Love Story (Part : 14 Manan’s Shopping with Muskan)


Manik wasn’t able to sleep at night. He was changing his position again and again , thinking that what Nandini would be thinking about him. Without her permission, he was about to kiss her. He sat on the bed worriedly, holding his head. He picked up his phone and opening Instagram , he opened her profile. He was thinking that he should message her or not. He was scared to lose her. He was behaving like that he had kissed her forcefully and now he was scared that how she would react. The thing was that he didn’t want to lose her.

On the other hand , Nandini  was not able to forget his touch. She was not understanding that what was happening to her ,  why she felt so good. And the most important thing was that why she didn’t stop him or push him away. Why she let him come close to herself. So many questions were coming in her mind and she was going crazy , thinking about those questions . She was sitting on bed , having tension on her face. She was checking her phone after every each minute , like she was waiting for his message. But his message didn’t come at that night. Even, he didn’t send her good night message. She fell asleep , waiting for his message.

Next morning

After Waking up , first thing which Manik did was that sending good morning message to Nandini. As He was going crazy. He wanted to talk with her. Same was with Nandini. Coincidentally both messaged each other at the same time. Both smiled on this coincidence. Manik took relief as he came to know that she was not angry. He thought “If she would be angry , she wouldn’t have sent the message to him.”

“Today Pandit ji is coming to fix our marriage date. Before that i want to ask from you that are you ready for this marriage ?” He sent the message , hoping to get her answer yes. Reading his message , she thought for a moment, having serious look.

“I think yes. You are really a nice person ,Manik. Who will not want to marry you. I was thinking wrong about you before. So my answer is yes.” She sent the message, having a light smile on her face. Manik became happy, reading her reply. As Finally she said yes for the marriage.

“I just hope , i am doing right by saying yes for this marriage. Manik is nice person. But he is too good , sometimes I really doubt him.” She thought again becoming serious. It was going to be very difficult for her to trust him. Manik had to work very hard on this.

“Oh god , when i will start trust starting people? .” She asked from herself getting irritated from herself only. Sometime , she thought that she really doubted everybody a lot.

Manan talked for sometime and they avoided to talk about last night. Then they both went to take bath. Manik got ready , wearing white shirt and black jeans. She had worn green off shoulder top with black jeans.


Whole Malhotra family was sitting in hall as the Priest was finding the best day for Manan marriage. Manik was busy in his phone as he was  talking with Nandini. Everyone were looking happy and excited to know the marriage date. Luckily Cabir was sitting away from him or else he would have never let him chat with Nandini.

“24 December is best day for their marriage. Which is Exactly after 1 month. After this , there is no perfect date for whole 1 year.” Priest said giving the date for their marriage. Everybody were happy and having no problem with the date. Manik immediately sent the message telling her about the date.

“I should discuss this with Mr. Kapoor first.” Raj said , getting up from Sofa. Everyone nodded their head agreeing with him.

“Dad , there is no need to inform him. Ab tak toh uncle ke pass message pauch bhi gya hoga.” Cabir said , looking at Manik. When he was busy typing message on phone. He looked upward and found all them staring him. He looked at them blankly , having no idea what was going on. He didn’t even know that what Cabir had said. They all laughed loudly on him.

“My sweet bhai is becoming more cute day by day.” Mukti said ,  pulling his brother cheeks. Raj went to talk with Nandini’s father. While his siblings started teasing Manik. He was just giving them glares and sometime smiling.

“Shuno (suno) mumma.. , musu ko chayie der sali dless fol chachu malige (marriage) (Muskan want lots of dress for Chachu’s marriage)” Like always Muskan came with her demand and everybody laughed on her.

“Off course, this time your mumma will also not say no. Because it’s your Chachu’s marriage. Buy how many dresses you want.” Aditya said , kissing Muskan’s cheeks. She was sitting in his lap. She happily clapped her hands. Zoya gave him angry looks.

“If everybody are ready for this date. I also don’t have any problem.” Manik read her reply and smiled. He was happy and wanted to hug that priest for fixing this date. He just couldn’t wait to bring Nandini in his home as her wife.

