Love Story (Part : 5 I Can’t Trust Him)


After Changing their clothes , Manan came back to the hall. He had worn black Kurta of Nandini’s father and she had worn simple blue Kurti with black jeans. Everyone looked toward them confusingly finding them in changed cloths. Manan first looked at each other and then toward their families .

“Meine kabhi nhi socha tha bhai itne fast niklenge” Cabir whispered in Mukti’s ear and chuckled while Mukti was looking at them confusingly.

“Actually bathroom ki tap kharab hogye thi aur hum dono bheegh gye” Manik cleared everyone’s confusion before anybody could ask. Cabir was just smiling looking at Manik.

“Got your answer”Mukti said looking at Cabir and he was still controlling his laugh thinking about their situation.

Manan looked at each other and then settled down. Manik sat away from Cabir because he knew that his brother would not leave the golden chance of teasing him. Manik was looking at Nandini and when she looked toward him. Closing his eyes , he immediately turned his face. When he opened his eyes , found Cabir and Mukti , they were smiling , showing their all teeth. Manik made a innocent face.

“One side , Nandini is making me crazy and on the other side , this twins are enjoying the show  of their crazy brother” he thought , looking straight.

After sometime, Malhotra family got up to leave the house.

“It was so nice to meet with your daughter, Mr. Kapoor. She is so sweet and beautiful” Neyonika said to Ram and he  smiled proudly after listening her daughter’s praises.

“I just only want one thing now that you to come in our house as my daughter in law as soon as possible” Neyonika said putting hand on Nandini’s face happily and She gave her small smile .

“Good bye , beta” Neyonika said caressing her face.

“Aunty , we should never say good bye. We should always say that we will meet again” Nandini corrected her immediately. Not even Neyonika , everybody smiled listening her words.

“Okay beta , we will meet again” Neyonika said with the big smile and kissed her forehead. A tear of happiness fell down from Nandini’s eyes seeing Neyonika’s gesture of love.  She felt at that moment only , like she got her mother back.

“So , i think we should leave now. So Mr. Kapoor , we will meet again” Raj said , shaking his hand with Ram. Nandini smiled because he spoke her words. They all started to leave. Manik looked toward Nandini for the last time and started walking behind his family. He turned back to look toward again for one more last time before stepping out from the house. He smiled and she smiled back. He waved his hand and she also waved her hand. She moved her eyebrows up because he was staring her silently having smile on his face. He ran from there immediately realising his idiotic act. She laughed lightly, closing the door.


Ram was sitting on bed when Nandini entered into his room

“I am so happy for you Nandini”He said and she sat beside him.

“But I don’t want to marry dad”she said sadly, holding his hand and rested her head on his shoulder.

“What happened?” He asked worriedly.

“After my marriage, who will take care of you? You will be left alone here in this house. From my birth , you have taken care of me. You have never made me feel alone. Now when my time has came to return the favour by taking care of you. You want that I should go leaving you alone. Why dad?” She asked sadly looking at him and few tears fell down from her eyes. It was true that her dream was to have big family. That dream was coming true. After meeting Manik’s family , she was beyond happy but she couldn’t imagine her life without her father. She didn’t want to leave him alone.

“Oh bacha , why are you crying? Your dad , he will be never alone. Because he has your mother’s memories with him. Your mother has never left me alone for a single second.” Raj said , putting his hand on her face. He was wiping his daughter tears which were constantly falling down. Leaving without her father was making  her feel very bad. Her dad was her world.

“I really don’t want go away from you , Dad”she said hugging his father tightly and her father wrapped  his princess in his arms. Tears fell down from his eyes too because he was also little sad that after marriage, he had to leave without her little bundle of joy. But above all this , he was happy because his princess would get a good family and husband after marriage.


Muskan was drawing picture when Neyonika and Zoya , they were talking about today meet with Nandini , sitting in hall.

“Mumma , lut lut (look look) i don (draw) dis(this)”Muskan said showing her drawing to them. She had drawn family picture, she had added one more person in their family after her meet with Nandini.

“It’s beautiful, my princess” Zoya said and made her sit on her lap. Neyonika was smiling , seeing the picture.

