Love Story (Part : 16 First Kiss)


Nandini P.O.V.

My life was never be so easy. When I took the first breath in this world , I lost my mother. My father tried to give me everything. I never felt alone with him. But still In childhood , when my friends used to talk about their mom. I used to feel bad inside but never showed anyone my sadness. With the big smile , i used to say “my father is my mother and my everything”. I never hesitated to share anything with him. I was living happily in my life until one day when I realised that nobody could take place of a mother , not even a father. Nobody knows my dark secret except my friend Navya. I didn’t even share that incident with him. Because I blame myself for whatever happened with me. I know from starting that he will support me but still I don’t want to share that incident with anyone. But the things start changing from the day ,when i met Manik. A part of me had died that day. He is making that part alive again. His presence makes me feel happy. I feel like to trust him. I feel like there is some kind of strong connection in between us. I never felt like this for any guy before. He is changing me. I don’t what is this. Is it wrong or right to trust him completely ? but i know one thing now that I want to give a chance to my life. I really want to feel alive completely.


Malhotra Mansion

Manik entered in Malhotra Mansion. Muskan was in his arms. He walked toward the dining room where Neyonika ,Cabir , Aditya and Zoya were having lunch. He was holding a polly bag. In which there was lunch box packed by Nandini for Muskan.

“Chlo it’s good , you both also came back from shopping. Now seat and have lunch.” Neyonika said , looking at them. Manik passed her smile , giving Muskan to Zoya. She kissed her princess cheeks. Then Manik settled down and putting that polly bag on table.

“Bhai , So how was the shopping with Muskan and Nandini.. bhabhi?” Cabir asked stretching the word Nandini. Manik smiled , remembering about the kiss. Everybody smiled , seeing him smiling.

” you are blushing, which means something has definitely happened there. ” Cabir said and Manik came on the earth back , listening his word. He shook his head , ignoring his words. All were just smiling , listening his words.

“Mumma , Chachi is really nice. She also packed lunch for Musu.” Muskan was telling Zoya about Nandini.

“Chachu , whel (where) is lunch box. Musu wants to eat. She is vely (very) hungry. ” Muskan said , looking toward Manik. He passed the polly bag. He wanted eat the lunch made by Nandini. But he lost that chance by denying Nandini. Now he was regretting. Zoya opened the lunch and take out one Pratha from it. Manik’s eyes were at the Pratha only.

“Musu , your chachi has packed 4 Pratha. So now You have to finish it.” Zoya said to tease her daughter. Muskan immediately nodded her head.

“No Musu will eat only one. Musu’s tummy is vely small.” She said cutely , moving her hand on stomach. Zoya smiled , seeing her drama.

“Oh Zoya. Nandini has packed 1 Pratha for Muskan and three for Manik. ” Aditya said , putting all the three Pratha in Manik’s plate. Manik looked at Aditya shockingly and he winked. Aditya had already seen his brother staring the Pratha and he understood that Manik wanted to eat Pratha.

“Oh daddy , you aal ( are) so smart. Mumma, daddy is right. So Musu will eat only one Pratha.” She said happily , showing her one finger. She like always made everybody laugh with her words.

Manik went in his own world , taking the first bite of Pratha . He felt her presence when he ate it. He had never eaten the more tasty Pratha before. It was the most tasty Pratha for him because it was made by Nandini. He got lost in eating the Pratha made by her , forgetting everything.

“Musu , Does Mumma cook bad ? you always show tantrums to mumma and this is the first time you are taking your meal without showing tantrums.” Zoya asked surprisingly , moving her eyebrows upward. As Muskan was happily eating the Pratha for the first time.

“Bhabhi you should ask this question from bhai.” Cabir said to Zoya.

“Bhai , how is the Pratha ?” He asked , looking at Manik. Who was still lost in eating the Pratha.

“There is some kind of magic in her hand.” He took the last bite of Pratha and said with smile , staring the Pratha. As He got lost in remembering that how she was cooking and then how he had put her hair behind her ear.

All laughed loudly , seeing his condition . And finally he came on the earth back , listening their laugh. He closed his eyes tightly, realising that what he had said few seconds ago. He ran from there immediately, without looking at anyone of them. As He didn’t want to answer more questions of his crazy brother.

“Manik control on yourself. What they all will be thinking about you.” He entered inside his room and His mind said to him.

“What should i do ? She is making me crazy. Everything about her affecting me a lot. I forget everything whenever i think about her. I feel like there is some kind of strong connection in between us. I never feel like i met her only two weeks ago. I feel like I know her from ages. And after meeting her , i feel like my heart was waiting for her only and I was waiting for her , all my life. No other girl did to me like this , what she is doing to me. I want to protect her all my life. I want to love her all my life. I just want to spend my rest of the life with her.” Manik gave the answer to his mind. His heart jumped joyfully inside , listening his words.


Manik got ready for the dinner. He had worn black jeans with white t-shirt and black blazer. He clicked his picture, standing in front of mirror. He posted the pictures on Instagram with status ‘I found a person , for whom I always want to look perfect ‘ he indirectly wanted to share this message to his would be wife , Nandini. Before meeting her , he never cared about his clothes. He used to wear anything . But after meeting her , he started to think a lot in choosing clothes for himself. Because he always wanted to look best with her.