” I have talked to Mr. Kapoor and he  has no problem. And we had also fixed engagement date.” Raj said , coming back to hall.

“When ?” Everybody asked excitedly from him.

“Next week.” Everybody got super happy to know this. Raj also told them that he had invited them for dinner at night. Muskan started jumping on floor , clapping her hands happily.

“My daughter in law is coming for the first time in our house. So  I want that whole house should be cleaned up properly.” Neyonika started instructing servants after walking out from the hall.

“Engagement in 1 week and marriage in 1 month. There is lots of work to do. How i will do it?” Her mother was talking to herself worriedly. Manik heard her voice and smiled seeing her talking to herself as usual , standing outside of kitchen.

“Mom.. , you don’t have to worry about anything. Your son is there to do your all work.”Manik said with the smile , cubbing his mother face.

“You are right, now I don’t need to be worried for you. As finally , you are getting marry. I am so happy for you , beta.” Neyonika said happily, putting her one hand on his cheeks. Both passed the smile to each other and then Manik took his mother in his arms.


“Do you remember our engagement day? ” Adi asked from Zoya. When she was tying the tie around his neck , standing in front of him. She smiled first and then nodded her head positively, looking at him.

“You were looking so beautiful and hot that day in that backless red gown.”Adi said , pulling her toward himself by holding her waist. She smiled , looking down.

“I really want to know that how can someone looks so hot and beautiful every time. You always take my breath away from me.” First he made her look at him by moving her chin upward with his hand one. Then he spoke , looking at her. Both stared at each other silently. Their eyes were filled with love.

“You know , that day i felt like to kiss you in front of everyone. Really sometime , it became so difficult for me to control myself after seeing you. You did some kind of magic on me , on the very first day when i saw you.” He said , putting her hair stand behind her ear. Zoya was just smiling, looking at him. Then they started coming close to each other lips. But before their lips could meet , they heard the knock on the door. Then they heard Muskan voice from outside and got know , she was knocking the door.

“How  every time , Muskan came to know that her mumma and papa are going to kiss each other.” Adi said in crying tone like a small baby. Zoya laughed , seeing his husband behaving like a small baby. Then she went to open the door. Nobody could said that he was having daughter when he used to behave like a kid.

“Mumma, Musu is going for shopping.” As soon as Zoya opened the door. Muskan came running inside while shouting. Adi picked her up in his arms and kissed her cheeks.

“Mumma mule jaldi se leady kaldo (ready kardo) dadi ne batya musu ko ki  aaj new Chachi dinal pal aa lhi hai. So Musu wants new cloths.” Muskan was saying in her super cute language , giving pause after every word. Adi was just smiling , looking at her daughter.

“And with whom you are going for shopping?” Zoya asked , moving her eyebrows and putting hands on her both waist.

“With mumma and daddy.” She said after kissing Adi’s cheeks. Both stared him because they were having no such plans . Aditya was having meeting after one hour.

“Muskan , you have lots of dresses . Those all dresses will be go wasted if you will bring new ones. It’s just a small dinner and no shopping. ” Zoya said strictly and Muskan made a sad pout , looking at his father.

“I will go shopping with my Musu. ” Manik said,  entering inside the room. Muskan smiled happily, showing her teeth. Manik smiled back, looking at her.

“Bhabhi , please don’t say no. I really want to take her for shopping with me. As it is important day because her chachi is going to come in our house for the first time.” Manik requested Zoya on the behalf of Muskan as he couldn’t see her sad.

“Please Mumma..” Muskan requested , looking at zoya.

“Please Musu’s Mumma.” Adi also requested. Zoya was giving them thoughtful looks.

“Okay” as soon as Zoya said yes. Muskan happily gave high five to Chachu first and then to her father.

“But the condition is that you will bring only one dress for now. Okay? ” Zoya told her the condition. Muskan again became sad as she had planned to purchase lot of dresses . She was all ready to take the advantage of going shopping with Manik because she knew that he would never say no for anything to her. But she became sad when her mother spoiled her plan.

“Mumma ,  four mein bat ko done kalo aur fil musu ko leady kalo”she said super cutely ,showing her four fingers and made them laugh loudly with her words.

