Love Or Sin (Part : 40 Heartbreak )


Shivansh and Manik brought Nandini to hospital because she got unconscious. They were sitting tensely outside of wardroom. Doctor was checking her inside. Manik was staring straight blankly and his legs were trembling. Shivansh was sitting holding his head. Nandini’s condition was making him scared. He understood that she was hiding something very terrible thing from him. He was terrified to even think that what she was hiding. His heart was beating fast.

“I don’t know what happened to her suddenly and what is she hiding.” Shivansh uttered looking at Manik dejectedly. Manik looked at him having guilt in his eyes. He was having answers of his all question but he wasn’t understanding that from where he should start.

“But I know.” He mumbled and Shivansh eyes grew bigger in shock because he wasn’t expecting that Manik would be knowing about Nandini’s problem.

“You know ? Then tell me.” He asked coming close to him. He became desperate to know, he couldn’t take the more suspense.

Inside the room , Nandini got her conscious back. She looked at the surroundings and got scared to wake up in the unfamiliar room. She gasped seeing the doctor who was standing beside her bed. He was a stranger to her. She started trembling with the fear , as that dreadful incident started revolving her mind. She was thinking that the doctor would harm her.

“Don’t.. don’t touch me.” She sat up on the bed and shouted pushing the doctor away. Doctor was shocked with Nandini’s reaction.

“Don’t come close me.” She again yelled shrinking back holding her knees close to her heart when Doctor tried to walk close to her.

“Relax, I am not going to harm you.” Doctor tried to assure her but she was shaking with the fear. Her lips were trembling and her eyes were filled with fear. She was sweating and breathing heavily.

She hurriedly got up. In this , her hand touched the vase which was kept on the side table and it fell down. She shrieked with fear, covered her ears with her palm and shut her tightly after listening the sound of breaking of vase.

Manik was about to tell Shivansh about Nandini’s condition but both were startled to heard the scream of Nandini which came from inside. They stared at each other shockingly and then immediately ran inside the room.

As they walked inside , Nandini eyes fell on Manik. She ran toward him passing by Shivansh making him shocked. She just hugged Manik tightly wrapping her arms around him and burying her face in his chest. Her hands clutched his jacket from behind. She was still shaking with the fear in his arms. She wasn’t in a state to think about Shivansh because of the fear. At that moment , her mind was only thinking about that dreadful incident which had made her so weak.

Manik hugged her back tightly and looked at Shivansh who was looking at her with wide eyes. He was in a complete state of shock seeing Nandini’s condition and the way she hugged Manik. He couldn’t able to believe on his eyes.

“Manik, please save me. Please.. , I am scared.” She was stammering in fear while hugging him more and more tightly like she wanted him to store her in his arms forever. She was terrified.

“Relax.. , Nandini. Nobody will harm you. I am with you.” He tried to console her by rubbing her back and whispering in her ear. She started getting better in his arms and stopped trembling.

“Where were you ? Why did you leave me alone , Manik? Please, take me home. I am scared.” She started crying in his arms and seeing her condition, Manik’s heart broke down. He wanted to take out her this fear completely. He couldn’t see her like this. He also cried hugging her tightly forgetting about Shivansh.

Shivansh was completely numb seeing all this. He was looking at them disbelievingly. His mind stopped responding and his heart stopped beating. He was completely blank at that moment because of the shock.

Nandini’s hands fell down leaving Manik’s jacket from behind and he felt her all weight on himself.

“Nandini..” he called her worriedly rubbing her back but she didn’t respond. He immediately understood that she had fainted down again. He picked her fragile body in his arms and took her toward bed. He put her on bed and caressed her hair looking at her pale face with tearful eyes. He kissed her forehead promising her that he would heal her completely and fill her life with the happiness.

“Did something happen to her recently ?” Doctor asked suspiciously from Manik. Manik stood straight. He looked at doctor and nodded his head positively wiping his tears.

“What ?” Doctor asked walking toward Manik.

Before answering to doctor’s question, Manik looked at Shivansh who was staring straight shockingly.

Manik rubbed his forehead and took a deep breath. “Some.. somebody tried to rape her few days back.” As Manik told this , Shivansh’s eyes shot up in a shock. He was looking at Manik with wide eyes. Now he wasn’t expecting this. Somebody tried to rape his wife and he didn’t even know.

