Love Story (Part : 89 We Under The Shower)


Manan were lying in each other arms silently after their wild make out session. Their body was covered with the white blanket . Nandini’s head was kept on his chest. She was making circle with her finger on his chest where he had inked her name.

“Did you enjoy tonight?” Manik asked , breaking the silence.

“Really , this was an amazing experience of my life.” She raised her head to look at his face and answered him happily. He smiled at her , stroking her cheeks.

“But from where did you come to know about this ?” She asked, raising her eyebrows.

“Haven’t you watched the movie , 50 shades of grey?” He asked and she instantly nodded her head , having no clue about that movie.

“So , We will watch it together. After tonight, I’m sure , you gonna love that movie. There are so many more things in that , we would try that too , if you want.” He said mischievously , tucking her hair behind her ear.

“What types of things ?” She asked , getting curious.

“That you will come to know after watching the movie.” He stated.

“But I wanted to know , now.” She spoke cutely and made a sad pout.

Manik pulled her cheeks, finding her cute.

“Aren’t you feeling sleepy , angel ?” He asked concernedly.

She nodded her head positively and hid her face in his chest. “We will watch that movie tomorrow and I love you , Manik.” She kissed his chest and Manik closed his eyes in response , having a blissful smile on his face.

“Good night, Angel and I love you more.” He murmured and kissed her hair. She smiled against his chest and struggled in his arms.


Next morning, after the breakfast, Nandini was opening the gift which Zoya had given her and asked her to open the gift on honeymoon. He was sitting behind her on bed and she was sitting in between his legs. He was gently pressing her head because her head was aching. She was in his sweatshirt and he was in lower and black vest.

Her eyes popped up , seeing the gift. She instantly closed the box.

“What is in the gift , angel?” He asked getting suspicious.

“Nothing.. , nothing, just a saree.” He understood that she was lying.

“Then , show me too.” He tried to take the box from her hand but she jerked his hand away , making him more suspicious.

“Manik , leave it.” She growled.

“Angel , please, show me.” He requested politely and at last , she gave the box to him without looking at him.

Manik opened the lid of the box and he smirked, seeing the gift. There was glint of excitement in his eyes. It was red colour bikini.

He kept the box on side. “You are behaving like I haven’t seen anything.” He murmured , encircling his arms around her chest and nuzzled her hair from behind. She flushed.

“Will you wear this ?” He asked rubbing his stubble with her cheeks. She was melting like an ice with his touch.

“Anything for you , Manik.” She whispered, lost in his touch. He was driving her crazy. Her heart was beating fast and her breath became heavy. He smiled against her neck where he was kissing. His hands were moving all over her body from behind shamelessly. She was getting turned on.

“Let’s take the shower.” He suggested , pulling away from her.

“Not a bad , idea.” She winked at him after turning her face toward him.

He climbed down from the bed and he took her to bathroom after picking her in his arms. The bathroom walls were made of glass. He made her stand on her floor , under the shower. He turned on the shower and the warm water starting falling down on their body. Both looked deeply into each other eyes. He cupped her face and captured her lips. She encircled her arms around his neck and kissed him back with the equal flavour.

He broke the kiss. He held the hem of her sweatshirt and pulled it over her shoulder hastily. She was standing completely naked in front of him. Her wet body was attracting him more. He swiftly removed his clothes too. He pulled her toward himself after grabbing her hips and started kissing her lips hungrily. Their chest were pressed against each other.

Manik’s eyes shot up surprisingly , as she held his erection with her both hands. She started rubbing him having no clue, how to do this. He groaned in her mouth , enjoying whatever she was doing with her hands. He also took his one hand toward her inner thigh. They deepened the kiss and started rubbing each other vigorously. He eased his one finger inside her deeply and started thrusting her with his finger. With his thumb, he was rubbing her clit. She was also rubbing him rapidly. Her legs started shaking but her hands didn’t stop. Both exploded together, screaming and groaning loudly. They were panting and stared into each other eyes. She rested her head on his chest , getting tired. The warm water , falling on them , cleaning the mess which they had created.

“You have amazed me today with your hidden skills.” Manik whispered, wrapping his arms around her. She flushed , still trying to catch her breath back.

“Anything for you Manik.” She murmured against his chest.

Manik smiled blissfully and kissed her head.”I love you.”

She raised her head to look at him. “I love you too.” She whispered , staring at his face.

Manik leaned down and again captured her lips for a kiss. After that , she didn’t come to know, when he pulled her against the glass wall and entered inside her and when he started thrusting into her hard and fast and when she wrapped her legs around his hips. It just happened in the moment. They were kissing each other savagely , forgetting everything. They never got satisfied from each other. The more they got , the more they craved.

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