Love Story (Part : 91 Dirty Dares)


Muskan was sitting on her father’s lap , resting her head on his chest. She was whimpering in pain. Zoya was making her to eat the apple. Adi was consoling her by kissing her head.

“No medicine , mumma , please..” she cried more loudly seeing the medicine in Zoya’s hand and hid her face in her father’s chest.

Zoya looked at Adi helplessly. He blinked his eyes.

“Princess, if you take the medicine, we will give you so many chocolates.” Adi tried to convince her while she was sobbing, hiding her face in his chest.

“Daddy , medi kalvi hoti hai bhut. Mein ni le sakti. (Daddy , medicine is bitter. I can’t take it.)”She screeched with pain , staring at her father.

“Baby , if you won’t take medicine then how will you get fine. We will give you so many chocolates after that. Please for daddy open your mouth.” Adi pleaded because he didn’t want to force his princess.

“Please , my doll.” Zoya also requested , caressing her hair.

“Okay..” she opened her mouth and squeezed her eyes. Zoya immediately put the spoon in her mouth. She made faces.

“Now , who will eat this?” Zoya asked , showing her chocolate and her eyes glint with happiness.

“Musu..” she shrieked , snatching the chocolate from her mother’s hand. Adi and Zoya , they together kissed her cheeks. She was their lifeline. Then Adi kissed Zoya’s forehead. Her eyes brimmed with tears and she smiled at him.


“Manik , I’m just asking you to try it. I will tell you , if it’s hurt.”

Manik pulled her closer to himself , cupping her face and kissed her lips softly. “ Angel, I can’t hurt you in any manner. Try to understand.” He whispered near to her lips.

“Okay..” she pecked his lips and smiled at him.

“Let’s continue the game. I’m excited. I think , this game is going to teach me many more things.” Her eyes glint with excitement. “Now , you have to pick the card.”

“Okay , my super excited angel.” He picked up the card and smirked after reading the dare.

“Tell me , what is it ?” She asked excitedly.

“Put Ice cream on your partner’s body and lick it.” Manik read it loudly, staring at Nandini. She flushed , looking down.

“You lay down , I’m bringing the ice cream.” He went to bring the ice cream from the small refrigerator after kissing her forehead. Nandini laid down on her back after taking off her jacket. She was waiting for him. Her heart was beating fast and her breath was becoming heavy.

“Are you ready , angel ?” He asked , walking toward her , holding the bowl of ice cream. He was stirring it with the spoon. He crawled over her after putting the bowl beside her. They were looking into each other eyes deeply.

“Put your hands above your head , angel.” He ordered her and she complied. He held the hem of her top and pulled it over her head.

He took the melted Ice cream in spoon and started dropping it down on her lips slowly. She instantly opened her mouth , as the Ice cream dropped down on her lips. Both were staring into each other eyes passionately. He gently sucked her lips to taste the ice cream. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him back. He was kissing her lips hungrily.

“This is the best way of eating ice cream.” He whispered after breaking the kiss and she smiled.

“I want to eat more.” He again took the ice cream in spoon. She shivered , as he started dropping the melted ice cream on her belly. After covering her belly utterly with the ice cream , he started licking it from her tummy. She started moaning softly , moving her one hand in his hair and she clenched the bed sheet with her other hand. She was feeling so good.

“I think , this is enough for now because we have to continue the game. From now , I’m gonna eat ice cream like this always.”Manik said after coming close to her face. Both chuckled, looking at each other.

“This game is teaching us so many things. I’m loving this.” Nandini uttered happily.


Manik was sitting, holding his knees near to to his chest. He was waiting for Nandini. She came back after cleaning herself and wearing the top. She settled down in front of him.

“You were looking better without top.” He said teasingly.

“Manik..” She flushed and hit Manik’s chest.

“I was just kidding. You look beautiful always. I love you , my angel.” He pecked her lips and confessed. She got lost in his eyes.

“It’s your turn , angel. Pick up the card.” He said , pointing toward the cards and she came on the earth back.

