Love Story (Part : 1 Introduction )


Manik Malhotra

•Age: 28

•A Rockstar

•Sweet , Kindhearted

•Love his family the most

•A Dream Man of every girl

Nandini Kapoor

•Age : 26

•Owner of Small Art gallery

•Love to spread happiness

•Dream to have a big family

•Her father is her life

Ram Kapoor


•His wife died after giving birth to Nandini

•He is both , Mother and father of Nandini.

•Nandini is everything for him.

Raj Malhotra

•Father of Manik

•A big business Tycoon

•Clever Man and kindhearted

•Loves his family

Neyonika Malhotra

•Mother of Manik

•Smart and kindhearted

Aditya Malhotra

•Age: 30

•Elder Brother of Manik

•Owner of big company

Zoya Malhotra

•Age : 30

•loving Wife , loving Daughter in law and loving Bhabhi of Manik.


Cabir Malhotra

• Age : 24

• Brother of Manik

• Fun loving boy

• Working with his father and Brother

Mukti Malhotra

• Age : 24

• Twin Sister of Cabir

• Fashion Designer

Muskan Malhotra

• Age : 3

• Daughter of Zoya And Aditya Malhotra

• She is favourite of whole family


In a big lavish room, Manik woke up. Having smile on his face, he checked his phone. ” So finally the day came , i am going to meet you ” he thought seeing a girl picture on his phone and his smile grew bigger. After keeping his phone on the side table , he got up from the bed. He stood in front of his big cupboard confusingly. For the first time in his life , he was facing difficulty in selecting his cloth. Before he used to wear anything and but that day was a very important day of his life because he was going to meet his life partner , with whom he had to spend rest of his life.

“Oh so today , Mr. Perfect is confused , this is something new ” Zoya said walking inside the room , she was looking pretty in black saree and her hairline was filled with vermilion. Manik smiled looking at her and she smiled back.

“Uhmm , wear this ” she selected the clothes for him and showed him ” thank you” he thanked her while hugging her having smile on his face ” You are the best , Bhabi ” he said after breaking the hug and she smiled putting hand on his face. Zoya and Manik , they both shared a very good bond , She was like his elder sister , he used to share everything with her .


Neyonika was arranging breakfast on the table and few maids were helping her. Manik came downstairs after getting ready , he was looking perfect in black jeans and black t-shirt with brown jacket. ” Good Morning , my beautiful Mom” he said while hugging his mother from behind and she smiled . “Good Morning my bacha (son)” she said while putting her hand on his face.

“Wow , kya bat hai bhai , aaj toh aap kamal lag rhai ho , matlab meri hone wali bhabi ko full impress karne ki tyaari hai aapki ( today you are looking Amazing , that’s mean , you are full ready to impress your would be wife)” Cabir said coming there while Manik settled down and Neyonika was serving him breakfast. Listening his words , he just shook his head.

“Oye Cabir , stop teasing my brother” Mukti said entering there , she was Manik ladli and he was her favourite brother. She sat beside Manik and Cabir sat on the other side of Manik.

“That’s mean , only Manik is your brother and i am nothing for you” Cabir said dramatically and they all chuckled on his words.

“Cabir , don’t compare yourself with Manik bhai , he is my most favourite and you come at the end on my favourite list ” she said to tease him and gave high five to Manik.

“Mom ” Cabir cried like a small baby hiding his face in his Mother stomach and wrapped her hand around her waist , Neyonika smiled and moved her hand in his hair. Manik was just smiling seeing them.


Whole Malhotra family was taking breakfast together , they counted in top 10 richest family in India . People who didn’t meet them yet , they used to think that there was no love in the family , their love was just a show off , they just loved their money but the reality was something else because in this family , no one used to love money , they used to love each other from their heart. At dinner and breakfast , whole family sat together and used to tease each other , they used to laugh and share love. Their family was a dream family which everyone craves for. Zoya who married to eldest son of Malhotra family , she used to feel so lucky that she came in this house , Neyonika and Raj treated her as their own daughter.

“Mumma , Mumma , Whel ( where) Manik chahu is going ? ” Muskan asked from Zoya cutely because today everyone was talking about Manik date with Nandini and little Muskan was confused. All laughed on her words because whatever she used to speak in her baby language , it’s look super cute.