“I was expecting something like this only. Don’t worry , she will be fine with time. This type of incident can’t be forgotten easily. Just take care of her.” Doctor assured Manik by putting hand on his shoulder and walked out leaving Manik and Shivansh alone.

Manik walked toward Shivansh after composing himself and gathering courage to face him and tell him the whole truth because this was the high time.

But Shivansh walked away passing by Manik toward Nandini. He stood beside her bed and stared at her with sorrowful eyes. He started sobbing caressing her cheeks with his thumb. He loved her so much and listening that somebody try to hurt her , it broke his heart. His heart became heavy and he couldn’t stop himself from crying. He always wished for her happiness. Manik was also crying looking at him.

Manik walked toward him and stood behind her. “Shivansh , I’m sorry.” He apologised putting hand on his shoulder. Shivansh stopped crying , listening to Manik’s words.

He wiped his tears and composed himself before turning toward him. “ Is Nandini the girl you love ?” He asked sternly looking straight into his eyes. He became doubtful seeing the way Nandini had hugged him and after that how Manik had consoled her but still in his mind , he was hoping to be proved wrong.

Manik’s eyes instantly moved down in guilt , guilt of falling in love with his wife.He nodded his head positively and still his eyes were looking down. He couldn’t able to meet his eyes with him after doing this sin.

An ache started deep in his stomach , he closed his eyes dejectedly. He felt extreme pain in his heart like somebody stabbed the knife into his heart deeply. He felt nothing except pain at that moment. He was badly hurt from inside.

Manik raised his face to look at him for a second only , after that he again moved his eyes down on floor and waited for his reaction. He was ready to bear his anger because he deserved it.

“I knew it , one or the other day , this would happen , she will leave me. But I was a fool, who was loving her and in return expecting her to love me one day when her behaviour was clearly showing me that she would never love me.” Shivansh said dishearteningly looking at Nandini. He was having tears in his eyes. His heart was aching badly.

Manik eyes moved toward Shivansh and he pursed his lips controlling himself to not cry.

“I’m sorry. It , it happened , because , because of me. I never, wanted to , wanted to come in , between in you both.” He was stammering because he was embarrassed.

“Sorry ? Why sorry?” Shivansh asked instantly looking at him. Manik’s eyes again moved toward floor.

“I’m hurt , Manik. I’m badly hurt.” Shivansh lips were trembling. Manik shut his eyes and fresh tears rolled down from his eyes. He never wanted to become the reason of his pain. He never wanted to hurt him.

“But not because of you. It’s not your mistake. My statement is still same , falling in love is not mistake. All this was written in our destiny.” Manik looked at him instantly. He stared at him in a disbelief, without blinking his eyes . He was expecting that he would understand him one day but he didn’t expect this so soon. Shivansh was hurt badly but still he didn’t blame him , not even for once.

Shivansh composed himself and held his shoulder. “Nandini wasn’t written in my destiny. She is yours, take care of her.” He said those words putting stone on his heart. Then he left from there , last time glancing at Nandini with sorrowful eyes. He loved her so much and today he lost all hope of getting love from her.

Giving your wife to somebody else , whom you love so much, you need a big heart for doing this.

After coming out from hospital, Shivansh screamed loudly. He slumped down on floor and started crying loudly in extreme pain, covering his face with his hands . He wanted to take out his all pain by doing this but the pain was not lessening even a bit , rather it was increasing.

He couldn’t even cry in front of Manik because he didn’t want to make him feel guilty. He wanted him to handle Nandini because she needed him. He knew, if he shows his pain to Manik , then he would never accept Nandini wholeheartedly. He didn’t want to increase his guilt more by showing his pain to him and telling him that he could never stop himself for loving Nandini. After losing all hope , his heart was still loving her and wanted her happiness which was with Manik , not with him. After being hurt , he was still thinking about Manan’s happiness, which showed that how truly he loved them. He really had a big heart.

So finally the most awaited update is here , Shivansh’s reaction after knowing the truth. I hope it is upto the mark.

Did you guys expect his this reaction.

Love Mehak

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