“Okay..” she picked up the card and stared at Manik instantly after reading the dare.

“What is it ?” Manik asked raising his eyebrows.

“Striptease..” she flushed and hid her face with her hands shyly.

“Angel , If you aren’t comfortable , then don’t do it.” He said , pulling her hands down from her face.

“It’s a dare and I’ll do it.” She said confidently.

“Okay.” He smiled.

She climbed down from bed and stood in front of him. “So , are you ready for the fun , Mr. Malhotra?” She asked , winking at him and he just nodded his head. She played music on phone before starting the striptease.

She stood facing her back to him and turned her face to look at him. She slid her top off her shoulder and tossed it in the corner of room after turning toward him. Manik was looking at her with wide open mouth and eyes. She stifled her giggle , seeing his expression.

She gyrated a bit before turning her back to him. She grabbed the sides of her jeans , leaning slightly forward. She started pulling down her jeans , looking at him. His heart stopped beating for a moment , as she wiggled her hips. She was making him hard and increasing his desire with her moves.

She stepped out of her jeans and stood in front of him , only in her inner wears. She moved her body and ran her hands all over her body. He bit his lips , getting turned on. She slid her bra straps off her shoulders and turned around , facing her back to him. She unhooked her bra and took it off. She threw it down. She was looking so sexy.

She shyly and slowly turned around. “I can’t do this anymore.” She uttered , getting shy. She hugged him tightly after coming over him. Manik chuckled and hugged her back.

He flipped their position and now she was under him. “You have turned me on completely , angel. I need you right now.” He said huskily near to her lips , rubbing himself against her inner thigh. She also get turned on with his this move.

“I also need you , Manik.” She moaned while her hands were opening the button of his jeans.

He knelt in front of her and hastily pulled down his jeans with boxer and freed his erection. She was shyly looking at him. He smirked and wore the condom after picking it up from the table. He hurriedly slid down her panty and threw it in the corner of room.

“I love you.” He captured her lips after coming toward her face. He eased into her deeply after pinning her hands on the bed. She dug her nails into his hands. He kissed her lips hungrily , thrusted her hard and fast. She wrapped her legs around his hips taking him deep inside her.

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22 thoughts on “Love Story (Part : 91 Dirty Dares)

  1. Yohooooo finally di i readed this story also …..yayyyy as always amazing story di …loved it …
    But it feels like adiya and manan story…am not complaining though but mukti cabir is not that much visible like adiya …so thats y i told you …and manik was awesome in this story …musu is cute …about adiya i couldnt say i like to read about them bcoz they are occupying manan space thats what i felt …am sorry if am wrong….
    U can mukti bonding with nandhu .nandhu bonding with cabir …you know that will make it feel like family story …am sorry di if i hurt its just i told what i felt .if u feel offended just ignore this msg ….
    And i think arjun hided something from nandini …
    Nice story di now waiting for update .lots of love .take care

    1. I didn’t felt bad , dear. This is adiya and Manan story and off course my main focus is at musu. The other family members are side actors🤭🤭. You read my stories, i show very less about side actors😂. I got messages to show adiya scenes also dear. You can imagine anyone of your favourite couple , you will enjoy their scenes also.

  2. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Aww poor baby musu ko medicine bhi nahi khani thi because it tastes bad bt zoya and adi were persistent to make her eat so they blackmailed her to take it she did while making faces bt as compensation they gave her chocolate which made her happy hehe….
    Manik nandu se sabse jyda pyaar karta hai so he refused to spank her as he cant hurt her in any ways so nandu also dropped the idea and began playing the game again…
    Manik ke dare was hot and the way he performed was also super hot and then firse nandu ke turn she had to striptease manik which she did so perfectly that manik couldnt control himself and had a passionate round of love making with her….

  3. Muskan wala part was awwwwww

    Manan wala part is🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😗😗😗😗😚😚😚😚😚😚😚tytytytttttgyyyyyyyyssssssssssmmmmmmm @mehaklovely waiting for the next part eagerly

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