“Musu , Your Manik chahu is going to meet your chachi ” Cabir said and Muskan thought for a moment. ” dat ( that’s) mean , Manik chahu is going to mali ( marry) “she said happily looking at Cabir and again her words made everybody laugh.

“Wow , my Musu has became so smart” Zoya said hugging Muskan tightly and Muskan gave her beautiful smile and Aditya kissed his daughter forehead lovingly , she always used to sit between her mother and father . She was the cutest and smallest member of the family and everyone’s favourite.

“Manik , the girl which i have chosen for you, she is perfect for you. She is perfect for our family because she will not love our money , she will love us but the whole decision is yours , meet her and tell your decision to us , then only we will proceed further” Raj said looking at Manik , he was not forcing him to marry a girl of his choice , he was giving his son full authority to choose his life partner.

“Dad , i have full trust on your choice , even before meeting her ,i can say that she is perfect for me ” Manik said having full trust on his father and Raj smiled happily looking at Manik having love in his eyes for his son.

On the other hand the girl , Nandini , who was chosen by Raj for his son was combing her hair sitting in front of the mirror. Her big black eyes were filled with tension , she was looking tensed , the smile was missing from her face and this was decreasing her beauty. She was sitting wearing simple black top and blue denim jeans.

“No , i don’t want to marry that Rockstar , he is so rich and his family is so rich , what Mr. Malhotra has seen in me that they chose me as their daughter in law ” she thought confusingly while biting her nails.

“You silly girl , you are middle class girl , he must have chosen you so that they can control you after the marriage “her mind gave her reply and she made sad pout. ” I have seen in movies that singers are psycho , if he will also a psycho ” She was thinking everything wrong.

” No , I will never marry that psycho  and no one can control Nandini anymore”she said in attitude wrapping her hand around her chest. “I have do something so that he will himself say no for this marriage “she thought looking at the mirror having determination in her eyes. 


After tying her hair in a ponytail, she walked outside from her room. From childhood she craved for a family , her mother died while giving birth to her and from that day only her father had taken of her , he fulfilled the responsibility of a mother also and Nandini loved her father the most . That’s why for him , she was going to meet Manik Malhotra. Her father tried to explain her that whatever she was thinking , that was wrong because he had met Mr. Malhotra but Nandini was not ready to believe him and she was not seeing that in this she was losing the chance to have a big family , for which she was craving from childhood.

Her father was in kitchen and he was making breakfast for them. It was rule , he made breakfast and she made dinner. “Daddy”she calling him like a small baby entered inside the kitchen . He turning his face toward her ,gave her smile. ” so my doll is all ready to meet her future husband “he said while again concentrating on the cooking and she walked toward him sadly. ” daddy, why you are not understanding , I really don’t want to marry him” she said sadly looking at him. He turned off the gas stove and looked at her having smile on his face.

” but he is your favourite singer ” Ram said putting hand on her face. “I love his voice , not him. There are many more singer who are my favourite that doesn’t mean i want to marry them ” she shouted angrily , seeing her anger , he became sad and Nandini noticed this and she regretted . Never ever she wanted to make his father upset , she couldn’t bear his sadness.

“I am sorry , daddy “she said holding his hand having guilt in her eyes. ” it’s just that your daughter is scared because they are very rich and rich people love just one thing , that thing is money and I don’t want this , i want that my husband family should love me like you love me. I am scared ” she said having tear in her eyes and he was just looking at her having love in his eyes for her .

“Bacha ( my child) before meeting Mr. Malhotra, same was my thought but you know what , when i met him then I realised that i was so wrong . When i was sitting with him , I didn’t even for a second felt like that i am sitting with the richest person of India. He was so down to earth and he was looking so impressed with you . He wants that you and Manik , first meet each other , he left the decision on both of you. Give a chance , Nandini , meet him” he tried to explain putting hand on her face and she just nodded her head positively because she didn’t want to argue with him more. ” i just want to see you happy in future and the decision is all yours ” Ram said and Nandini just hugged him , hiding her face in his chest and he smiled hugging her back.

” dad , i am sorry but i am feeling like , this is a trap for us , they just want a daughter in law from middle class family , so that they can control her. I can’t trust anybody so easily ” she thought having anger in her eyes but she didn’t know that she was thinking wrong about them and she was going to regret in future.

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