Love Story (Part : 2 First Meet)


Nandini stopped her car in front of the 7 Star Restaurant where she was going to meet Manik , she came outside and walked toward the door.

” welcome Mam ” Manager of Restaurant welcomed her and she just smiled lightly. She got surprised when she found the whole restaurant empty.

” so that’s how , Mr. Manik Malhotra wants to show his power and money”she chuckled and said to herself while Manager showed her the way toward her seat.

“Mam , do you want something ” Manager asked when she settled down.

” thank you but I don’t need anything ” she politely denied and Manager left . Then she got busy in her phone. After few minute, Manik walked inside. He got lost in her beauty. He found  her beautiful like a red rose.

“She looks more beautiful in real ” he said to himself and walked toward her taking slow steps , his heartbeat became faster . He was feeling different and good after seeing her. He sat in front of her staring at her like an idiot and Nandini was so much engrossed in her phone , she didn’t even notice that someone was sitting in front of her.

“Hi” after waiting for 1 minute, he spoke to catch her attention and she looked at him surprisingly.

“hope , I didn’t disturb you” he asked and she immediately nodded her head negatively putting the phone on table. Then they looked at each other for a moment and there was complete silent.

” so , i am Manik Malhotra ” he said forwarding his hand  in front of her.

” I am Nandini Kapoor ” she said holding his hand and immediately took away her hand.

” what is happening to me ? why this guy is attracting me like a magnet ? ” she thought confusingly looking at him because She couldn’t able to resist Manik Malhotra charm.

“Do you want something ” a waiter came to take order , he asked from Nandini. She just nodded her head negatively.

” please bring two glass of water for now”Manik gave order and waiter left.

” as you know dad has chosen you for me and i must say , he has chosen the angelic beauty for me” he said what his heart wanted to speak and he didn’t understand how those words came out of his mouth.

“Thank you”she smiled and spoke looking at him. ” what a line , i must say , What an Amazing actor you are , Mr. Manik Malhotra “she thought looking at him having smile on her face. ” you should do something Nandini. He is just smart from outside, he must be psycho from inside” she again thought wrong about him.

“So first i want to tell you about myself. As you know i am singer , rather than that i am great cook. I am a person who wants nothing in his life except one thing , that is happiness of my family. Nandini , from you also i want just that one thing . I met so many girls before you and they tried to impress me because they wanted to marry me for my money and popularity and then dad told me about you. He was so sure that you are not interested in my money and popularity and you proved it also because not even for once , you behaved with me like i am a celebrity and you didn’t even try to impress me” he said whatever was going his mind and heart. Nandini looked impressed after listening his words and her heart asked her to trust him.

“No , Nandini , he is doing acting , he just want to impress you so that in future after marrying you , he can dominate and control you. Please don’t pay attention to his words , think why a rich man wants to marry a middle class girl ” her mind said to her. She again listened to her mind and didn’t listen to her heart who was asking her to trust him for once.

She took a deep breath and made herself ready  to act like a bitch in front Manik so that he himself say no to her.

” Mr. Manik Malhotra or whatever you are. I don’t know what your father has seen in me , there is just a one good quality in me that is i have no habit to hide the truth from anyone so that’s why i want to tell you a truth about myself” she said in attitude and he looked shock seeing her this type of behaviour.

“I am getting marry because i got tired of changing boy friends , who spend money on me. Now i want a permanent cashier for me. Will you be my permanent cashier Mr. Malhotra ?”she said doing perfect acting. Her words and behaviour made Manik shocked. He never thought that the girl chosen by his father would act like this and he was sad because he thought wrong that she was not interested in his money . He didn’t understand that why he was feeling pain in his heart.

“Am i doing something wrong? “she asked this question from her mind because somewhere she also felt pain in her heart when she lied to him. She didn’t knew that her heart already found the way toward his heart and also made the space for him.

When a waiter came for order , she immediately gave her order from the menu and Manik was in  a shock seeing her behaviour, he didn’t know why he was feeling pain in his heart because like Nandini his heart had also made a space for her and that time her behaviour broke his heart. The dream which he had seen with Nandini few minutes ago , all those dreams had been broken down by Nandini.

After that he didn’t say anything and she got busy in her phone.

” i think the plan got worked but why didn’t he react after listening my words ” she thought confusingly ,looking at him. She found him staring at table .

