Love Story ( Part : 15 Naughty Manik)


“But Chachi only kisses pyaare baby like Musu and Musu’s chachu is not baby.” Nandini tried to convince Muskan that why she couldn’t kiss Manik. Manik nodded his head , agreeing to Nandini’s words. Manik wanted that Nandini would kiss him but willingly , not like this.

“Chachi, you can’t make Musu fool. She is vely clevel (very clever ) . She know , you aal (are) giving excuses because.. you don’t want to kiss Chachu.” Again Muskan made Manan shocked with her words. Manan looked at each other , giving ‘What to do now’ looks.

“Please chachi , Musu te liye (ke liye)” she requested like always cutely. How could Nandini deny her cute request. She got agreed, nodding her head. Manik looked at her unbelievably, widening his eyes when she got agreed.

“Yeh…, Chachi will kiss Chachu” Muskan started jumping happily ,  clapping her hands. Manan were looking into each other eyes. Manik was feeling like to kiss every inch of her face. She was the first girl , who was attracting him physically a lot from starting. She started coming close to his face , looking at him. Closing his eyes , he waited for the kiss. She immediately moved backward, pecking his cheeks. She was looking down shyly after kissing him and he was staring her. Muskan was  happily , clapping her hands after the kiss. When her lips touched his skin, his each and every cell became alive. He wanted to feel her touch on his whole body. But he knew that he had a long way to reach her heart.

“Now Chachu will Kiss Chachi.” She said and laughed cutely, covering her mouth with her tiny hands. She was taking the full advantage of Manan goodness. Manan looked toward Muskan shockingly, widening their eyes. She was smiling, showing her all teeth.

“Muskan , you are getting very naughty. It’s enough for today. Let Chachi go , she is getting late.” Manik tried to explain her. But She looked at him , making sad pout. This time Nandini nodded her head , agreeing to Manik’s words.

“Okay but this kiss will remain pending. I am leaving you both because chachi is getting late.” Manan nodded their head innocently, agreeing to her words. She was behaving like she was their teacher and they were their student. After that Nandini ran inside her flat before Muskan could ask for something more.


“Chachu , Chachi folgot (forgot) to take her dless. We should go inside to give her  dless ol (or) what she will weal ( wear) tonight at dinnel (dinner)” When Manik was about to start the car , Muskan remembered and said , looking at Manik. He nodded his head positively, removing his seatbelt. Then he went inside to give dress to Nandini, picking Muskan in his arms.


She changed herself in comfortable lower and top. She was just laid down on bed to take some rest and then only door bell rang. She got up and went to opened the door. She got surprised to find Manik and Muskan in front of her eyes. They both were looking at her having smile on their faces. Manik opened his mouth to tell why they came. But before him , Muskan started telling her and he closed his mouth.

“Chachi, you folgot youl new dless. We came here to give you.” Nandini opened her mouth , making O shape , listening her words. Manik gave her the polythene. She passed the smiled to him, taking it. He smiled back in response.

“Musu is hungry, Chachu.” Muskan said , moving her hand on her stomach. Manan smiled , seeing her cute antics.

“We will reach home in few minutes, then you can eat , o..” before Manik could complete his words. Nandini said , cutting his words.

“Why Musu will eat after going home. I will prepare something , come inside. ” Nandini said and moved aside , giving them way to come inside. Muskan was smiling happily.

“It’s Okay Nandini. You don’t need to do this.” Manik said for formality but in reality he also didn’t want to go away from her. He wanted to spend more time with her. It was clearly seemed that the god was also with Manik. As god was giving him so many chances to spend time with the girl , who had stolen the sleep of his nights and the girl , with whom he wanted to spend his whole life.

“Why , Musu will eat after sometime ? If Musu is hungry now , she will eat now.” She said strictly, looking at Manik.

“Make something tasty food for Musu , chachi.” After that she ordered Nandini. Nandini nodded her head positively saying ‘Okay’. Manik having no choice, happily walked inside with Musu. He followed Nandini. She made them sit in Drawing room.

“Chachi, Musu wants to eat Pratha. Will you make ?” She asked after walking toward Nandini. She always used to ask so cutely in a way that nobody could deny her.

“Why not ? Chachi will make whatever you want. ” Nandini smiled and replied. She left the room , last time looking at Muskan. Manik was just lost in admiring her.


“Chachu , Musu wants to drink water. Please bring it for me.” After few minutes, Muskan said to Manik. He got up , nodding his head. He walked out. Muskan laid down on sofa as she was feeling tired.

