Love Story (Part : 25 I Don’t Trust You)


Manik stopped the car in front of Nandini’s house. He came to drop her at home in the evening after helping her in choosing of her engagement dress. He looked toward her and found her already staring him.

Manik opened his mouth to say something but before he could speak , she said.

“In two days , we are going to be Engaged and in a month , we will be get tied in the bond of marriage.” She said , still staring him. Manik was listening her , looking at her. When she talked about marriage, a bright smile came on his face , thinking about their future when she would live with him. The wait was making him excited.

“My next words gonna hurt you. But I really need to tell you this.” She said , making him confused. Listening her words , his smile went away.

“Trust is everything in marriage. Without trust , a relationship wouldn’t survive. Trust is like the glue which holds the things together. I just need to say that..”she paused for a moment. Manik heart was beating fast.

“I don’t trust you. I mean , I can’t trust you.” She said after taking a deep breath. He felt hurt when she said those words and she noticed this.

“You will be thinking that what wrong you did. You haven’t done anything wrong from the day we met. You always understand me. But still , I am doubting you. The reason is that I don’t trust you.” She was saying everything clearly because she didn’t want that he should get hurt after marriage. She wanted to clear everything before marriage. Every time when she was saying that she doesn’t trust him , his heart was breaking. He wanted to know the reason.

“Why ?” He asked in serious tone , looking at her. She looked down , playing with her fingers.

“Look at me , Nandini.” He said in dominating tone , holding her arms and pulling her toward himself. When his cold hands touched her skin  , she felt a shiver ran down her spine. Instantly, her eye lashes moved upward and she looked into his eyes which were filled with questions.

“I was waiting for you  to share yourself with me that what is the reason that you can’t trust anybody. But now , I can’t wait more. I want to know. I want to know the reason that why can’t you trust me. Why it is so difficult for you to trust anybody ?” He asked going crazy. He was literally begging from her to tell him. Nandini had expected his this reaction only.

“Because I can’t do the same mistake again of trusting someone. Because It’s hurt a lot. When once the trust breaks , It breaks the complete person with his heart and soul. My broken heart will never able to love you and trust you.” She said in low voice and few tears dropped down from her eyes. She immediately wiped them. Manik was silent , his heart was breaking, seeing his angel in pain. He felt like to kill that person who made her this condition.

“Which means , you will suffer all your life if you marry me. This marriage will not give anything to you except pain.” She said , looking at him. Her voice and her eyes , both were filled with pain. He wanted to take her all pain and wanted to give all the happiness of life.

“Nandini , you don’t need to be worried for me. I know , what I am doing , I am doing right. You never said but your eyes already told me that you are in pain. You hide your pain behind your smile. Have I  ever asked you to love me or trust me ? No I have never asked because I know , for now you can’t trust me. But one day , you will. You don’t trust your heart but I have full trust on my heart. Our love story has already begun and It is going to be the most beautiful one.” He said and wanted to said a lot. She was looking at him unbelievably.

But he knew that at this time , his words would not do anything. She needed time. He was sure that gradually, she would start trusting him. Because he was having a hope. He knew that his touch was making her weak. His presence used to affect her. He knew that her heart had started developing feeling for him but she would not accept. Because she afraid to trust her heart again. His this hope would only break the wall which she had formed around her. His this hope only will teach her how to love and trust again.

Completing his words , he kissed her cheeks , coming close to her face. Her heart skipped beating for a second, when his lips touched her skin and her eyes were wide open. She was not expecting this from him at this moment. He moved away and looked toward her , having smile on his face.

“Did you feel anything when I kissed you ?” He asked , taking the first step to make her realise her feeling first. Before doing anything , he wanted to make her realise first that she also have feeling for him.

“No..” she said little loudly , nodding her head negatively . Like she was not giving the answer to him , she was giving the answer to her heart and mind. Manik already knew that her answer would be no only. He also knew? she would not easily accept that what her heart used to feel for him. His fear of again getting hurt would always stop her from realising her true feeling. But Manik Malhotra was having his own way.

“I think , I should go now.” She said and immediately walked out from the car. He could clearly see that how she was running from her feelings. But he was happy also because at least he knew that she also had feeling for him inside her heart.

“At least today, she herself accepted in front of me that she is in pain. And the reason of her pain is a person who had broken her trust. I just really wanted to kill that person for breaking my angel to this extend that she even afraid to trust her own heart. This is going to be difficult but I will make her accept that what her heart feels for me. One day she will accept her feelings then it will get easy for me to make her trust me.” He said to himself confidently and held the steering tightly. He was having full confident on the feelings which he had for her.


Nandini sat on the bed , having fear in her eyes.

“What is happening to me ? Why my heartbeats become fast every time  he touches me and  his lips touch my skin ?” She asked this question from herself, putting hand on her heart. Her eyes were filled with fear.

“Nandini , You need to stop your heart from again becoming fool. Your heart has again started going into wrong way. Before it’s get late , you need to control your heart.” Her mind warned her.

“Nandini , you need to move on. Can’t you see , Manik is nice man ? God has sent Manik to heal you. Can’t you see the truth in his eyes ? Can’t you see that he cared for you ? You should accept him and try to trust him. You don’t need to run away from your feelings.” Now her heart asked her to trust him.

“No , you need to control your feelings.” Her mind said again.

“No , you need to trust him.” Her mind and her heart started fighting.

“Shut up. I know that what is right for me.” She shouted loudly, getting up , covering her ears with her both hands.

“I will not become again fool by trusting someone. May be , Manik just need me in his life that’s why he is so nice to me. When he will get whatever he needs from me , he will start showing his true colours or may be he will throw me out of his life. It will be better for me that I should control myself here only.” She said to herself  loudly and went to take shower. Her words were clearly showing that it was really difficult for her to trust someone.

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