Love Story (Part : 24 The Game & The Accidental Kiss)


Muskan requested Nandini to play with her. How anybody could deny the request of cute little girl . That’s why she got ready to play with her. They were playing Aankh Micholi in Muskan’s room. In this game , one person is blindfolded and he has to catch others. It was Nandini’s turn. Her eyes were closed with the piece of cloth. Muskan was laughing and running in the whole room. Nandini was trying to catch her but couldn’t.

Manik walked inside the room and smile came on his face , seeing her happy. Nandini stopped for a moment when she felt his presence. She could feel him , her heartbeat became fast . But she didn’t understand that what happened to her and why her beat became fast. He got lost , staring her.

Muskan saw him and walked toward him. She started taking him toward Nandini , holding his hand. Manik looked toward Muskan and about to say something but stopped. Because putting finger on her lips , in gesture, Muskan asked him to be quiet. Nandini was confused that what was happening to her heart. Muskan made him stood in front Nandini. When Nandini walked forward , she got bumped with him. Nandini was taken aback when she got bumped with him. For a moment, her heart stopped beating when his body came in contact with her body. A shiver ran down her spine, when his hands held her bare shoulder. She felt good to feel his touch on her skin. Like always, she felt like every cell of her body became alive with his one touch. And like always , her desire to feel his touch on every inch of body increased.

She removed the cloth from her eyes and blinked her eyes for few times, adjusting them in light. Manik was just looking at her. She looked into his eyes. Like always, they got lost , looking into each other eyes. They both forgot that little Muskan was also presented in the room. Whenever they looked into each other eyes , they used to forget about the whole world.

“Chachu , ab apki bali , koki chachi ne apto pakal liya. (Chachu , now it’s your turn. Because Chachi caught you.)” Muskan said in her cute language , catching their attention. Nandini took few steps backward , looking at Muskan. She took a deep breath to control her inner feeling.

“Okay.” Manik said and forwarded his hand in front of her , asking her to give her cloth. She looked at him confusingly because she didn’t understand that why he forwarded his hand in front of her.

“Ale chachi, Chachu kapla  mang lhai hai. (Chachi, Give the cloth to chachu.)” Manik opened his mouth to say but before him , Muskan spoke up. Nandini opened her mouth, making O shape. She forwarded his hand to give him the cloth. Again her heart stopped beating for a second when their hands got touched with each other.

Manik took the cloth , looking at her and  tied it on his eyes. Muskan again started running and jumping on the bed crazily. He could feel that where she was standing. Wherever she was going , he was coming behind her taking slow steps. Nandini was shocked that how every time , he was coming behind her. It was like he could see him. But the truth was that he could see her from his closed eyes also. Because they were connected through hearts. He could smell her fragrance and even he could listen her heartbeat and her deep breath. The Jiggling sound of her anklet was making his work more easy.

Finally he caught her. She was about to run after turning around but he stopped her , holding her hand from little distance. Her breath became heavy with his touch. Then he pulled her toward himself. Her back collided with his front. Their desire increased as they were so close to each other. Then he held her arms from behind. Her body herself moved more close to him in response of his touch. She closed her eyes to feel his touch which was not less than heaven for her. She wanted to stay like this only. His touch had power to make her feel alive. She was feeling so good.

Same was with Manik. The girl was physically attracting him so much. She was making him crazy. He wanted to touch every inch of her milky white body. The feeling was all new for him. He never felt like this for any other girl before. She was the first girl in his life who was making him crazy and developing his physical desire. Before her , not even a single attracted him like she was attracting him. She was her soulmate.

“Chachu ne chachi toh patal liya. Musu jit gye , Musu jit gye. (Chachu caught Chachi and Musu won.)” Muskan said. She happily started jumping , clapping her hands. Listening her voice , Manan came on the earth back. Nandini immediately moved away from him and he removed the blindfold from his eyes. They never thought that the small game of Aakh Micholi would become so intense. But there was lot more store for them.

“Musu toh bhut thakh gya. (Musu got tired)” Muskan said and sat down on the bed , taking long breath. Manan smiled , seeing her cuteness. Nandini sat beside her and taking her in her arms , she kissed her cheeks. Manik smile grew bigger seeing this. His hands were in his jeans pocket and he was looking at them.

“Chachu , aap bhi Musu te sath betho. ( chacho you also sit with Musu.)” She asked him to sit on the other side of her. Manan looked at each other. Then he sat beside Muskan.

“Ab aap dono Musu ko cheeks pal kiss kaloge , together. Jese mumma daddy , musu toh kiss kalte hai. Ek dam vese. (Now you both will kiss Musu , together. Like Mumma and daddy.)” She said half sentence, looking at Manik and half sentence , looking Nandini. Manan looked at each other , having smile on their face. Her cute request made them feel aww… They immediately agreed, nodding their head.

“Musu will count till three. And then you both will kiss Musu.” She said clapping her hands happily. Manan nodded their head.

“You know , you are so so cute , Musu.” Nandini said pulling her cheeks. She laughed cutely. Manan also laughed with her.

“Now it’s time to kiss me. One.. two..” she started counting, opening her fingers one by one. Manan started coming close to her face.

“Three” she said and then only Muskan moved her face backward , listening Zoya voice. Zoya was calling her from outside. Due to this , a big accident occurred. Manan lips got touched with each other.

They looked at each other , widening her eyes. Muskan palmed her mouth shockingly. Her eyes were also wide opened. Their expressions were worth watching. Manan froze for few seconds when their lips touched. It was totally unexpected and shocking for both of them. They immediately pulled away from each other after few seconds. Few seconds were enough to make them go crazy. For them , touch of each other lips was heaven. They wanted more.