Manik reached in Kitchen and found her preparing pratha for Muskan. She was so lost. She didn’t even come to know that Manik was staring her , standing on the door. He started admiring her each and every action and expressions. He was loving this job of admiring her. He noticed that her hair strands were disturbing her by again and again coming in front of her eyes. And She couldn’t able to put them behind her ear as her hands became dirty with flour. His legs automatically started walking close to her. Her heartbeat became faster. She got paused for a moment. He stood beside her and she looked toward him , turning her face. She was just about to put her hair strands behind her eat with her dirty hands. But he stopped her from doing this , holding her hand. From his other hand , he put the hair strands behind her ear. When his hand touched her face , a chill ran down her spine. Both were looking deeply into each other. Like always they both got lost in each other eyes , forgetting everything.

Nandini smelled something was burning but Manik was still lost , looking at her. He wanted to touch every inch of her body but before that he needed her permission.

“Oh shit” She freaked out , seeing the Pratha which got burned. Listening her shout , he finally came on the earth back. She turned off the gas immediately and looked at Manik like a innocent baby. He laughed, seeing her cute face. She also started laughing. Both were laughing crazily on what had happened when they were lost in each other.

“Now you go outside and let me prepare Pratha for Muskan.” Nandini said after few minutes of laughing session. He nodded his head and turned to left. She started preparing another Pratha. He remembered something and did the mistake of turning his face to see her again. Because he again got lost seeing angel ,standing in front of his eyes. Nandini turned back as she felt him still standing behind herself. She asked in gesture ‘what happened’ moving her eyebrows upward. He didn’t respond as he was lost in her. She walked toward him. She clicked her finger and waved her hand in front of him but then also no response.

“Manik..” she shouted and finally he came on the earth back. He rubbed his forehead, looking here and there.

“Where you were lost? What happened?” She asked , moving her eyebrows upward. He was looking here and there , making faces. As he was so embarrassed that he was not able to meet his eyes with her. Because she had caught him staring her like an idiot.

“Actually i want to ask about your father. Where he is ?” He asked , looking at her. She was looking at him , opening her mouth in O shape.

“He went out for some work.” She replied back , he nodded his head in response.

“Anything else , do you want to know ?” She asked stretching every word. He nodded his head negatively.

“Wait , i need water for Muskan” she was about to turn , he stopped her with his words. She smiled , looking at him. She went to bring water and he got more time to stare her.

“So now can i make Pratha for Muskan ? She must be hungry.” She asked  , giving him glass of water.

“Yeh sure.” He said , taking the glass of water.

“I am going” saying this , he turned to go. She was smiling , seeing him going out of the kitchen. When finally he left , she put the Pratha on Tava.


“Muskan..”he walked inside the drawing room, calling Muskan. He smiled when he found her sleeping. He leaned down and kissed her forehead. He put the glass of water on table. His eyes fell on his phone which was ringing. He saw the caller id   ‘Zoya Bhabhi’.

“Hello Bhabhi.” He said picking up the phone.

“Where you are Manik ? Has Musu eaten anything ? What she is doing ?” Zoya asked worriedly about her daughter. A daughter was away from her mother from so many hours that why a mother got worried for her daughter.

“Chill bhabhi , Your Musu is sleeping and we are at Nandini’s house” Manik said making Zoya confused.

“What are you doing there ?” Zoya asked confusingly and then he told her that how they reached there.

“Musu is getting naughtier day by day. You all are spoiling her. Please start saying no to her or else she will go out of our hands.” Listening the whole story from Manik. Zoya got angry on Muskan. He made faces , listening her words.

“Bhabhi , she is kid. And i am sure that she will never be get spoiled as she is your and bhai daughter. So just chill” Manik tried to explain. Zoya smiled , listening his words. After few minutes talking with her. He cut the call.

“She slept.” Nandini walked inside the drawing room , holding the plate. She said , seeing the Muskan. Then she looked at Manik and he nodded his head , saying “yes she slept.”

“You pack this. I will make her eat this at home.” He said and she nodded her head positively.

“First You eat. Then i will pack for Muskan.” She said.

“You don’t have to make for me. You must be tired after shopping and Vese bhi i am not hungry.” He said and she didn’t force him. She went saying “Okay”


Nandini walked inside the drawing room after packing the lunch for Muskan. Nandini smiled , seeing the view . Muskan head was in Manik’s lap and he was caressing her forehead lovingly. She walked toward him. He gave her smile and then again started doing his work of caressing Muskan’s forehead.

“You love Muskan a lot , right ?” She asked after standing beside him.

“Yes , i really love her. In fact i love kids. Their heart is so pure. I always wished for a daughter and i got her. She is not my daughter but i love her like my daughter. Now , i want to have son first. Nandini , i am saying before marriage that we will do lots of kids as i love kids.” He laughed , saying this. She first shook  her head disbelievingly, listening his words. Then she also also laughed , joining him.

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