“Okay but not more than four. Or else no shopping till Chachu’s marriage.” Zoya said , controlling her laugh. Muskan happily kissed her mother’s cheeks and said thank you and also promised that she would not purchase more than four dresses.


“Musu leady ( ready) ho kal aagye (Muskan has came after getting ready)”Muskan came running inside Manik’s room after getting ready in beautiful green top with blue denim short. Manik and Cabir was talking about something when she entered inside. They both smiled , looking at her.

“Give a kiss to chahu.” Cabir asked for the kiss , picking her in his arms.

“First give chocolate to Musu.” She said forwarding her hand in front of Cabir.

“So cutiepie wants chocolate. But chahu has no chocolate” Cabir said and Muskan made sad pout. 

” but he has lots of candies from her.” He said taking out candies for her from his pocket. Muskan eyes started shining, seeing it.

“Thank you so much Cabil Chachu.” She  said after kissing his cheeks. Manik and Cabir laughed as they used to find her super cute when she used to call Cabir as Cabil.

“Chachu aap bhi talo (chalo) na humale sath shopping pal.” She asked Cabir to join them in shopping.

“So solly cutiepie, Your cabil Chachu  is busy today. You go with Manik chahu.” He said and Muskan nodded her head. Then Cabir whispered something in Muskan’s ear. Manik looked at them , moving his eyebrows upward. They both laughed, nodding their head negatively. Manik sensed something fishy and looked at them suspiciously. They were just laughing. Manik just shook his head and ignored them.


“Chachu , Musu ek bat bole” Muskan said ,sitting beside Manik in car and he was driving the car. He looked toward her and nodded his head positively, asking her to speak.

“Call chachi for shopping with us” she said , looking at him excitedly.

“Musu , is this the idea given by your Cabil Chachu ?” He asked , looking at her. As Listening Muskan words , he immediately understood that what Cabir and Muskan were whispering in each other ears in the house. She nodded her head positively and laughed cutely , putting hand on her mouth.

“Sometimes Cabir gives so good ideas. As It is great idea to spend time with Nandini.  Thank you so much , mere bhai” Manik thought in his mind , having smile on his face.

“Chachu give me yol (your) phone. I will talk to Chachi” Muskan asked for the phone. And Manik gave her the phone after calling Nandini.

“Hello chachi, kya aap Musu te (ke) liye flee (free) ho ? (Are you free for Chachu ?)” she asked when as soon as Nandini picked up the phone. Manik was happy because he was sure that Nandini would never deny Muskan.

“First hello Musu. And tell me what’s the matter ?” Nandini said and she was little confused that why Muskan had called her.

“No first tell Musu that you aal (are) flee or not ?”she asked in strict tone like her mother but cutely. Nandini became more confused but her kiddish language was making her smile.

“Of course, i am free for you. Tell me now , how can i help you Musu Madam ?” Muskan smiled happily , listening Nandini’s words. Manik was listening Muskan words , having smile on his face and he was also concentrating on driving.

“So come to Dulex Mall for shopping with me and Chachu. Please..” she requested cutely and how Nandini could deny her. She said yes that she would surely come. Muskan cut the call saying bye to her happily.

“Chachu , Chachi is coming ” she said happily, giving the phone back to Manik. The big smile was not going from his face. He just couldn’t wait to spend time with Nandini. He didn’t know that Muskan was going to help him a lot in coming close to Nandini.


Manik and Muskan were waiting for Nandini , sitting in food court. Manik was feeding her Pasta with his hand lovingly. Nandini eyes fell on them and she smiled , seeing the beautiful bond of them. She reached toward them , walking slowly. Manik got froze, seeing Nandini. As like always she was looking so beautiful in green off shoulder top with black jeans. Her long hair were increasing her beauty more. She had applied the light make up as usual. She was naturally so beautiful. Their eyes met and everything got froze around them. They both were seeing their  rest of life together in each other eyes. They got completed lost in looking into each other eyes , forgetting about the surroundings.

