Love Story (Part : 22 A Hope)


They were breaking the hug slowly. Their hands were still wrapped around each other back. They were looking into each other eyes. Their lips were just few inches alway . They could feel each other hot breath on their lips. The urge of kissing each other was increasing with each passing second. Their breath was becoming heavier than before. Their inner desires were pushing them to kiss each other. Slowly his hands held her face. When his cold hands touched her face , she took a deep breath. Forgetting everything, he moved more close to kiss her lips. She closed her eyes in response , resting her hands on his chest.

Their lips were just about to meet with each other. Something happened to Nandini , she opened her eyes and looked toward Manik. She just pushed him away before their lips could able to meet. She also wanted him to kiss her badly but something was stopping her. That something was more stronger than her desire.

“I am sorry.” Manik apologised, looking at Nandini. There was guilt in his eyes. He was blaming himself for crossing his limits before marriage. He decided that first , he would earn her trust then he would move further. But he was becoming weak in front his inner desires. Desire to kiss her lips, desire to kiss every inch of her body , desire to love her and desire to make her his.

“Why are you saying sorry ? I am sorry.”

She looked toward him and said.

“I behaved so weird with you. I was behaving like a mad girl.” She spoke , looking down and playing with her fingers.

“I should say sorry to you. I am sorry.” She spoke , looking at him. He was silently looking toward her , waiting for his turn to speak.

“Why are you marrying to this crazy girl ? Whatever you have seen today , i am like this. I am crazy. You shouldn’t marry me. I’m not good for you. I am not good for anyone. “She said in serious tone , looking at him. Her heart was breaking when she was saying him to back off from this marriage. Because her heart needed him but her mind was forcing her to push him away. And her mind was winning as always.

“I am..” before she could say something more , he shushed her , putting finger on her lips. She looked toward him , widening her eyes. He was looking at her , having anger in his eyes. And She was shocked to see him angry.

“Stop calling yourself crazy. You know what you are ?” He asked in angry tone and removed his finger from her lips. She was looking toward him confusingly as she was not understanding that why he was angry.

“You are not crazy, Nandini. You are a girl with broken heart.” He said after taking a deep breath, closing his eyes.

“Who is scared to trust anyone ,who is even scared to trust her heart , who smiles to show others that she is happy and who spreads happiness all around. But no one knows , that girl is in pain. She needs someone to understand her. She needs someone to teach her how to trust and how to believe her heart.” He said everything right about her and she was shocked. The boy who met her , few days back , he knew her better than she knew herself. She was looking at him unbelievably.

They were looking at each other silently. His phone started ringing , breaking the silence. Manik took out his phone from pocket , looking at Nandini. It was his mother’s call. She looked outside from the window. It was still raining outside. She was happy as for the first time , her panic attack was controlled without any pills. His arms gave her peace and controlled her attack.


“Daddy, look Musu new bangles.” Muskan said , showing her bangles to Aditya. She was standing on the edge of the bed and happily playing with her bangles without looking down.

“Musu , be careful. Abhi aap gir jate toh.” Adi said being a caring father. He said after picking her in his arms.

“Musu is solly , daddy.” She said cutely , holding her both ears. Adi smiled, seeing her cuteness.

“Now tell Musu , how are my bangles.” She said again , showing her bangles to him.

“Your bangles are beautiful like you , princess.” He said , kissing her cheeks. She smiled happily, showing her all teeth.

“Where is your mumma , Musu?” He asked, putting her down on the bed.

“Mumma.” She said and cutely showed her small finger , telling him in gesture that she was in washroom. Adi shook his head unbelievably, seeing her cuteness. As level of her cuteness was increasing with each passing day.


“Manik , come inside. You must be hungry.” When Manik stopped the car in front of her house, Nandini invited him for dinner with her. He became happy as he also didn’t want to say goodbye to her. He wanted to spend more time with her. And when she invited him for dinner, his happiness was having no bound.

“It’s okay , Nandini. I will eat at home. You must be tired.” He said as he didn’t want to show his desperation to her , by accepting her invitation immediately.

Manik became sad when she started going out of the car without saying anything . He was regretting for not accepting her invitation at first place. She closed her door , walking out. He felt like to hit her head on the steering for not accepting her invitation.

She opened the door of his side and he was looking at him surprisingly.

” I will cook dinner for me and dad. One more person won’t increase my work . So , please come.” She said again making him happy. This time , he just jumped out of his car. He smiled , looking at her and she smiled back.

“Let’s go..” he said , closing the door of his car. His happiness was clearly seen in his eyes. He was happy like a kid got candy which he was about to lose. Then they together walked inside the house.


Manik was sitting in the hall with Nandini’s father when she was preparing the dinner inside the kitchen. They were talking about Nandini. Ram was telling Manik that how happy he was to see her daughter marrying to him.

“I never able to give her a life which she wanted. All her life , she has craved to have a family. A family like you have. I have tried to fulfil her every wish but couldn’t able to fulfil her wish of having a family. Manik , I know, you and your family will take care of my daughter better than me. She will always live happily with you.” He said confidently, looking at Manik.

“No , Uncle. Nobody can take care of a girl better than his father. And I promise that I will try my best to take care of your daughter like you.” Manik said and both smiled.

“Dinner is ready.” They both looked toward Nandini , hearing her voice. She was walking toward them. She was holding the glass of water.

“Here we go with your medicine, dad.”She said giving him the medicine then gave water to him.

“Thanks sweetie.” He said, giving her the glass back. She smiled back , taking the glass. Manik was just smiling, seeing their beautiful bond. He was happy to see that how perfectly she was taking care of her father. He was also sure that she would take of his family like this only after marriage. He was damn sure that she would be always her best choice.


“Good night, Nandini. ” Manik said , standing on the door. Finally he was saying good bye to Nandini after a long day.

“Good night, Manik.” She said and both passed the smile to each other. Then Manik turned to leave.

“Thank you , Manik.” She said when Manik was about to walk away from her. He stopped , listening her voice. He turned his face to look at her. She was smiling, looking at him.

“Thank you for for everything which you did for me , today , thank you for understanding me like always and thank you for understanding my unspoken words and feelings.” She said and her eyes were filled with happiness. He smiled , listening her words.

“You don’t need to thank me , Nandini. Whatever i am doing , i am doing for myself because your happiness is my happiness now. So , whatever i did today , i did for my happiness .” He said with the smile. Listening his words, her heart felt happy. She just smiled and closed the door.

“I promise, Nandini. I will bring back your happiness and teach you how to trust your heart.” He walked out of the house, saying this.


Nandini was lying on the bed, having smile on her face. She was happy because she got a ray of hope. Manik was the ray of hope. She came to know that Manik could make her forget her past. He was the only one , who could give her comfort and peace. She was still not trusting him but she was happy to know that someone was there , who could bring back her happiness.

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