Love Or Sin (Part : 35 A Revelation)


“You could have told us earlier also, Manik.” Cabir yelled on Manik after punching on his face. Manik was looking at him putting hand on his face where he had punched him.

“Why didn’t you tell us before ? Have you forgotten that what are friends for ?” Cabir asked looking at him angrily. Manik was looking at him having guilt in his eyes but he was happy from inside because Cabir also understood him. Cabir was angry because Manik hadn’t share his problems with him earlier.

Mukti also sighed with relief.

“Cabir , I was afraid to lose you guys because before I was also blaming myself for coming in between Shivansh and Nandini. I was scolding myself for ruining their marriage. I was thinking that you guys would hate me for falling in love with Nandini. I was fighting a battle with myself. It was really a tough time for me. I was dying to share it with you guys but more than that I was afraid to lose you guys. You both really means a lot to me.” Manik said looking at both Mukti and Cabir. He couldn’t even explain them what was his condition.

“Everything will be fine , Manik. We both are with you.” He said after hugging him. Manik hugged him back closing his eyes. He was having happy tears in his eyes. A relieved smile spread all over his face. He was feeling so lucky to have such supportive friends in his life. They were giving him strength which he needed the most at this time. They were the examples of true friends.

“You just take care of Nandini. She needs you right now.” Cabir said holding his arms after breaking the hug.

“You know , I am happy after so many days. You both have taken all my tension. I am so relieved. I can’t even tell you. Really, I love you guys.” Manik eyes were twinkling with happiness after so many days. Mukti and Cabir , they both were also smiling. Mukti was having tears in her eyes.

“We are always there for you , Manik.” Cabir said squeezing his shoulder. Manik nodded his head saying him in gesture that he knows.


Manik stopped the car in the parking area of his mansion. He was removing his seat belt when his phone started ringing which was kept in the pocket of his jeans. He took out the phone from his pocket after removing the seat belt. He smiled seeing the caller Id ‘Nandini’. He didn’t pick up the phone because he wanted to tell her everything face to face.

He changed her name from Nandini to My Star in his phone having smile on his face. He walked out from the car. He was so relieved after getting support from Mukti and Cabir.

He walked into the mansion and saw Nandini roaming in the hall worriedly. As she saw Manik , she ran toward him.

“Manik , What happened? Did they listen to you ? Did they understand us ? Are they saying our love wrong ? Are they still blaming us ?“ Nandini started asking so many questions worriedly. Manik was standing sadly in front of her. He wanted to surprise her by telling her that they are with with them now.

“Nandini , they are with us now. They aren’t calling our love wrong because it’s not wrong. “ Manik said cupping her face. Nandini was surprised to listen this.

“Really ?” She asked looking at him unbelievably. He nodded his head looking at her having smile on his face and happiness in his eyes.

“How did you make them understand ? I just can’t believe.”Nandini was still not able to believe this.

“Manik , are you saying the truth ?” She asked in serious tone. Manik was shocked to see this that she wasn’t believing him.

“Star , why I will lie to you ?” Manik asked caressing her hair with his both hands.

“Because you don’t want to give me stress and i think that’s why you are lying to me.” She told him and Manik nodded his head in no instantly.

“No star , believe me. I am not lying. Look into my eyes.” He pulled her face closer to himself and made her look into his eyes.

“Do you still think that I am lying to you?” He asked and she nodded her head in no.

“I believe you , Manik but I don’t have faith on my destiny. I am sorry for doubting you.” She apologised from him.

“It’s Okay. I can understand.” He kissed her forehead and said. She smiled in response.

“I love you , Manik.” She confessed resting her head on his chest. He smiled too.

“I love you more my star.” He also confessed wrapping his arms around her and kissed her hair.

“I am so happy that Mukti and Cabir are with us now. I am so relieved. Yesterday, they both had made me so scared. I started thinking that nobody will support us , everybody will blame us. But you proved me wrong today. Thank you so much.” She thanked him and kissed his hand. He smiled stroking her face from his another hand.

“I am now worried about Shivansh and my family. Hope so they will also understand me.” She spoke worriedly looking at Manik.

“Don’t worry , Everybody will understand our love because our love is not wrong. I am always with you. We will fight together.” He said entwining his hands with her.

“Yes , together.” She nodded her head in yes having small smile on her face. Manik smiled back. Both were looking into each other eyes having so much love in them.


“Mukti , please stop crying.” Mukti was crying from the time Manik left the house.

“Cabir , Why this happened with Shivansh? You know one sided love hurts so much. When you love somebody so much but you can’t get him , this feeling breaks you from inside completely.”She was crying in Cabir’s arms and he was consoling her.

“Cabir , I can’t see him in pain.” She screamed looking at Cabir after breaking the hug.

“I want to see him happy always. You know that how much I love him ?” She asked and Cabir nodded his head in yes. Mukti loved Shivansh but she never confessed to him because he was in love with Nandini.

“Nobody knows better than me the pain of one sided love. It hurts a lot to see the person with someone else whom you love so much. I never wanted this to be happened with Shivansh. Why the life is so complicated?” She cried more. It was hurting him to see his sister in pain.

“Mukti, we are with Shivansh. He will be fine. He will come out of this one day. We have to handle him and if you will cry like this , then who will handle him?” Cabir said cupping her face.

“Everything will be fine.” Cabir said taking her in his arms again. Mukti cried silently in his arms.

A biggest revelation, Mukti loves Shivansh.

Did you guys expected this ?

Love Mehak

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24 thoughts on “Love Or Sin (Part : 35 A Revelation)

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    Fabulous update.. Superb

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