Our Angel (Part : 3)



Nandini was taking the evening nap and Manik was sitting on the sofa, holding angel out in front of him. His one hand was behind her neck and head, another hand was under her bottom. He was making faces, smiling, rolling his eyes, taking his tongue out to make his Angel smile. She was staring at him cutely. She yawned and fell asleep. He gently kissed her forehead and held her against his chest. He stood up and walked toward the crib. He placed her down in the crib carefully, smiling at her.


“Hubby.” He turned toward his baby as he heard her voice.

“Where is Angel?” She asked, sitting up on the bed.

“She is sleeping.” Manik told her pointing his finger at the crib and she smiled.


He sat down beside her on the bed and clasped her hand. “Thank you, for the precious gift, baby.” He leaned down and kissed her forehead, caressing her hair.


She smiled and asked excitedly, “did you call the photographer for our angel’s first-day photoshoot ?”


“How can I forget this when you are making me remind this after every hour?” She giggled, putting a hand on her mouth.

“You are the best, hubby.” She kissed his cheek, making him smile.




Nandini was making Angel ready for the photoshoot. She made her wear a white bodysuit with booty, Mitton and a cap. She was looking like a princess. Nandini was kissing all over her face and she was sleeping peacefully.

Photographer clicked her few photos while Manan were admiring their Angel, having a blissful smile on their face. He clicked Angel few photos with Manan also. Nandini was standing, holding Angel near to her heart and was standing behind her, holding her waist. He was looking at Angel from behind, resting his chin on her shoulder.

Manik kissed his baby’s cheek and his Angel’s forehead after the photoshoot, mouthing ‘I love you.’


“Hubby, she is looking so cute. I wanna eat her up.” Nandini said joyfully caressing her nose with her nose.


Manik chuckled, pulling her cheeks. “Cute like her Mumma.” She grinned.



The next day, Manan were going back home with their Angel. They were sitting in the backseat of the car. Angel was sleeping in her mother’s arms, wrapped in a white sheet. They were admiring their Angel blissfully. Manik’s one hand was wrapped around Nandini and the other hand was caressing Angel’s cheeks.


“Hubby, so tell me, who is cuter, me or angel ?” She asked excitedly, looking at Manik.


“That’s a tough question, baby.” Manik first looked at her and then moved his eyes toward Angel like he was confused.

She giggled.” tell me, hubby.”

“You both are equally cute for me.” He answered her, putting his hand on her face and looking deeply into her eyes.

“But for me, my Angel is cutest.” She said, gently stroking Angel’s soft cheeks.


After few minutes, Angel started crying because she was feeling hungry.

“Manik, I think, she is hungry. The doctor has asked me to feed her after every two hours. How do I feed her, now ?” She became worried because Angel was squalling non-stop.

“Relax, baby. You can feed her in the car also.” Manik said, holding her shoulders.


“How ?” She asked while rocking Angel slightly in her arms.

“You can cover yourself with this scarf.” he said while removing the scarf which she was wearing around her neck.

“Wow, great Idea. You are best, hubby. I love you so much.” She kissed his cheeks joyfully.

“My angel, stop crying. Mumma gonna feed you, now. Bsh, mera bacha.” Nandini was trying to soothe her. She pulled up her top and pulled down the fabric of her bra from one side. She started feeding her, covering her with the scarf.


The job of a mother is the toughest.


“You know before I doubted that you would able to take care of the chotu baby or not. But you know what, now I’m sure that you gonna be the best Mumma and the cutest Mumma, my baby.” He placed a kiss on her cheek. She grinned happily.


“And you gonna be the best daddy, my hubby bubby.” She pecked his lips lovingly and tenderly.



As they stepped into the house with their Angel, they were welcomed by their small and happy family. “Welcome Angel.” Everybody whooped cheerfully. Angel who was sleeping peacefully in her mumma’s arms, woke up.

She made bad faces and Nandini understood that she was going to cry. “ No, Angel, please don’t cry.” Angel opened her mouth to cry and Nandini started tenderly kissing her cheeks and swung her gently. Angel instantly calmed down. Nandini sighed deeply.


Everybody was shocked to see that how well, their baby Nandu was handling her daughter. Manik was looking at her baby proudly.


“It hurts when she cries.” She looked up at them and told them innocently.


“Didu, I want to hold her.” Mishti said, coming toward Nandini.


“Mishti, first sit down on the sofa. Then only, I will let you hold her.” Mishti settled down on the sofa after nodding her head.

Manik, Abhi and Cabir settled down on the sofa and started chit-chatting. Navya went to bring snacks for them while Mukti was standing beside Nandini, leaning Arjun up on her shoulder, her one hand was wrapped around her bottom and the other was kept on her head, supporting her neck.


Nandini carefully put Angel on Mishti’s lap, instructing her to keep one hand under her head and the other hand under her bottom. Angel started crying because she wanted to be in her mother’s arms. She was loving her mother’s touch.

“I’m sorry, I have to take her back, Mishti.” Nandini apologised and picked Angel in her arms. Angel instantly stopped crying, recognition the touch of her Mumma. Nandini leaned down to kiss her forehead and Angel caressed her mumma’s cheek with her tiny hand.


“Angel, now meet your big brother, Arjun.” She brought Angel closer to Arjun. “You know what I call him, chotu ACP,” Nandini told this to Angel.

Arjun grabbed Angel’s wrist tightly and she started crying.

“Arjun baby, leave your sister’s hand, she is crying, baby.” Mukti forced him to leave her hand and now Arjun started crying, hiding his face in her chest.


“Angel, sh… stop crying.” She swung her in her arms. She stopped crying and fell asleep again. Arjun was still crying while Mukti was trying to soothe him.


“Hubby, hold her .” Nandini gave Angel to Manik who was sitting on the sofa.

“I think, Chotu ACP is getting jealous of Angel, Didu.” Everybody laughed loudly, listening to Nandini.


“Right Baby ?”She took Arjun in her arms and held him upright. She tried to soothe him, caressing his back. “My Chotu ACP, Massi (Mother’s sister) loves you a lot too.” She cradled him and he smiled at her. She smiled back at him and kissed his forehead. Everybody was smiling at them.




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  1. Very cute and so lovely miku 😍😍😍😍😍😍 main to fhida ho gayi angle par Yaar I thought angle hamesha manik ke pass hi rehna Pasand karegi remember her pregnancy time kaise manik ke har ek gesture par react Karti thi but Jo bhi hoo I am enjoying alot

  2. Update as always amazzxinggg
    Arjun n angel bonding is gonna be interesting
    N photoshoot oics
    Mind-blowing 👏👏👏👏👏♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  3. Awesomee mindblowing update….
    Manik is so happy as he received world’s best gift that is his angel from his baby as nandu was sleeping he was entertaining his daughter and she was also enjoying her time with manik….
    When nandu woke up the first thing she asked was about angel and when she was assured she is sleeping she excitedly asked abt photographer who will click angel’s photos…
    Being a mother is a toughest job yeh nandu ko dekhkar pata chal gaya as angel was crying bcoz of hunger she didnt knew how to feed her as she was in car bt being a caring n loving hubby manik is he found out a solution for it…
    Awwww bro sis ka bond was funny arjun chota hokar bhi he wanted yo be near his sister bt she started crying so he also started crying poor babies bt nandu loves both babies equally…

  4. Awesome update diii
    This is so so so cute …this was like i cant say in words ….nandhu was a baby but now i can see a wonderful mother in her ….loved the photoshoot and manan car conversation ….total cute update .lots of love .take care

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