eyebrows.

She rolled her eyes. “Fine.” She growled and stood up from his lap. He chuckled.


“Mumma..” Muskan called her mumma, rubbing her eyes. She was standing, holding the teddy in her hand. She had just woke up. She was looking super adorable in the light blue nightwear with the white sleepers. Her long hair were coming in her eyes.

“Mumma is just coming, princess.” Zoya yelled from the bathroom.

She lazily walked toward the bathroom, holding her teddy and rubbing her eyes. “Mumma, jaldi se aao, mule pyaas ladi tez wali. (Mumma, come fast. I’m thirsty.)” she beat the door with her tiny hand.

“Mumma is here meri jaan.” The door opened, Muskan looked upward and grinned at her mumma, showing her milk teeth to her.

“Good morning, my princess.” She picked up muskan in her arms and tucked her hair behind her ear lovingly.

“Musu ta moling kissy. (What about Musu’s morning kiss?)”Muskan said and made a pout, asking her to give her morning kiss.

Zoya chuckled and pecked her lips, making sound. “uhmaa..”

Muskan giggled and hugged her mumma, leaving the teddy and it fell down on floor. Zoya smiled blissfully, holding her princess in her arms.

“Is my princess alright today ?” She hugged, caressing her back.

“Biltul thikh hai musu. Chinta mat kalo aap. (Musu is completely fine. You don’t worry.)”Muskan said cutely, pulling her mumma’s cheeks with her tiny fingers and thumb.

“I love you, my baby.” She caressed her nose with her princess’s nose.

“I love you mole (more)” Muskan kissed her cheeks.

“Daddy mele liye cholate laye kya mumma ? Voh kya gye office ? Mein toh mila bi nhi ? (Did daddy bring chocolates for me ? Has he went to office ? I didn’t even meet him.)” Muskan made a sad pout.

“You get ready fast and eat the breakfast. Then mumma will take you to daddy’s office.” Zoya said because she couldn’t see her princess upset.

“Really mumma ?” She asked getting excited.

“But only when you will finish your breakfast. Deal ?” Zoya asked, forwarding her hand in front of Muskan.

“Deal..” she shook her hand with her mumma, smiling at her adorably. Zoya felt like to eat her little bundle of joy.


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30 thoughts on “Love Story (Part : 95 Punishment)

    Honestly when I started reading I thought it must be some cliche arrange marriage story but within a initial few chapters only my opinion changed.. It’s actually different & beautiful♥♥
    Manik is such a sweetheart yaar😩😩 The way he supported her, the efforts he took to help her moving on from her bad past was- ahhh U don’t have words mannn🤧🤧 I loved the way he started loving the things which he used to hate earlier just because she loves them… Just for her happiness.. That’s what true love is! I loved the way how he was always there for her..he never left her side no matter what she says or does & helped her to overcome her past.. N how he with his unconditional love won her trust.. Everything was beautifully written😌😍😍🤗🤧♥
    I don’t even remember how many times he took my heart away throughout the story😂😂😂🙈🙈 I just fell in love with him again & again & again.. Hayeee *dreamy sigh*
    & *says while making an ‘aww’ face* Muskan is the cutest child character I ever read.. My favorite character after MaNan in this story🤗🤗🤗
    There were so many.. Like soooo many moments which made me speechless! & during almost every emotional scene you made me cry buckets 😭😭🤧🤧🤧
    N their first love-making was one of the best I ever read.. Too much beautiful 🙌♥ you never made mature scene look vulgar.. They were simply beautiful.. It was pure love making everytime.. It was bliss😌💜
    & you know what is most special thing about your writing- that you write even in the simplest of the scenes so beautifully that the reader feel CONNECTED to the story.. A reader can actually FEEL THE EMOTIONS & that’s commendable 🙌🙌🙌 You make even the simplest cheek kiss or simple touch to look like a hottest romance scene.. Damn I don’t know how many times I actually felt goosebumps while reading those😍😍😍😍

    1. Omg.. you made my day with this comment. Thank you so much sweeties. I’m so overwhelmed. I’m glad you like this story❤️💃🏻😘.

      1. & I’m glad I could make you happy😋♥
        I was following you on insta since a long time & I was already a fan of your edits n VMs but now I’m fan of your stories too🙌♥ You’re really an amazing writer🤗😌😘

      2. Hehe.. Sure! Jaisi aapki marji♥🙈
        My insta id is ‘rakheesharma70’ if you need it

  2. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Poor nandu aab usse kyu nightmares aane lag gaye she is so happy with manik and when she is so happy why her past wants to haunt her so much she couldnd even sleep due to her thoughts so she thought to do her favourite things i.e. drawing sketches which will distract her…
    Subha hou gaye aur humara sexy manik bhi uth gaya the first thing his eyes searched for was her face and when he saw her he smiled and went towards her and cuddled her with himself bt as soon as he heard her question he was shocked as he found fear in her eyes bt she kissed him and everything become all right bt fir bhi nandu ko punishment mile hehe poor soul manik tou uske baareme he soch raha tha bt nandu ko kon samjaye yeh woh tou gussa hou gaye….
    Hayeeee muskan is so cute uthe he sabse phele usko apne mumma ke yaad aa gaye so she went to search zoya as she was thirsty and then zoya and muskan ka cute moments where so sweet…

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    Did u missed me diii.
    I missed u …i was on vacation so i coludnt read ur updates am sorry but loved it diiii

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