“Chachu.. chachu.. ” Listening Muskan’s voice , they both came on the earth back. They looked here and there. Nandini said ‘hi’ to Muskan and took her seat beside her. Manan avoided to look at each other because they again didn’t want to get lost in each other eyes in front of Muskan.

“Chachi, kya Musu toh (ko) aap apne hand se ni khiloge. ( will you not make Muskan eat with your hand)” She asked cutely from Nandini. Manan smiled , listening her cute request.

“Of course, why not Musu.” Saying this , she fed her with her hands.

“Ab chachu , Chachi ko khilaege ( now Chachu will make chachi eat)” she said excitedly, looking at Manik. They both looked at each other shockingly.

“Please Chachu ” she again requested cutely. Manik couldn’t able to deny her. With the fork , he picked up the pasta. Being a gentle man , he looked at her for permission first before making her eat. When she blinked her eyes , saying him in gesture that it’s okay.  She came close to him And he fed her the pasta with his own hand. Both looked into each other eyes.

“Now Chachi  , Chachu ko khilaengi ” Manan were again about to get lost in each other eyes but before they could , they heard Muskan’s voice. She said excitedly. She was a kid and everything was like game for her. She was enjoying this feeding game a lot. Like Manik Nandini also fed him. Both smiled lightly, looking at each other. Muskan clapped her hands happily.


Manan were standing outside of try room as Muskan was trying the dress inside.

“I hope, Muskan is not wasting your time , Nandini.” He asked to start the conversation with her. As because of the last night , they couldn’t able to talk with each other. Nandini just nodded her head negatively , without saying anything. Manik smiled lightly and she smiled back.

“What you are wearing at night for dinner?” He asked , looking at her. He was trying hard to start the conversation. He was feeling like , they reached back on the very first day when they had met. She was silent like that day. He was not understanding, what to say. Last night was supposed to bring them close. But it was seemed like , it had increased the distance between them more.

“How i am looking ?” Nandini was about to speak but before she could , Muskan came out from the try room. She said , showing her dress , twirling around. She  tried a blue frock and she was looking very pretty.

“Beautiful ” Manan said together. They looked at each other , saying this. Muskan laughed on this. Then she went to try another dress.

Like this Muskan shopping got completed. She purchased four dresses only because of the promise which she had given to her mother. She wanted to purchase one dress more but didn’t purchase it because she didn’t want to make her mother angry. Then she asked her Chachu to purchase dress for Chachi also for dinner. As usual, they couldn’t able to deny her request and then they went to girl’s session. There Manik eyes fell on blue floral Kurti. Seeing that Kurti , he already started to imagine her in that.

“Nandini , i like that dress. If you like it , you can try that one.” He said , pointing his finger toward that dress. Nandini also liked it. She looked at Manik impressively as she liked his choice.

“Wow , Chachu buy it. This is so beautiful.” Again when Nandini was about to speak, Muskan didn’t let her speak. He looked toward Nandini for her answer before purchasing it. Nandini nodded her head positively, having a light smile on her face. They purchased that dress. After that Muskan made them purchase the dresses for each and every member of the



Manan were sitting at the front seat and Muskan was sitting at back seat with lots of shopping bags around her. In whole way , she didn’t stop for a single second . She was continuously speaking. Her talks were not getting completed. But she was making them laugh with her every words. He stopped the car in front of Nandini’s flat. Manik came outside to say goodbye to Nandini. Seeing them , Muskan also came outside.

“Musu , you are very cute. I enjoyed a lot with you. ” Nandini said , sitting on her knees in front of Muskan. She kissed Muskan’s cheeks. She didn’t know that she had made a mistake by doing this.

“Chachu, you also sit like chachi.” Manik looked at her confusingly and sat beside Nandini. Manan looked at each other cluelessly as they both were really having no idea that what was going in her small mind. They looked at Muskan for her next order.

“Now chachi kiss Chachu like you kissed Musu”listening Muskan’s words , Manan eyes popped up. They looked at each other shockingly. They were not understanding  that how to deny Muskan. Then the screen divided into three halves, one side Manik with shocking expression , on the other side Nandini with same shocking expression and in middle excited Muskan , who was waiting for their kiss desperately.

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