Love Story (Part : 7 A Visit To Her Art Gallery)


ving light smile on his face.

“Didi , Rockstar Manik is here. Please let me meet him”Manik heard the voice and then he also went to see who was on the door. He saw , a boy of age 17 was talking with Nandini. He was requesting her to let him meet Manik. But She was not allowing him.

“Nandini , it’s okay. Let him come inside and meet me. I don’t have any problem” Manik said looking toward them. That boy smiled showing his all teeth happily. He ran toward Manik.

“Sir , I am your big fan. I listen your songs on repeat. You are my favourite singer. You are amazing” that boy said happily. Manik was looking at him , having smile on his face.

“Well thank you , Mr…” Manik said and stretch the words Mister as he didn’t know his name.

“Myself, Shekar. I work with Nandini didi here.” He gave his introduction and Manik nodded his head.

“Sir , can i get one selfie with you ?” Next moment , he asked for a selfie.

“Yeh sure , why not? “Nandini opened her mouth to deny him but closed her mouth listening Manik’s word. Manik smiled , looking at Nandini when Shekar was taking out his phone. She smiled back. Then Shekar took the selfie with his Rockstar happily.

“Thank you so much , Sir” Shekar thanked him happily.

“Shekar , now will you please bring something to eat for your favourite singer ?” Nandini said walking toward them.

“It’s okay Nandini. I really don’t need anything” Manik politely denied , looking at Nandini.

“Sir , Try the special Masala tea of here. You will surely love it. Nandini didi and I daily drink that tea. It’s our favourite” Before Nandini could say something, Shekar said.

“If that tea is her favourite , then i will love to drink it” he thought in his mind.

“Okay”he hated tea but got agreed because that tea was Nandini’s favourite. Shekar immediately walked out to bring tea for him.

“It’s okay Manik , you don’t have to drink street tea”She said walking toward him.

“For you , i can do anything. Drinking of tea is nothing for me”he thought  , looking at Nandini. 

“I really want to try it. It’s okay” he replied back and she gave him small smile. He smiled back.

“Nandini , i have brought something for you. So can i give you ?” He spoke looking at her. She just nodded her head. He smiled , taking out anklet from his pocket.

“I purchased this , long back ago. I wanted to give it to my future life partner. I love the jiggling sound which comes out from it. Now i know that you are going to become my wife. So i want to give it to you” he said forwarding it in front of her. She took it , staring them , having a small smile on her face.

“I hope , you have no problem in wearing this”he asked , looking at her. She immediately nodded her head negatively , looking at him.

“You know, last month. I lost my Anklet. From so many days ,  i was thinking to buy a new one. Even i love to wear Anklet. I also love that jiggling sound. Chanchan chan.. “she said happily looking at him. Manik was smiling happily seeing her happily talking to him because usually she used to behave very formal with him. He really didn’t like her formal behaviour with him. He wanted that she should always be frank with him without any formality.

“I am glad you like it” he spoke looking at her and she smiled , showing her teeth.

“And what a coincidence. Last month , i found Anklet” he said and she looked at him , widening her eyes.

“Really , where ?”she asked immediately.

“At the beach. I don’t know why but i felt like to keep it with me. So it is still there with me at home” he told him , thinking about the day when he found Anklet.

“You won’t believe. I had also lost my Anklet at the beach only”she spoke unbelievably.

“What ?” he asked unbelievably, widening his eyes. She nodded her head positively.

“Now i am sure. It would be yours only. That’s why i felt a connection with Anklet. It is really unbelievable. I never thought that it would be yours” he said happily , looking at her. She was just smiling listening his words. His all Confusion about that Anklet got cleared, he came to know that it was of Nandini. That’s why he was feeling a strong connection with the Anklet. Before even meeting her , he was feeling a connection with her anklet . Which means that their heart were connected to each other , from starting.

“So , shall i make you wear?”he asked politely , expecting her Answer Yes.

“It’s okay , i will wear myself”she denied making him little sad because he wanted to make her wear.

“I should make you wear” next moment , he said snatching the Anklet from her hands. She looked at him shockingly.

she opened her mouth to again say him that she would wear it herself but Manik said before she could speak anything “But i really want to make you wear , please” he requested cutely like a small baby.

“Okay”she said nodding her head positively . She got agreed after listening his cute request. He smiled happily , showing his teeth.

“So , you sit on that chair” he said , pointing his finger toward the chair. They went toward the Chair. She sat on the chair . Manik first gave her smile and then he sat on his knees in front of her. He put her one foot on his lap , looking at her. She closed her eyes in response when he touched her foot. A electricity passed down her spine with his touch. She was feeling like each and every dead cell of her body got alive with his touch. She opened her eyes and found him staring at her. They got lost , looking into each other eyes for few minutes. He put the Anklet around her foot and locked it, looking at her beautiful white foot. She got busy in admiring him. He looked at her and she immediately turned her face. He smiled because he knew that she was staring him.

“This Anklet is looking so beautiful on your feet” he said , looking toward her feet after putting the Anklet on her feet. She also smiled, looking down.

“Perfect”he said , looking at her. She smiled , looking at him.

“Or i should rather say that your feet increase the beauty of Anklet more. They are looking perfect on your feet. Like this Anklet are made specially for your feet”he said , looking at her. He made her speechless with his words. She just stared at him Silently . Again they both got lost , looking into each other eyes. They used to talk to each other through their eyes more than words.

They both came on the earth back , listening the voice of the kids. They stood up and went toward the door. They found few kids with Shekar.

“What is this sheku ?” Nandini asked angrily from him , walking toward him. While all the kids ran toward Manik passing by her.

“Didi , I couldn’t able to stop myself from telling them about Rockstar’s arrival” he said looking at her and she shook his head.

“Now give this to me” she said , taking the two cup of tea from his hands. Then she turned toward Manik. She smiled after seeing the scene in front of her eyes. Manik was sitting on his knees and one by one , kids were hugging him and kissing his cheeks. He was also happily hugging them. She thought that Manik would be get irritated with kids. She got surprised to see him so perfectly handling all the kids. For few  minutes, she got lost in admiring him with kids. She was shocked to see this because after being so popular and famous, he was having no arrogance and attitude.

“If he is really so good then I really wish that i could trust him one day.” She thought looking at him. He looked toward her , picking up a small girl in his arms. In gesture, he asked  from her “what happened”by moving his eyebrows up. She  said in gesture “nothing” by nodding his head negatively. He smiled and she walked toward them.

“Bacho , now first let your Rockstar drink the tea then you can talk with him” she said to children.

“Okay didi” they all said together and Manan smiled , looking at them. Manik put the girl down. Nandini gave him the cup of tea and they passed smile to each other.

“Thank you”he said , taking the tea from her hand.

“It’s good”he said after taking the first sip. She smiled in response.

“I was a fool that i used to hate tea” he spoke while drinking.

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