But they were so embarrassed. Because in front of little girl Muskan ,  this happened. They were trying to avoid eye contact , looking here and there. Manan closed their eyes shyly when they heard  Muskan’s laugh. She was laughing crazily, putting her hand on her mouth. They slowly looked toward Muskan and found her rolling on bed , laughing loudly.

“Chachu Chachi , kissed each other lips.” She started jumping on the bed crazily , saying this again and again . Manan looked at each other helplessly and embarrassingly. They were not understanding that how to make Muskan quiet. In fact they  themselves were still shocked after their accidental kiss. Muskan ran outside , saying this.

“Manik go stop her. If she will tell somebody. What they will think about me.” Nandini freaked out and asked Manik to stop Muskan from spreading the hot news of their accidental kiss.

“Relax Nandini.” He tried to calm her down , holding her arms. But she was going crazy. She was scared that what others would think about her.

“Please, stop her for me.” She requested looking at him with pleading eyes. Manik walked outside, nodding his head. Nandini sat down on bed , thinking about their accidental kiss.


“Musu.. ” Manik called her loudly from behind when she was just about to tell Cabir everything. Muskan and Cabir , they both looked toward Manik. Muskan started laughing, seeing Manik , remembering about the kiss.

“Cabir , Mom is calling you.” He just lied so that he would get time to convince Muskan to  not tell anyone about the kiss. Cabir was looking at Manik suspiciously.

“Cabil Chachu , phele musu ti bat shuno. (Cabir chachu , first listen to Muskan)” She said and Cabir looked toward Muskan. Manik rubbed his forehead worriedly.

“Cabir go. Muskan , you come with me. I have so many chocolates for you.” Manik  again shouted , stopping Muskan from telling the truth. This made Cabir more suspicious.

“What’s cooking Manik ?” Cabir asked moving his eyebrows upward and Manik made faces.

“Musu batati hai , Manik Chachu “Muskan started telling  and Manik closed his eyes disappointedly.

“Cabir..”before Muskan could speak something , Neyonika came there , calling Cabir. Manik opened his eyes and found them , looking at Neyonika. He took the advantage and ran from there  , picking Muskan in his arms. He came in his room and made her stood on his bed.

“Chachu vely bad. Ko batne ni diya musu ko? pata hai mele tummy mein uhe.. ho jati hai , agal mein koe bat chipati hoon. Musu ko sabko batane ka bhut bhut man tha. (Why you didn’t let me tell ? You know that my stomach pains , if I don’t tell something to everyone. Musu wants to tell about the kiss to everyone badly.)” Muskan said sadly , moving her hand on her tummy. Her cute antics made him smile.

“My Pyali (lovely) Musu , I can understand your problem. But Chachi doesn’t want that anybody should come to know about this.” Manik said and she was standing , making sad pout. Manik noticed her sadness and an idea came in his mind.

“Chachu will bring new dress , lots of chocolates and toys for Musu. If she will remain quiet. So do you like the deal , Miss Muskan Malhotra?”Manik asked moving his eyebrows upward. She became super happy only thinking about toys and chocolates.

“Chocolates, yummy.” She said licking her lower lips.

“Chachu , deal.” She said forwarding her small hand in front of his chachu to final their deal. Manik chuckled, shaking his hand with her.


Manik walked inside Muskan’s room where he left Nandini. He found her , sitting on bed nervously. She was playing with her fingers and her eyes were looking at only one place. She was lost in deep thoughts. He touched his lips , remembering about the kiss and a smile came on his face. Then he walked toward her , taking slow steps.

“Nandini..” He called her , standing in front of her. She looked toward him and immediately stood up. She was waiting for him only.

“Relax , I convinced Muskan. She won’t tell anybody.” He answered her question which was going in her mind before she could even ask. She took the breath of relief, closing her eyes.

“Thank you so much , Manik.” She said and smiled , looking at him. He smiled back in response.

“And don’t think too much about that..” he paused for a second then continued speaking.

Accidental kiss.” He said and she shyly looked downward when he mentioned about the kiss. He was noticing her each and every action. He loved the way  her eyelashes moved down.

“She looks more beautiful when she shy.” He said in low voice to himself, having smile on his face.

“Did you say something ?” She asked , looking at him , moving her eyelashes upward when she heard his whispering voice. He negatively nodded his head in response.

“So , did you choose the engagement dress ?” He asked.

“Not yet. I am so confused. All the designs are so pretty. Will you help me to choose?” She asked for his help.

“Off course, why not ?” He immediately got ready to help her in choosing of engagement dress.

“Well , i want to say that whatever you will wear. You will look beautiful. In fact your beauty will increase the glow of that dress which you will wear.” He complimented her beauty. She smiled, looking at him.

“You never leave any chance to praise me.” She said and chuckled. He smiled in response.

“What  i can do ? God has made you so beautiful from inside and from  outside too. So it must to praise the beautiful creature of god. Tarif karna toh batna hi na..” he said praising her more in filmy way.

“You are unbelievable, Manik.” She said , shaking her head and then took few steps toward the door.

“Unbelievable means ? Whatever I said , It’s true , Nandini.” He said , coming in front of her. She was taken aback.

“I think , you are not in a habit to listen the compliments. One thing i want to tell.” He said , coming more close to her. Her heart again started beating fast and her breath started becoming heavy.

“From now , get use to it. Because i am not going to leave any chance to praise my angel.” He said coming close to her ear. Her heart skipped beating for a moment when his hot breath touched her cold skin. His words made her feel so special and she loved the way , he called her my angel. Automatically a small smile came on her face. He was developing her dead feelings. The feelings from which she was running.

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