“Our Musu is becoming so smart with each passing day , Zoya” Neyonika said after kissing Muskan’s forehead and Muskan giggled in Zoya arms happily.


It was night time. Nandini was lying on bed. She was lost in her deep thought. Her face was clearly showing that she was worried about something. She came out of her thought, when her phone beeped up. She immediately picked up the phone and sighed seeing the message of Manik on Instagram.

“Hi , what’s up ?”she read his message.

“Hi ” she replied back.

“So , how was the meet with my family?”she read his message.

“Your family is very nice. I am glad i am going to be a part of your family” she replied back but her looks remained same. She was looking tensed.

“Can i ask a question from you ?”before she got his another message, she send this message to him.

“Yeh sure”she took a deep breath after getting his message and started typing her question. 

“If i was not beautiful then would you still want to marry me?”She send the question but got sad when she didn’t get his reply.  It was showing that he had even seen the message. She slept sadly , thinking that he had no answer of her question.


“Musu.. it’s 10. You should sleep”Zoya said snatching the phone from Muskan hand.

“Daddy, tell mumma.. dat (that) musu ko kelna (khelna) hai” Muskan said and went to her father. He was doing work in his laptop , sitting on sofa.

“Muskan, why you never listen to your mother ? Good girl sleeps at night on time” Aditya tried to make her understand but Muskan was stubborn.

“Toh i.. am do.. ing.. (going) , chahu musu ko kabi kelne se no ni bolenge ( Chahu , will never say no to Muskan)” she ran out after saying this.

“Muskan”Zoya was about to go behind her but Aditya stopped her , holding her hand from behind.

“Adi” she said , turning back and found her husband, looking at her , having smirk on his face. She immediately understood his intention.

“Adi , please. It is not the right time , i need to make her sleep” Zoya said looking at him.

“Sh..” he shushed her , putting finger on her lips.

“It is the perfect time , Madam. We haven’t even kissed each other from so many days” He said sadly. She also got melted , listening to his words.

“I think you are right. Muskan is not going to come so soon. We should utilise the time” She said , locking the door. He picked her up in his arms from behind and threw her on the bed. Then the room got filled with their giggles and moans.


“If i was not beautiful then would you still want to marry me?” Her sudden question made him  confused and shocked. He putting his confusion on the side , he was just about to answer her question but before that Muskan came running inside his room.

“Chahu , chahu ” she came running toward his bed. Manik picked her up and made her  sit in his lap.

“Chahu , musu.. ko kelna hai ( Musu wants to play)” she spoke ,  giving pause after every word like always. Her words used to make everybody smile. She was  everyone’s little bundle of joy.

“What my Musu wants to play ?” Manik asked looking at her , moving his eyebrows upward.

“Phone kelna hai , musu ko ( Musu wants to play on phone)” She said, pointing her little finger toward his phone, which was kept on side table.

Manik gave her phone and she started playing happily , sitting in his lap. After few minutes, he started thinking about her question. He also thought that what she would be thinking about him after not getting his reply.


Next morning, Nandini woke up. She checked her phone and found that she had received few messages from Manik on Instagram. She immediately opened it after sitting on the bed properly.

“I am sorry , I couldn’t able to reply you that time because Muskan started playing on my phone. I couldn’t able to deny her”

“My answer is no. I would never marry you , if you were not beautiful” she became sad after reading his next message. She felt aching in her heart.

“I want to marry you because your soul and your heart is beautiful and pure. Your conversation with waiter which i had heard that day. It is a proof of your beautiful soul and heart. For me , your outer beauty is nothing in front of your inner beauty. I am glad that i met a girl like you”she smiled happily, reading his message. She was not expecting this reply from him. He made her speechless with his answer. She always wanted a boy , who would love her , not her beauty.

“I am not asking you to trust me. I can understand that for you it is not easy to trust anybody . Thank you for giving a chance to me. I just hope that I can earn your trust one day”she again became serious reading about his trust message.

“I also hope that i can able to trust you one day”she thought sadly seeing the phone screen.

“Will you able to trust him ?”her mind asked her question.

“I just don’t know , I can’t ” she replied to her mind , nodding her head negatively.

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