Nandini walked inside the huge Malhotra Mansion. His father was feeling happy, seeing the lavish house. He was happy because her daughter was going to live in this house after marriage. He was more than happy because the family in which her daughter would live after marriage, they had big house and also big heart. He was sure that after marriage he wouldn’t have to worry about her daughter because they all would be there to take care of her.

Nandini was looking the whole house surprisingly as for the first time she was seeing the big house. This type of big and lavish house, she had only seen in movies. She had never thought that one day , she would live in this type of house.

But seeing the house , her mind again started thinking wrong. She started thinking that why they had chosen her and what they had seen in her. She again became doubtful. But she tried not to think about all this because deep inside, she knew that Manik would never break her heart and he would always support her.

A Maid came toward them and made them sit in the hall and then went to call Raj and Neyonika Malhotra. After that three maid came , holding the tray. One was having the glasses of water , other one was having snacks and the last one was having juice. They both took only the glass of water. She thanked the maid , taking the glass.

“Hello , Mr. Kapoor.” Raj said , coming toward them. Behind him , her wife Neyonika Malhotra was coming. Who was looking beautiful in pretty blue Saree. Nobody could say that she was 51 year old. She had maintained herself very well. They reached toward them , Ram and Nandini got up to greet them. Raj and Ram hugged each other. Nandini was about to touch Neyonika’s feet. But she stopped her , holding her shoulders.

“Here , in this family. Daughter’s place is not there. Their place is in our hearts .” Neyonika said , hugging her and having a big smile on her face. Nandini felt good to be in her arms. After coming in her arms , she felt like she finally got her mother. She hugged her back , having a peaceful smile on her face.

After Breaking the hug , Nandini was smiling, looking Neyonika. That time only , Manik walked there. He got mesmerised, seeing the girl. Who had stolen his heart. She was looking more beautiful than he had imagined in the dress which he had chosen for her. Her milky white tummy was visible a little. It was increasing his desire more to touch her and to feel her. Like always he got lost in her. He was staring her without even blinking his eyes.

He felt good to see her talking to his parent happily. They had settled down and he was still standing at the same place , staring her. Nandini moved her eyes upward and her eyes fell on him. She caught him , staring her. She moved her eyebrows upward , asking him what happened. But no reaction. Neyonika also looked in the same direction after seeing Nandini.

“Manik , come here. What are you doing , standing there alone ?”Neyonika said and he finally came back on the earth. Raj and Ram also looked toward him. He walked toward them , giving smile to Nandini. He touched the feet of Ram . He gave him blessing , touching his head. Nandini was just smiling , thinking that how he was staring her two minutes ago. After that he also sat down beside Neyonika. Their parents started talking and they started talking to each other through their eyes.

“Manik beta , won’t you show the house to my daughter? ” Neyonika asked Manik to show the house to Nandini. Nandini felt happy when Neyonika referred her as her daughter. She smiled broadly, looking toward Neyonika. Her heart was feeling happy inside. Manik got up , nodding his head.

“Go beta , see your house and if you want some changes in this house and in your room. Say it to Manik without hesitation.” Neyonika said , putting hand on her face. She nodded her head positively ,having smile on her face. She wanted to say a lot to her that time but she was lost of words. Ram was also happy , seeing that how nicely , Mrs. Malhotra was treating his daughter. She gave smile to Ram and then she went upstairs with Manik.


“First , I want to show my room to you. I mean the room which will be yours too.” He said , opening the door of his room. He walked inside and she came behind him. The room was clearly showing to her that it was his room. First her eyes fell on the picture which was hanging on the wall then she saw bed and the walls.She didn’t find any need of changes in his room. According to her , the room was perfect. From the flooring to ceiling of the room , it was perfect. When she was admiring his room , he was admiring her.

“It’s perfect. I really don’t need any changes.” She said , looking at him after seeing the whole room.

“But one change will be surely there.” He said , sitting on the bed. She looked at him confusingly.

“What ?”she asked confusingly , looking at him.

“This picture. It will be yours room too. So there is need to change this picture. There will be our picture.” He said and she opened her mouth , making O shape. She walked toward him. She fell directly on Manik because of the Muskan’s toy. Which was kept on the floor. She was on top him and he was under her. She held his blazer’s collar tightly and her face was hidden in his chest. Manik first got shocked when suddenly she fell down. Next moment , he felt like to hold her tightly in his arms. But he controlled himself , clutching his hand.

She got scared when she fell down. She clutched the collar of his blazer tightly. Listening his heartbeat , she calmed down. After few minutes, she moved her face upward and both looked deeply into each other eyes. She was looking at him , resting her hands on his chest. Both were so close , they could feel each other hot breath. Their heart was beating faster than before. They felt like to kiss each other. He held her face with his both hands and moved her face more close to himself. Their lips were few inches away. His eyes moved toward her lips and his thumb brushed her lower lip. His act made her crazy. Next moment, making her shocked , he changed their position , holding her waist. Now he was above her and she was under him. Both again looked deeply into each other eyes. Nandini heart was beating so fast. She was feeling like that it would get explode next moment. Both forgetting about everything started coming close to each other lips. The urge of kissing each other was increasing with each passing second.

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