“why he is behaving like i am his girlfriend and i cheated him . Mr. Malhotra, please give me any signal that you are going to say no for me” she said in low voice looking at Manik and then only he moved eyes toward her , she immediately looked toward her phone.

After that the waiter came with the dishes which was ordered by Nandini.

” i have to do something so that he will react and reject me here only” she  thought looking at the waiter who was putting the dishes on the table and a bad idea came in her mind.

“What is this , so tasteless food “she shouted throwing the plate toward waiter.

“Oh shit”she closed her eyes because in this she spoiled the waiter cloth and shoes. Manik looked at her angrily. Listening Nandini shout , Manager came running there.

” you should close your restaurant , the food here is tasteless. Is this really a 7 star restaurant ” she shouted on Manager now.

“Stop it” before she could say something more , Manik shouted angrily getting up from his chair.

“enough, Miss Nandini “he shouted looking at Nandini and his eyes were spitting fire.

” do you have any manners, how to behave? Without any reason you are shouting. Thank god , i have seen your true colours and I don’t know what dad has seen in you. The girl like you don’t deserve to get marry even” he took out his all anger on her and Nandini sat on the chair.

” i should feel happy that my plan got worked but why i am not feeling happy”she thought confusingly , playing with her fingers. Manik left from there not before apologising from the Manager on the behalf of Nandini’s behaviour.

“Sir , I am so sorry that I have shouted on you , I have no intention to shout on you , it’s just that I wanted that he should hate me. The food , I haven’t even eaten. Sorry sir”as soon as Manik left , she apologised from the Manager for her behaviour while Manager was shocked to see this and he just left nodding his head.

She felt guilty to see the waiter who was cleaning the mess from the floor which was created by her.

” bhaiya , i am so sorry. I spoiled your cloth and shoes ” sitting in front of waiter , she started apologising from him too and also started helping him.

“Madam , we have habit of this type of behaviour, you don’t need say sorry” Nandini felt bad after listening his words. Then waiter get up and about to go but Nandini stood in front of him and stopped him.

“I am really sorry” she again apologised from her heart

“No one deserves this type of behaviour, everyone are equal in this world , no one is born poor or rich. Please bhaiya , don’t think yourself less , you also deserve respect ” she tried to explain him while a tear dropped down from the waiter eyes.

” voh kya hai na madam , we don’t have habit of this type of behaviour that’s why tear came out ” he said while wiping his tear and Nandini smiled faintly.

” keep this , bring your new shoes and cloth which i have spoiled “she said giving him money.

“Thank you , Madam” finally her heart felt better seeing the waiter happy because she loved to spread happiness.

“Vese ek bat pachu madam ( can i ask you something?) ” he asked and Nandini nodded her head positively.

“Why do you want that the Rockstar Manik Malhotra starts hating you “he asked confusingly.

“Because he is rich and i hate rich people because they just love one thing that is money ” she told him the reason  having some kind of pain in her eyes.

” you shouldn’t judge him by his status , may be you are thinking wrong about him , Think about this madam for once because the way he apologised from me that doesn’t show that he differentiate between rich and poor people “leaving confused Nandini behind him with his words, the waiter left . Nandini started thinking about the waiter words , his words made her crazy. She stared to feel like that she did a big mistake by doing all this drama.


“Have i done something wrong today ? Was the waiter right about Manik ? Am I thinking wrong about them? ” She entered in her house, thinking about what she had done. Waiter’s words were echoing in her ear. His words were eating up her mind and also forcing her to doubt on what she was thinking about Manik and his family was wrong.

“So how was your meet with Manik” She came out of her thought listening her father voice. She gave him smile.

“it was good , dad , you were right, Manik is a nice guy “she lied and felt sad also.

“I am sorry , dad”she apologised from him in her mind and then she just hugged him , wrapping her hands around him . He hugged her back, having smile on his face.

It was evening time and she was still thinking about her meet with Manik and what she did there. After all this then the news which she heard from his dad , that news doubled her confusion and also made her more crazy.

“I am so happy Nandini , Manik said yes for you” Ram said entering inside her room and his words shocked her.

“Thank god , i have seen your true colours and I don’t know what dad has seen in you , the girl like you don’t deserve to be get married even” his words echoed in her ears. Ram kissed her forehead happily and Nandini was hell shocked.

” why he said yes after all this ?” Forgetting all other questions , now this was the only question which started eating up her mind.

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